It Follows 2 In Development: The Return of an Iconic Horror Franchise

by Barbara

The announcement of the sequel to the cult horror hit “It Follows” has sent ripples of excitement through the film industry. Titled “They Follow,” the sequel promises to continue the chilling narrative of the original, leaving fans eager for more spine-tingling scares. With David Robert Mitchell returning as the director and the confirmation of Maika Monroe reprising her role as the final girl, expectations are running high for this highly anticipated follow-up. While the details of the plot remain under wraps, the potential of continuing from the original’s cryptic conclusion has piqued the interest of horror aficionados and casual viewers alike.

1. A Familiar yet Haunting Tale

The news of the sequel has reignited discussions about the first installment’s impact and legacy within the horror genre. “It Follows,” released in 2014, garnered critical acclaim for its fresh take on the classic horror trope of an unstoppable force pursuing its victims. The movie revolved around a deadly curse passed through sexual encounters, with the haunting presence of an unknown entity relentlessly pursuing its next victim. David Robert Mitchell’s distinctive directorial style, coupled with a haunting score by Disasterpeace, created an atmosphere of persistent dread and suspense that resonated with audiences long after the credits rolled.


2. The Return of Familiar Faces

One of the most exciting revelations surrounding “They Follow” is the return of the original final girl, played by Maika Monroe. Monroe’s portrayal of the resilient and resourceful Jay in the first film garnered widespread acclaim, with many praising her performance as a standout in the horror genre. With Monroe’s confirmed return, fans can anticipate a continuation of Jay’s harrowing journey, further exploring the psychological and emotional repercussions of her past encounter with the malevolent entity. Monroe’s reprise not only ensures continuity but also promises to add a layer of familiarity and authenticity to the sequel, anchoring it in the established universe of “It Follows.”


3. A Master of Suspense Returns

David Robert Mitchell’s return as the director of “They Follow” is a testament to his vision and prowess in crafting immersive and psychologically disturbing narratives. Mitchell’s meticulous attention to detail and his ability to build tension through atmospheric storytelling have solidified his reputation as a master of suspense within the horror genre. His involvement in the sequel serves as a reassuring sign for fans, suggesting that “They Follow” will remain faithful to the original’s stylistic approach while potentially expanding the narrative’s thematic depth and complexity. Mitchell’s directorial finesse, combined with the continuation of Jay’s story, sets the stage for an eagerly awaited exploration of the sinister forces at play in the haunting world of “It Follows.”


4. Unveiling the Ominous Title: “They Follow”

With the announcement of the sequel’s title as “They Follow,” speculation has intensified regarding the direction in which the storyline might evolve. The ominous nature of the title hints at a broader exploration of the malevolent entities introduced in the first film, potentially delving deeper into their origins, motives, and the broader implications of the curse they embody. The title not only emphasizes the collective threat posed by the mysterious entities but also suggests a shift in focus from the individual struggle of Jay to a more expansive exploration of the curse’s impact on a larger scale. “They Follow” teases a narrative trajectory that promises to be both chilling and thought-provoking, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the unraveling of this sinister tale.

5. Anticipating the Unseen: Speculations and Expectations

As production for “They Follow” is slated to commence in early 2024, the lack of specific story details has sparked fervent speculation and discussion within the horror community. With the original movie concluding on an ambiguous note, the possibilities for the sequel’s storyline are vast, leaving room for imaginative theories and expectations. Fans have begun theorizing about the potential consequences of Jay’s actions and the repercussions of her encounter with the malevolent entity, pondering whether the curse can be contained or if it will continue to spread and haunt unsuspecting victims. The enigmatic nature of the first film’s conclusion has laid a solid foundation for a multitude of narrative avenues to be explored in the sequel, promising an engaging and suspenseful journey for audiences eagerly awaiting its release.


“They Follow,” the highly anticipated sequel to the cult horror hit “It Follows,” holds the promise of delivering another gripping and terrifying experience for fans of the original and newcomers alike. With the return of director David Robert Mitchell and the reprisal of Maika Monroe’s iconic role as the final girl, the sequel is poised to continue the legacy of its predecessor while expanding upon the eerie universe established in the first film. The unveiling of the ominous title, coupled with the anticipation surrounding the sequel’s plot, has set the stage for a thrilling exploration of the malevolent forces introduced in “It Follows.” As production gears up to begin in early 2024, audiences can look forward to immersing themselves once again in the unsettling world of “They Follow,” prepared to be haunted by the relentless and ominous entities that lurk in the shadows, waiting to strike.


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