Lin-Manuel Miranda Breaks From Tradition With “Esperando Pelitos” in Big Mouth Season 7

by Barbara

The renowned composer and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda has taken a daring leap from his usual trajectory in the entertainment industry with the latest installment of the animated hit series Big Mouth. Season 7 of the show sees Miranda stepping into the realm of raunchy humor and relatable teenage themes, which marks a notable departure from the wholesome, family-friendly projects that have largely defined his career. Miranda’s contributions to the show, particularly the creation of the infectious Spanish-language song “Esperando Pelitos,” underscore his multifaceted talent as a lyricist and composer, further solidifying his status as a creative force to be reckoned with.

I. A Departure From the Usual Tone

Big Mouth, the brainchild of Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett, has garnered widespread acclaim for its unapologetic approach to exploring the tumultuous world of adolescence. The show has been hailed for its raw portrayal of puberty, tackling sensitive topics with a blend of humor and candor that resonates with audiences across various age groups. However, with the introduction of Lin-Manuel Miranda in the latest season, viewers were in for a surprise as the series took a dramatic turn, incorporating themes and humor that deviate from Miranda’s typical family-oriented repertoire.


II. Exploring Raunchy Humor and Relatable Teenage Themes

Miranda’s involvement in Big Mouth season 7 has undoubtedly injected a fresh perspective into the show’s narrative, pushing the boundaries of conventional humor and storytelling. The seasoned composer, celebrated for his contributions to Broadway hits like In the Heights and Hamilton, showcases his versatility by embracing the show’s explicit and daring exploration of the challenges and awkwardness that come with teenage life. By delving into the grittier aspects of adolescence, Big Mouth season 7 fosters a deeper connection with its audience, capturing the complexities and nuances of growing up in a refreshingly honest manner.


III. Diving Into “Esperando Pelitos”

One of the standout moments of Miranda’s collaboration with the Big Mouth team is the creation of the infectious Spanish-language song “Esperando Pelitos.” The catchy tune, which translates to “Waiting for Pubes,” encapsulates the show’s fearless approach to discussing taboo subjects with a lighthearted touch. Miranda’s expert command of language and rhythm shines through in the composition, as he effortlessly weaves humorous and relatable lyrics that seamlessly complement the show’s bold narrative. This foray into creating music that is both comedic and culturally resonant underscores Miranda’s prowess as a versatile songwriter, extending his reach beyond the realm of conventional musical storytelling.


IV. Miranda’s Versatility as a Lyricist

While Miranda has long been celebrated for his contributions to the world of musical theater, his involvement in Big Mouth season 7 serves as a testament to his adaptability and willingness to explore unconventional creative territories. By embracing the show’s irreverent spirit and contributing to its musical landscape, Miranda showcases a level of versatility that transcends the confines of his previous works. “Esperando Pelitos” stands as a testament to his ability to seamlessly transition between various musical genres and themes, further solidifying his position as a dynamic force within the entertainment industry.

V. A New Era for Lin-Manuel Miranda

Miranda’s collaboration with the Big Mouth team and his groundbreaking contributions to the show’s musical repertoire signify a significant shift in his career trajectory. This departure from the conventional, family-friendly projects that have largely defined his body of work signals a newfound willingness to explore diverse creative avenues. As Miranda continues to push the boundaries of his artistic endeavors, audiences eagerly anticipate the next groundbreaking venture that will further cement his status as a trailblazing creative visionary. With “Esperando Pelitos” serving as a testament to his versatility and adaptability, it is clear that Miranda’s creative journey is one that will continue to captivate and inspire audiences for years to come.


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