Timothée Chalamet Channels Troye Sivan’s Spirit in Hilarious SNL Sketch

by Barbara

In a comedic twist during his recent Saturday Night Live hosting stint, Timothée Chalamet embraced an unexpected role as he transformed into Grammy-nominated pop sensation Troye Sivan. The sketch unfolded as a distressed patient, played by Sarah Sherman, sought help from her doctor, portrayed by Bowen Yang, to cope with a mysterious sleep paralysis demon.

Chalamet, donning a white tank top, a floppy blond wig, and, notably, “tiny red undies,” perfectly embodied the essence of Sivan, replicating the singer’s iconic moves from the “Got Me Started” music video. The crowd cheered as Chalamet corrected Sherman’s description, asserting, “Not just any gay guy, homie. It’s me, Troye Sivan!”


The sketch took a hilarious turn as Chalamet, in character as Sivan, humorously declared, “I’m an Australian YouTube twink–turned–indie-pop star, and model–turned–HBO actor Troye Sivan, being played by an American actor who can’t do an Australian accent. Bye, diva!”


Amidst the laughter, the parody continued with Sherman questioning why Sivan had a grip on her psyche. Chalamet, still in character, cheekily replied, “Isn’t it obvious, homie? I look like a moisturized Machine Gun Kelly, and I’m the most iconic blouse ever. Bye, diva!”


The sketch reached its peak as more “Sivans” appeared, featuring members of Boygenius—Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, and Lucy Dacus—all clad in red undies, replicating the signature choreography from the “Got Me Started” video.

The infectious humor wasn’t lost on the SNL audience, and Sivan himself joined the fun by changing his Instagram profile picture to a snapshot of Chalamet portraying him. In a captioned repost of the sketch, Sivan exclaimed, “WHY IS LIFE SO WEIRDDDDD RN LMAO IM DEAD.” The singer also shared a photo on his Instagram stories, capturing the moment he watched the parody unfold.

Chalamet’s unexpected and entertaining portrayal of Troye Sivan on SNL left both the live audience and fans on social media in stitches, highlighting the actor’s comedic prowess and willingness to dive into unexpected roles.


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