When Will Beverly Hills Cop 4 Be Released?

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The return of Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop 4 has been eagerly awaited by fans of the classic action-comedy franchise. The original trilogy, which began in 1984, became a beloved part of 80s and 90s pop culture. Now, after many years, there is finally movement on the fourth installment. This article will delve into the details surrounding the release of Beverly Hills Cop 4, including the production timeline, casting, and what fans can expect from this highly anticipated movie.

Development History

Initial Announcement

The journey to bring Beverly Hills Cop 4 to the screen has been a long one. The initial announcement of the fourth film dates back to the mid-1990s. Various attempts were made over the years to revive the franchise, but none came to fruition until recent years.


Studio Changes

Initially, Paramount Pictures was set to produce the film. However, after several delays and changes in the creative team, the project seemed to be stuck in development hell. In 2019, it was announced that Netflix had acquired the rights to produce Beverly Hills Cop 4. This acquisition breathed new life into the project.


Green Light from Netflix

With Netflix’s involvement, the production of Beverly Hills Cop 4 gained significant momentum. The streaming giant’s commitment to bringing back Axel Foley was solidified in 2019, with Eddie Murphy confirmed to reprise his iconic role. The film was officially greenlit, and pre-production began in earnest.


Production Timeline


Pre-production for Beverly Hills Cop 4 started in 2020. This phase included finalizing the script, securing the main cast, and setting up production schedules. The script underwent several revisions to ensure it met the high expectations of fans and stayed true to the spirit of the original films.

Filming Schedule

Filming for Beverly Hills Cop 4 was initially slated to begin in early 2021. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, production faced delays. Safety protocols and restrictions impacted the scheduling, pushing the start date to late 2021.


Post-production involves editing, sound mixing, and special effects. This phase is crucial for ensuring the final product meets the expected quality standards. As of mid-2023, Beverly Hills Cop 4 is reportedly in the final stages of post-production. This includes editing the film, adding special effects, and completing the soundtrack.


Casting and Characters

Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley

Eddie Murphy returns as the wise-cracking, street-smart Detroit cop Axel Foley. Murphy’s portrayal of Foley is one of the defining elements of the Beverly Hills Cop series, and his return is a key factor in the excitement surrounding the new film.

Supporting Cast

While the full cast list has not been officially confirmed, several actors from the original trilogy are rumored to return. These include Judge Reinhold as Detective Billy Rosewood and John Ashton as Sergeant John Taggart. New additions to the cast are also expected, bringing fresh faces and characters to the franchise.

Director and Creative Team

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, known for their work on Bad Boys for Life, are set to direct Beverly Hills Cop 4. Their experience with action-comedy makes them a suitable choice to helm the project. The script is written by Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec, who have worked on successful films like Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Plot Details

Axel Foley’s New Adventure

While specific plot details are under wraps, the film is expected to follow Axel Foley as he navigates a new adventure in Beverly Hills. Foley’s return to the glitz and glamour of Beverly Hills will likely involve a mix of high-stakes action and comedic moments, staying true to the franchise’s roots.

Themes and Tone

Beverly Hills Cop 4 aims to balance nostalgia with modern elements. The film will pay homage to the original trilogy while introducing new themes and contemporary settings. Fans can expect a blend of action, comedy, and the iconic charm that made the previous films so popular.

Release Date Speculation

Initial Release Dates

The release date for Beverly Hills Cop 4 has shifted several times due to various production delays. Originally, the film was expected to release in 2022. However, the impact of the pandemic on the film industry caused further postponements.

Current Status

As of now, Beverly Hills Cop 4 is in the final stages of post-production. The film is expected to complete this phase by late 2023. Based on this timeline, industry experts speculate that the release could be scheduled for mid to late 2024.

Official Announcement

An official release date has not yet been announced by Netflix. However, given the current status of production, an announcement is anticipated soon. Fans are advised to keep an eye on official channels and social media for updates.

What Fans Can Expect

Return of Iconic Elements

Fans of the original trilogy can look forward to the return of several iconic elements. This includes Axel Foley’s signature humor, high-energy action sequences, and the classic fish-out-of-water dynamic as Foley navigates the upscale world of Beverly Hills.

Modern Twist

While staying true to its roots, Beverly Hills Cop 4 will also incorporate modern twists. This includes updated settings, contemporary humor, and new characters. The blend of nostalgia and fresh content aims to attract both longtime fans and new audiences.

Potential for Future Sequels

Given the popularity of the franchise, Beverly Hills Cop 4 could pave the way for future sequels. If the film performs well, it may lead to additional installments, further expanding the adventures of Axel Foley.


The release of Beverly Hills Cop 4 is eagerly awaited by fans around the world. After years of anticipation and numerous delays, the film is finally nearing completion. With Eddie Murphy’s return as Axel Foley, a talented supporting cast, and a dedicated creative team, Beverly Hills Cop 4 promises to deliver an entertaining and action-packed experience.

While the exact release date is yet to be confirmed, industry speculation points to a mid to late 2024 release. Fans should stay tuned for official announcements from Netflix and the film’s production team. In the meantime, revisiting the original trilogy can help build excitement for Axel Foley’s new adventure.

Beverly Hills Cop 4 is set to bring the beloved character back to the screen, combining nostalgia with a modern twist. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the series, the film is sure to offer a thrilling ride filled with action, comedy, and the unmistakable charm of Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley.

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