Roseanne Barr Almost Stole the Spotlight: Adam Sandler’s Untold ‘Chanukah Song’ Revelation

by Barbara

Adam Sandler, the reigning king of Hanukkah in American pop culture, recently disclosed a surprising twist in the history of his iconic “Chanukah Song” from Saturday Night Live (SNL). The Uncut Gems star revealed in an Access Hollywood interview that the beloved composition was almost performed by Roseanne Barr, who hosted SNL the very week he penned the tune in 1994.

Sandler shared the anecdote, recalling how discussions were underway for Roseanne to take on the performance. However, Barr graciously declined, stating, “let Adam do that, that’s his, he wrote it, that’s his song.” This pivotal decision ensured that Sandler would go on to deliver one of his most unforgettable SNL moments, with the “Chanukah Song” becoming a recurring feature in his live performances and even making its way into the soundtrack of his animated film, Eight Crazy Nights.


Expressing his ongoing appreciation for the song’s success, Sandler reflected, “I’m happy to be a part of Hanukkah. That was a good time of life to be associated with the song and the holiday. Very proud of that.”


Despite its popularity, Sandler maintains a lighthearted approach to the song, admitting to frequently belting it out. “I sing it alone, I sing it without the kids, I go into our basement, I rip it out, I do the soft-shoe to it,” he joked, adding, “No, if it comes on the radio, and I hear it, I get excited, that’s still awesome.”


In a playful moment, Sandler resisted being dubbed “the Mariah Carey of Hanukkah,” humorously asserting, “Mariah Carey is for all of us.”

Fans of Adam Sandler can catch him next in the animated film Leo, premiering on Netflix Tuesday. The star-studded cast includes Bill Burr, Cecily Strong, Jason Alexander, Rob Schneider, and Sandler’s own daughters Sunny and Sadie, promising a delightful cinematic experience for audiences.


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