Best 5 Places To Watch American Country Music Awards

by Barbara

The American Country Music Awards (ACMAs) celebrate the best in country music. Fans eagerly await this annual event, where the industry’s top artists are recognized. Finding the perfect place to watch the awards can enhance the experience. Here are the five best places to watch the American Country Music Awards.

1. At Home with Family and Friends

Watching the ACMAs at home offers comfort and convenience. It’s a popular choice for many fans who want to enjoy the event in a familiar setting.


Comfort and Convenience: Watching at home allows you to relax in your own space. You can wear what you want, sit where you like, and enjoy the show without distractions.


Customizable Viewing Experience: At home, you can set up your viewing area to your preference. Whether it’s a big-screen TV, a projector, or a cozy living room setup, you have full control.


Family and Friends: Inviting family and friends over can make the event more enjoyable. You can share the excitement, discuss performances, and cheer for your favorite artists together.

Food and Drinks: At home, you can prepare your favorite snacks and drinks. Whether it’s a homemade feast or ordered-in pizza, you have complete control over your menu.

Pause and Replay: One of the biggest advantages of watching at home is the ability to pause and replay. If you miss something or want to see a performance again, you can easily rewind.

2. A Local Bar or Pub

Many local bars and pubs host viewing parties for the ACMAs. These venues provide a lively atmosphere, making it a great option for those who enjoy watching events in a social setting.

Lively Atmosphere: Bars and pubs are known for their energetic environments. Watching the awards in such a setting can be exciting and fun.

Social Interaction: Viewing parties at bars and pubs offer a chance to meet other country music fans. It’s an opportunity to make new friends and share your passion for country music.

Big Screens: Most bars and pubs have large screens, ensuring a great viewing experience. The visual and audio quality can make you feel like you’re part of the live audience.

Special Events and Promotions: Many establishments host special events or promotions during the awards. This can include themed drinks, food specials, or even contests and giveaways.

No Cleanup: Watching at a bar or pub means you don’t have to worry about cleanup. Enjoy the event and leave the mess behind.

3. A Country Music Venue

Country music venues often host special events for the ACMAs. These venues are designed for music lovers and provide an authentic country music atmosphere.

Authentic Atmosphere: Country music venues are steeped in the culture of the genre. Watching the awards here can enhance your connection to the music and its community.

Live Performances: Some venues feature live performances before or after the awards. This adds an extra layer of entertainment to your viewing experience.

Community of Fans: Being in a venue dedicated to country music means you’ll be surrounded by fellow fans. The shared excitement and enthusiasm can make the event more memorable.

Decor and Ambiance: Country music venues often have decor and ambiance that reflect the genre. This can make you feel more immersed in the event.

Food and Drink Options: These venues usually offer food and drink options that align with the country theme. Enjoying themed refreshments can add to the experience.


4. Outdoor Viewing Parties

Outdoor viewing parties are another great option. Many cities host these events, providing a unique and enjoyable way to watch the ACMAs.

Open Air Experience: Watching the awards outdoors can be a refreshing change from indoor settings. The open air and natural surroundings can enhance the experience.

Large Screens: Outdoor viewing parties often feature large screens, ensuring that everyone has a good view. The visual quality can be impressive.

Community Event: These events are often community gatherings. It’s a chance to join fellow country music fans in a shared celebration.

Picnic Atmosphere: Many outdoor events have a picnic-like atmosphere. You can bring blankets, chairs, and your own food and drinks.

Special Activities: Some outdoor viewing parties include additional activities. This can range from live music performances to games and contests.

5. A Music Festival or Fair

Some music festivals and fairs schedule the ACMAs as part of their programming. Watching the awards in this setting can be an exciting addition to a day of music and fun.

Festival Vibes: Music festivals and fairs have a unique vibe. Watching the awards in this setting can be a fun and memorable experience.

Live Music: These events often feature live music performances. You can enjoy live country music before or after the awards.

Food and Drinks: Festivals and fairs typically offer a wide variety of food and drinks. From food trucks to specialty vendors, you can enjoy a diverse selection.

Activities and Attractions: In addition to the awards, festivals and fairs offer other activities and attractions. This can include rides, games, and vendor booths.

Community Feel: Being part of a larger event can enhance the sense of community. Sharing the experience with a crowd of fellow fans can be exhilarating.


Watching the American Country Music Awards is an annual highlight for country music fans. Whether you choose the comfort of your home, the lively atmosphere of a bar, the authenticity of a country music venue, the unique experience of an outdoor party, or the excitement of a festival, there are plenty of great options to enjoy the event. Each setting offers its own advantages, ensuring that you can have a memorable and enjoyable viewing experience.

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