Where To Submit Country Music Lyrics?

by Barbara

Submitting country music lyrics can be a daunting task for aspiring songwriters. However, there are many avenues available to get your lyrics noticed. This guide will explore the best places to submit your country music lyrics and provide tips to increase your chances of success.

1. Music Publishing Companies

Music publishing companies are one of the most traditional and reliable places to submit your lyrics. These companies specialize in managing and promoting songwriters’ work. They have connections with artists, record labels, and producers who are always on the lookout for new songs.


How to Submit to Publishing Companies

Research: Identify reputable music publishing companies that specialize in country music.


Submission Guidelines: Visit their websites to review submission guidelines.


Prepare Your Work: Ensure your lyrics are polished and professionally formatted.

Cover Letter: Write a brief cover letter introducing yourself and your work.

Demo Recordings: If possible, include demo recordings of your songs.

Top Publishing Companies for Country Music

Sony/ATV Music Publishing: One of the largest music publishers globally, with a strong country music division.

Warner Chappell Music: Known for its extensive catalog and industry connections.

Universal Music Publishing Group: Offers opportunities for songwriters across various genres, including country music.

2. Songwriting Competitions

Songwriting competitions are a fantastic way to gain exposure and potentially win prizes. Many competitions are specifically for country music or include country categories.

Benefits of Songwriting Competitions

Exposure: Your work will be heard by industry professionals.

Feedback: Receive constructive feedback from judges.

Prizes: Win cash prizes, recording contracts, or publishing deals.

Networking: Connect with other songwriters and industry insiders.

Popular Songwriting Competitions

The International Songwriting Competition (ISC): Offers a country music category and is judged by prominent artists and industry professionals.

NSAI Song Contest: Hosted by the Nashville Songwriters Association International, this contest focuses on country music.

American Songwriter Lyric Contest: Provides opportunities for songwriters in various genres, including country.

3. Songwriters Associations and Organizations

Joining a songwriters association or organization can provide valuable resources and networking opportunities. Many of these groups offer programs to help songwriters get their work noticed.

Benefits of Membership

Workshops and Seminars: Learn from industry professionals.

Pitch Sessions: Submit your songs directly to artists and producers.

Networking Events: Meet other songwriters and industry contacts.

Top Songwriters Associations

Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI): Offers workshops, pitch sessions, and networking opportunities specifically for country songwriters.

Songwriters Guild of America (SGA): Provides resources and support for songwriters across all genres.

The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP): A membership association that offers numerous benefits for songwriters.

4. Online Platforms

The internet has opened up numerous opportunities for songwriters to share their work. There are many online platforms where you can submit your country music lyrics.

Benefits of Online Platforms

Accessibility: Easily submit your work from anywhere.

Exposure: Reach a global audience.

Feedback: Receive feedback from other songwriters and listeners.

Top Online Platforms

ReverbNation: Allows songwriters to share their music and connect with industry professionals.

Songwriting Pro: Offers resources, workshops, and opportunities to pitch songs.

Music Xray: A platform where songwriters can submit their work directly to music industry professionals.

5. Networking in Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee, known as “Music City,” is the heart of country music. Networking in Nashville can provide unparalleled opportunities to get your lyrics noticed.

Ways to Network in Nashville

Live Music Venues: Attend live music events and introduce yourself to performers.

Songwriter Nights: Participate in songwriter nights at local venues.

Industry Events: Attend music industry conferences and events.

Co-Writing Sessions: Collaborate with other songwriters to expand your network.

Popular Venues and Events in Nashville

Bluebird Cafe: A legendary venue known for its songwriter nights.

The Listening Room Cafe: Offers opportunities for songwriters to showcase their work.

Tin Pan South: An annual songwriting festival that attracts industry professionals from around the world.

6. Recording Demos

Recording professional demos of your songs can significantly increase your chances of getting noticed. Demos provide a clear representation of how your lyrics sound when performed.

Tips for Recording Demos

Professional Studio: Invest in recording your demos at a professional studio.

Quality Musicians: Hire experienced musicians to perform your songs.

Vocal Performance: Ensure the vocals are strong and convey the emotion of the lyrics.

Mixing and Mastering: Have your demos professionally mixed and mastered.

Finding Demo Studios

Local Studios: Research local studios that specialize in recording demos for songwriters.

Nashville Studios: Nashville has numerous studios that cater to country music songwriters.

7. Pitching Directly to Artists and Producers

Pitching your lyrics directly to artists and producers can be a more direct way to get your work noticed. Many artists and producers are constantly looking for new material.

How to Pitch Directly

Research: Identify artists and producers who are looking for new songs.

Submission Guidelines: Follow any specific submission guidelines they may have.

Professional Presentation: Ensure your lyrics and demos are professionally presented.

Networking: Build relationships with artists and producers through networking events and social media.

Tips for Successful Pitching

Personalized Pitches: Tailor your pitch to the specific artist or producer.

Persistence: Don’t be discouraged by rejection; keep pitching your work.

Follow-Up: Follow up politely if you haven’t received a response after a reasonable time.


8. Social Media and Personal Website

Using social media and having a personal website can help you promote your lyrics and connect with a broader audience.

Building Your Online Presence

Social Media Platforms: Use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share your lyrics and connect with other songwriters.

Personal Website: Create a professional website to showcase your work and provide contact information.

YouTube Channel: Start a YouTube channel where you can share videos of your songs.

Engaging with Your Audience

Regular Updates: Keep your followers updated with new lyrics and projects.

Interactive Content: Engage with your audience through live sessions, Q&A, and behind-the-scenes content.

Collaborations: Collaborate with other songwriters and musicians to expand your reach.

9. Songwriting Workshops and Retreats

Participating in songwriting workshops and retreats can provide intensive learning and networking opportunities.

Benefits of Workshops and Retreats

Focused Learning: Improve your songwriting skills through focused workshops.

Industry Insight: Gain valuable insight from experienced songwriters and industry professionals.

Networking: Connect with other songwriters and potential collaborators.

Top Songwriting Workshops and Retreats

The Songwriting School of Los Angeles: Offers various workshops and courses for songwriters.

Durango Songwriters Expo: An annual event that provides opportunities to pitch songs and network.

Nashville Songwriters Retreat: A retreat that focuses on country music songwriting.

10. Professional Songwriting Services

Professional songwriting services can help you refine your lyrics and connect with industry professionals. These services often offer critique, co-writing, and pitch opportunities.

Benefits of Professional Services

Expert Feedback: Receive detailed feedback from experienced songwriters.

Co-Writing Opportunities: Collaborate with professional songwriters.

Pitching Services: Access opportunities to pitch your songs to artists and publishers.

Top Professional Songwriting Services

SongTown: Offers courses, co-writing opportunities, and pitch sessions.

Songwriting Pro: Provides resources, workshops, and song pitching services.

Music Gateway: A platform that offers various services for songwriters, including song critiques and pitching opportunities.


Submitting your country music lyrics requires persistence, dedication, and strategic planning. By exploring multiple avenues such as music publishing companies, songwriting competitions, associations, online platforms, networking, recording demos, pitching directly, leveraging social media, participating in workshops, and using professional services, you can increase your chances of success. Remember, the key is to keep honing your craft, stay informed about industry opportunities, and never give up on your songwriting dreams.

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