When We Were Young Festival: Unforgettable Covers from ‘Frozen’ to ‘Iron Man’ Rock the Stage

by Barbara

The When We Were Young music festival in Las Vegas proved to be an epicenter of thrilling surprises and exceptional performances, with some of the biggest names in emo and pop-punk music taking the stage. While attendees were already expecting to revel in classic hits from iconic bands, many were treated to an array of unexpected and memorable cover performances that left the crowd in awe.

New Found Glory took a daring plunge into the realm of animated classics with their rendition of “Let It Go” from the beloved Disney movie Frozen. Lead singer Jordan Pundik’s passionate delivery of the challenging notes added an extra layer of excitement, leading the audience to mosh their way through the enchanting melody.


Meanwhile, Simple Plan stole the spotlight with a dynamic medley, seamlessly blending Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er Boi,” Smash Mouth’s “All Star,” and The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” into an electrifying musical extravaganza. Their energetic stage presence and unexpected twists ensured the audience was thoroughly entertained, making a strong case for their main stage presence.


All Time Low took a playful approach, surprising the crowd with a cover of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper.” Their impromptu rendition during the festival’s side show showcased a delightful fusion of humor and musical finesse, earning them resounding applause from the enthralled audience.


Green Day, one of the festival’s headliners, didn’t shy away from mixing things up, seamlessly weaving Black Sabbath’s timeless classic “Iron Man” into their performance. Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s effortless delivery combined with the band’s signature punk-rock style created an unforgettable moment that resonated with fans.

Sum 41 further elevated the festival’s vibrant atmosphere with their powerful performance of Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” infusing the stadium with an electrifying energy that had the audience clapping and stomping along to the legendary anthem.

From unexpected Disney covers to legendary rock tributes, the When We Were Young music festival showcased the versatility and creativity of some of the most iconic bands in the industry, solidifying its status as a celebration of timeless music and unforgettable performances.


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