Thrawn’s Anakin Skywalker Problem: A Growing Dilemma

by Barbara

Star Wars fans have long been captivated by the enigmatic character of Thrawn, the brilliant and calculating Chiss admiral known for his strategic genius. In the expanded universe of the franchise, Thrawn has been a formidable antagonist, always one step ahead of his foes. However, in the more recent Star Wars Rebels animated series and the subsequent literature, Thrawn’s discovery of Ahsoka Tano’s ties to Anakin Skywalker has posed a significant problem for him, one that is about to get much worse than he realizes. In this article, we’ll delve into the complexities of Thrawn’s predicament and how his knowledge of Anakin Skywalker is driving his actions.

Ahsoka’s Ties to Anakin Skywalker

Thrawn’s discovery of Ahsoka Tano’s connection to Anakin Skywalker was a game-changer in their dynamic. Ahsoka, Anakin’s former Jedi Padawan, had left the Jedi Order before Anakin’s fall to the dark side. Her decision to depart the Order and her subsequent journey had kept her largely removed from the galactic events that led to Anakin becoming Darth Vader. However, Thrawn’s astute investigative skills allowed him to uncover this hidden link, putting Ahsoka in a vulnerable position.


This revelation sent shockwaves through Thrawn’s strategic mind. He recognized that Ahsoka was no ordinary Jedi; she possessed valuable knowledge and skills that made her a potential asset or threat to the Empire. Moreover, her connection to Anakin Skywalker, who had once been a prominent figure in the Jedi Order, added an extra layer of complexity to the situation. Thrawn understood that Ahsoka’s loyalty and motivations might be influenced by her past with Anakin, giving him a potential lever to manipulate her actions.


Using Anakin’s Past Against Ahsoka

Thrawn, being the shrewd tactician that he is, wasted no time in using this newfound knowledge against Ahsoka. He recognized that Ahsoka still harbored deep feelings of guilt and responsibility for her former master’s fall to the dark side. By exploiting her emotional connection to Anakin, Thrawn sought to manipulate and control her, knowing that this would be a significant weakness for Ahsoka. This strategy allowed Thrawn to exert influence over her and put her on the defensive.


Thrawn’s manipulation of Ahsoka’s emotions and guilt was a masterstroke of psychological warfare. He knew that by leveraging her unresolved feelings about Anakin’s fall, he could destabilize her resolve and possibly even lead her into compromising situations. Ahsoka’s internal struggle, torn between her loyalty to the Jedi’s ideals and her complicated history with Anakin, created a vulnerability that Thrawn was keen to exploit in his pursuit of the Empire’s goals.

Fear and Antagonism Towards Ahsoka

Thrawn’s knowledge of Anakin’s transformation into Darth Vader and Ahsoka’s connection to him fueled fear and antagonism towards the former Jedi Padawan. Ahsoka had once been part of the Jedi Order, and her close relationship with Anakin was a well-guarded secret. The revelation of this connection not only exposed her to danger but also made her a target of suspicion among those who opposed the Empire. Thrawn’s ability to exploit this fear factor further complicated Ahsoka’s efforts to resist the Empire’s tyranny.

Within the ranks of the Empire, Thrawn’s revelation about Ahsoka’s past with Anakin spread like wildfire. Imperial officers and agents viewed her with a heightened sense of distrust and hostility. To them, she represented a potential Trojan horse, a Jedi who had once been close to Darth Vader, the dark enforcer of the Emperor’s will. The fear of Ahsoka’s influence and potential for betrayal cast a dark shadow over her every move, making her mission to undermine the Empire an even more perilous endeavor.

The Emergence of Luke Skywalker

As if Thrawn’s knowledge of Ahsoka’s connection to Anakin wasn’t enough, a new development is set to make his problem even worse. Thrawn has learned of Anakin’s son, Luke Skywalker, and his pivotal role in bringing down the Galactic Empire. The emergence of Luke as a Jedi and a symbol of hope for the galaxy has heightened Thrawn’s caution and fear of the Jedi. He understands that Luke’s potential and his ties to Anakin could pose a significant threat to the remnants of the Imperial forces, and this knowledge will undoubtedly drive Thrawn to devise even more cunning and dangerous schemes.

Thrawn’s strategic brilliance has always been his defining trait, but it’s his adaptability and willingness to learn from his adversaries that set him apart. With the revelation of Luke Skywalker’s existence and his association with the Jedi legacy of Anakin Skywalker, Thrawn faces an unprecedented challenge. He recognizes that Luke represents a new hope for the galaxy, a beacon of resistance against the Empire’s tyranny. Thrawn’s ability to adapt to this evolving threat will be crucial in determining the course of the conflict.

Conclusion: Thrawn’s Complex Predicament

Thrawn’s discovery of Ahsoka’s ties to Anakin Skywalker has created a complex web of intrigue and manipulation within the Star Wars universe. His calculated use of this information to control Ahsoka and his increasing fear of the Jedi, particularly in the form of Luke Skywalker, make for a compelling narrative in the expanded Star Wars lore. As the story unfolds, fans can only anticipate the further escalation of Thrawn’s Anakin Skywalker problem, which is about to get far worse than he could have ever imagined. In the ever-evolving chess game of the galaxy, Thrawn remains a formidable player, but the challenges presented by the legacy of Anakin Skywalker and his descendants may prove to be his most intricate yet.


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