Will Beverly Hills Cop 4 Be Rated R?

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The “Beverly Hills Cop” franchise has been a significant part of popular culture since the first film’s release in 1984. With Eddie Murphy’s iconic portrayal of Axel Foley, the series has remained a favorite among fans. As anticipation builds for “Beverly Hills Cop 4,” one question is on everyone’s mind: Will it be rated R?

The Legacy of Beverly Hills Cop

The original “Beverly Hills Cop” set a high standard for action-comedy films. Released in 1984, it was directed by Martin Brest and starred Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley, a street-smart Detroit cop who finds himself in the affluent neighborhood of Beverly Hills. The film’s blend of action, humor, and Murphy’s charismatic performance made it a box office hit.


The Evolution of Ratings

The first three “Beverly Hills Cop” films were rated R. This rating allowed the filmmakers to include more mature content, including strong language, violence, and adult themes. The R rating contributed to the films’ edgy and irreverent tone, which was crucial to their appeal.


Over the years, the film industry has seen changes in how movies are rated. The criteria for what constitutes an R rating have evolved, with some content that was once considered R-rated now being acceptable for PG-13 films. This shift has led to discussions about how future installments of classic franchises should be rated.


Eddie Murphy’s Career Revival

Eddie Murphy’s career has experienced a resurgence in recent years. After a period of focusing on family-friendly films, Murphy returned to his roots with projects that showcased his edgier comedic style. His performance in the Netflix film “Dolemite Is My Name” received critical acclaim and reminded audiences of his talent for playing larger-than-life characters.

Murphy’s involvement in “Beverly Hills Cop 4” is a significant factor in the film’s potential rating. Given his recent work and the original films’ legacy, fans are eager to see if Murphy will bring back the same level of intensity and humor that defined Axel Foley.

The Production Team’s Vision

The vision of the production team behind “Beverly Hills Cop 4” will play a crucial role in determining the film’s rating. Directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, known for their work on “Bad Boys for Life,” have been tapped to helm the project. Their experience with action-comedy films suggests that they understand the balance required to capture the essence of the “Beverly Hills Cop” series.

In interviews, the directors have expressed their excitement about working with Eddie Murphy and bringing Axel Foley back to the big screen. They have also emphasized their commitment to honoring the legacy of the original films while introducing the character to a new generation of viewers.

The Role of Streaming Platforms

Another factor that could influence the rating of “Beverly Hills Cop 4” is its distribution platform. The film is being produced by Netflix, which has gained a reputation for allowing filmmakers creative freedom. Unlike traditional studios that might push for a PG-13 rating to maximize box office revenue, streaming platforms often prioritize content that resonates with their audience, regardless of rating.

Netflix’s involvement could mean that “Beverly Hills Cop 4” will stay true to its R-rated roots. The platform’s diverse content library includes many R-rated films and series that have found success with viewers. This flexibility allows the filmmakers to deliver the authentic “Beverly Hills Cop” experience that fans expect.

Audience Expectations

Audience expectations are a critical consideration for the rating of “Beverly Hills Cop 4.” Fans of the original films have fond memories of Axel Foley’s brash and unfiltered persona. They anticipate a continuation of the same level of humor and action that characterized the series.

However, attracting new viewers is also important for the film’s success. The younger audience may not have the same nostalgic connection to the original films, but they are familiar with Eddie Murphy’s work and the genre’s conventions. Striking a balance between meeting the expectations of longtime fans and appealing to new viewers will be a challenge for the filmmakers.

The Importance of Authenticity

For “Beverly Hills Cop 4” to succeed, authenticity is key. The original films’ R rating allowed for a level of rawness and authenticity that resonated with audiences. Axel Foley’s character was not sanitized; his use of strong language and irreverent humor made him relatable and memorable.

Maintaining this authenticity in the new film is essential. While it is possible to create a compelling PG-13 action-comedy, the “Beverly Hills Cop” franchise is defined by its edginess. Diluting the content to fit a lower rating could compromise the film’s integrity and disappoint fans.

Industry Trends and Influences

The film industry is constantly evolving, and trends in movie ratings reflect changes in societal norms and audience preferences. In recent years, there has been a push for more inclusive and diverse content. This shift has influenced how films are produced and rated.

However, the trend towards more inclusive content does not necessarily mean a move away from R-rated films. Many successful movies and series continue to embrace mature themes and strong language, appealing to audiences who appreciate authenticity and realism.

The Directors’ Perspective

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have shared insights into their approach to “Beverly Hills Cop 4.” They have emphasized their respect for the original films and their desire to create a worthy continuation of the series. The directors have also acknowledged the importance of Eddie Murphy’s involvement and his influence on the film’s tone and rating.

In interviews, El Arbi and Fallah have hinted that they are leaning towards an R rating. They understand that the franchise’s legacy is built on its unfiltered humor and action, and they are committed to preserving that essence. Their previous work on “Bad Boys for Life” demonstrated their ability to handle action-comedy with an R rating, suggesting that they are well-suited to helm “Beverly Hills Cop 4.”


Eddie Murphy’s Input

Eddie Murphy’s input is a significant factor in the film’s rating decision. As the star and a producer, Murphy has a vested interest in ensuring that “Beverly Hills Cop 4” meets fan expectations. His recent career choices indicate a willingness to return to edgier roles, which aligns with the franchise’s original tone.

Murphy’s collaboration with the directors and the production team will likely shape the film’s content and rating. His understanding of Axel Foley’s character and the series’ legacy gives him unique insight into what will resonate with audiences.

The Potential Impact of an R Rating

An R rating for “Beverly Hills Cop 4” would align with the original films and satisfy fans’ expectations. It would allow the filmmakers to explore mature themes, strong language, and intense action sequences, all of which are integral to the franchise’s identity.

However, an R rating also comes with challenges. It could limit the film’s audience, particularly among younger viewers who might be restricted from watching it. Balancing the need for authenticity with the goal of reaching a broad audience will be a key consideration for the production team.

Comparing Other Franchise Revivals

Other classic action-comedy franchises have faced similar challenges in their revivals. The “Die Hard” series, for example, transitioned from an R rating to PG-13 with “Live Free or Die Hard,” which received mixed reactions from fans. On the other hand, the “Bad Boys” series maintained its R rating with “Bad Boys for Life,” which was well-received.

These examples highlight the importance of understanding the core elements that define a franchise. For “Beverly Hills Cop,” the R rating is a crucial part of its identity, and altering that could risk alienating its dedicated fan base.

Marketing and Promotion

The marketing and promotion of “Beverly Hills Cop 4” will play a crucial role in managing audience expectations. Clearly communicating the film’s rating and content will help set the stage for what viewers can anticipate. If the film maintains an R rating, the marketing campaign can emphasize the return to the franchise’s roots, appealing to longtime fans.

Conversely, if the decision is made to pursue a PG-13 rating, the marketing strategy will need to highlight the elements that still capture the spirit of the original films while ensuring it appeals to a wider audience.


The question of whether “Beverly Hills Cop 4” will be rated R is significant for fans and filmmakers alike. The original films’ legacy is built on their edgy humor, strong language, and intense action, all of which were made possible by their R ratings. Eddie Murphy’s involvement and the production team’s vision suggest a commitment to maintaining the franchise’s authenticity.

As the film industry evolves, the criteria for movie ratings change, but the essence of what makes a franchise successful remains constant. For “Beverly Hills Cop 4,” staying true to its roots and delivering an experience that honors the original films will be key to its success. Whether rated R or PG-13, the film’s ability to capture the spirit of Axel Foley and the world of Beverly Hills will determine its reception by audiences old and new.

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