Tom Hanks Leads Star-Studded Cher Appreciation on The Graham Norton Show

by Barbara

In a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, Hollywood A-listers Tom Hanks, Timothée Chalamet, and Julia Roberts united to express their profound admiration for the iconic Cher, turning the talk show into a heartfelt celebration of the pop diva’s cinematic legacy.

“Cher-a-thon” Unleashed: A Night of Movie Magic

During the star-studded episode, Cher surprised both the audience and her fellow guests by admitting that she doesn’t consider herself a big fan of her own music. However, her movie roles were met with disbelief from the couch companions.


Hanks, ever the enthusiastic supporter, interrupted the conversation, insisting that Cher was missing out on cinematic perfection. He specifically highlighted the magic of “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” praising the unforgettable musical sequence featuring Cher’s rendition of “Fernando.”


“Motion picture perfection? Mamma Mia 2. When she busts out ‘Fernando,’ the world stops. Suns clash with the stars. It’s perfection!” Hanks exclaimed.


The love for Cher’s filmography didn’t stop there. Chalamet added his shout-out to “Moonstruck,” while Roberts mentioned “Silkwood.” The collective excitement prompted Hanks to suggest a spontaneous group outing to the theater for a Cher movie marathon.

“I think we should all go to the theater and watch Cher’s movies right now,” Hanks proposed, with Roberts enthusiastically agreeing, proposing a “Cher-a-thon.”

Backstage Bonding and Selfies

While the Cher-a-thon didn’t materialize on stage, the camaraderie among the stars continued backstage. Roberts, Hanks, and Cher posed for selfies, capturing the essence of their shared appreciation for the legendary performer. The backstage moments were shared on social media, providing fans with a glimpse of the off-screen connection.

Chalamet, though not part of the backstage festivities, expressed his awe at being in the company of three seasoned performers. The atmosphere was filled with humor and camaraderie, with Hanks playfully suggesting Chalamet grab sandwiches for the group.

The episode turned out to be a memorable tribute to Cher’s influence on the entertainment industry, leaving fans eagerly anticipating more candid moments from their favorite stars. Cher’s surprising revelation about her own music preferences only added to the charm of the evening, making it a must-watch for enthusiasts of both film and music.


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