Where Are They Filming Beverly Hills Cop 4?

by Barbara

The “Beverly Hills Cop” franchise is a beloved series in Hollywood. Eddie Murphy’s portrayal of Axel Foley, a street-smart Detroit cop, has captivated audiences since the first film’s release in 1984. After decades, fans are eagerly awaiting the fourth installment, “Beverly Hills Cop 4.” One of the most intriguing questions is: where are they filming this highly anticipated sequel?

Return to Familiar Grounds

Beverly Hills

A significant portion of the film will, of course, be shot in Beverly Hills. The city’s iconic locations have always played a crucial role in the series. From the luxurious Rodeo Drive to the picturesque Beverly Hills Hotel, these spots will likely make an appearance. The production team is keen on maintaining the franchise’s authentic feel, ensuring that the setting remains true to the original films.


Los Angeles

In addition to Beverly Hills, various parts of Los Angeles will serve as filming locations. The city’s diverse neighborhoods provide a versatile backdrop for the film’s action-packed scenes. Downtown Los Angeles, with its towering skyscrapers and bustling streets, offers the perfect setting for high-octane chases and dramatic confrontations.


Exploring New Horizons


Axel Foley’s roots are in Detroit, and “Beverly Hills Cop 4” will revisit this crucial element of his character. Filming in Detroit allows the movie to explore Axel’s background and provide a deeper connection to his origins. The city’s gritty urban landscape contrasts sharply with the opulence of Beverly Hills, adding depth to the storyline.



Atlanta has become a popular filming location for many Hollywood productions. Its modern infrastructure and tax incentives make it an attractive choice for filmmakers. “Beverly Hills Cop 4” will utilize Atlanta’s diverse locations, ranging from urban environments to serene suburban areas, to create dynamic scenes that complement the film’s narrative.

Behind the Scenes

Production Team’s Vision

The production team, led by directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, aims to blend nostalgia with modern elements. They are dedicated to capturing the essence of the original films while introducing new locations that enhance the story. The choice of filming locations reflects this vision, balancing familiar settings with fresh environments.

Challenges and Considerations

Filming a blockbuster movie like “Beverly Hills Cop 4” comes with its set of challenges. The team must navigate logistical hurdles, such as securing permits and coordinating schedules. Additionally, they need to ensure that the chosen locations align with the film’s aesthetic and narrative requirements. Balancing these factors is crucial to the film’s success.

Iconic Locations in Previous Films

Beverly Hills Police Department

In the original films, the Beverly Hills Police Department served as a central location. The exterior shots of the department were filmed at the Beverly Hills City Hall, a landmark building that perfectly suited the film’s needs. This iconic location is expected to make a return in the fourth installment.

The Beverly Palm Hotel

The Beverly Palm Hotel, where Axel Foley stays during his investigations, is another memorable location. While the interior scenes were shot on sets, the exterior was filmed at the historic Beverly Hills Hilton. This luxurious hotel epitomizes the glamour and sophistication of Beverly Hills, making it an ideal filming spot.


Modern Filming Techniques

Use of CGI

Advancements in CGI technology allow filmmakers to create stunning visuals and seamless transitions between locations. “Beverly Hills Cop 4” will likely utilize CGI to enhance its action sequences and create immersive environments. This technology enables the production team to blend real locations with digital effects, providing a cohesive viewing experience.

Drone Filming

Drone technology has revolutionized the way movies are filmed. Drones offer unique perspectives and allow for dynamic shots that were previously impossible. The production team plans to use drones to capture aerial views of Beverly Hills and other locations, adding a new dimension to the film’s cinematography.

The Impact of Filming Locations

Enhancing the Storyline

The choice of filming locations significantly impacts the storyline. Each location is selected to enhance the narrative and provide the appropriate atmosphere for the scenes. For “Beverly Hills Cop 4,” the blend of familiar and new locations will enrich the story and offer a fresh take on Axel Foley’s adventures.

Audience Engagement

Filming in recognizable locations helps engage the audience. Fans of the franchise will appreciate the return to iconic spots from previous films. Meanwhile, new locations add an element of surprise and keep the audience intrigued. This balance is essential to maintaining viewer interest and ensuring the film’s success.

Economic and Cultural Benefits

Boost to Local Economies

Filming in various locations provides a significant boost to local economies. The production team hires local crew members, rents equipment, and uses local services. This influx of activity generates revenue and creates job opportunities, benefiting the communities where filming takes place.

Showcasing Local Culture

Through its filming locations, “Beverly Hills Cop 4” will showcase the culture and character of each place. Detroit’s gritty charm, Beverly Hills’ luxury, Los Angeles’ diversity, and Atlanta’s modernity will all be highlighted. This exposure can promote tourism and increase interest in these locations.

Fan Reactions and Expectations

Nostalgia and Excitement

Fans of the “Beverly Hills Cop” series are excited to see the return of Axel Foley. The choice of filming locations plays a significant role in generating this excitement. Revisiting iconic spots from the original films invokes nostalgia, while new locations promise fresh and thrilling adventures.

Social Media Buzz

The announcement of filming locations has already created a buzz on social media. Fans are speculating about the plot and eagerly sharing their thoughts online. This anticipation is crucial for building hype and ensuring a strong opening for the film.

Filming in the Age of COVID-19

Safety Protocols

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has introduced new challenges to film production. The “Beverly Hills Cop 4” team is implementing strict safety protocols to protect the cast and crew. These measures include regular testing, social distancing, and sanitization procedures. Ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved is a top priority.

Adjusting Schedules

The pandemic has also affected filming schedules. Travel restrictions and lockdowns have necessitated adjustments to the production timeline. Despite these challenges, the team remains committed to delivering a high-quality film while adhering to safety guidelines.


The filming locations for “Beverly Hills Cop 4” play a crucial role in bringing the story to life. By returning to familiar grounds like Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, while exploring new horizons in Detroit and Atlanta, the production team aims to create a film that honors the legacy of the original series while offering fresh and exciting experiences for the audience. The blend of nostalgia and modernity, enhanced by advanced filming techniques, ensures that “Beverly Hills Cop 4” will be a memorable addition to the beloved franchise. As fans eagerly await the film’s release, the choice of locations continues to generate excitement and anticipation.

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