What Is Season 3 Of The Chosen About?

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“The Chosen” is a television series that portrays the life of Jesus Christ through the eyes of those who met Him. Created by Dallas Jenkins, it is the first multi-season show about the life of Jesus. Season 3 of “The Chosen” continues the story, focusing on the developing relationships between Jesus and His disciples, as well as the growing challenges they face.

Plot Overview

Season 3 picks up where Season 2 left off, with Jesus’ followers increasing in number and His teachings spreading far and wide. The series delves into the personal struggles and growth of the disciples. It highlights how their lives intertwine with Jesus’ ministry. This season also emphasizes the mounting tension between Jesus’ followers and the religious and political authorities of the time.


Character Development

One of the key aspects of Season 3 is the deepening character development. Each disciple faces unique challenges that test their faith and commitment. For example:


Peter: Struggles with his impulsive nature and learns to trust more in Jesus’ guidance.


Matthew: Continues to grapple with his past as a tax collector and seeks acceptance among the other disciples.

Mary Magdalene: Confronts her past and finds her place within Jesus’ inner circle.

Major Themes

Several major themes run throughout Season 3, providing depth and context to the narrative:

Faith and Doubt: The disciples frequently face situations that test their faith. Their journey reflects the universal struggle between faith and doubt.

Forgiveness and Redemption: The series showcases stories of forgiveness, emphasizing that redemption is possible for everyone.

Community and Belonging: The sense of community among Jesus’ followers grows stronger, highlighting the importance of support and fellowship.

Sacrifice and Service: Jesus’ teachings on sacrifice and service become more pronounced, challenging the disciples to live selflessly.

Key Episodes and Events

Season 3 consists of several pivotal episodes that drive the story forward:

Episode 1: “Homecoming”: Jesus returns to His hometown of Nazareth, where He faces skepticism and rejection from those who knew Him as a child.

Episode 2: “The Sermon”: The episode features the Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus delivers some of His most famous teachings.

Episode 3: “The Chosen Ones”: The disciples begin to understand their roles in Jesus’ ministry and their responsibilities.

Episode 4: “Troubled Waters”: Focuses on Peter’s struggles and his journey towards greater faith.

Episode 5: “Healer”: Jesus performs several healing miracles, showcasing His divine power and compassion.

Episode 6: “The Trial”: The tensions between Jesus and the authorities reach a boiling point, leading to significant consequences for His followers.

Episode 7: “The Betrayal”: Explores the seeds of betrayal within the group, hinting at future events.

Episode 8: “The Commissioning”: The season finale sees Jesus commissioning His disciples to spread His teachings far and wide.

Impact on the Disciples

Throughout Season 3, the disciples undergo significant personal growth. They learn to rely more on their faith and each other. The series effectively portrays their human weaknesses and strengths, making them relatable to the audience. Their evolving relationships with Jesus form the core of the narrative, illustrating how His teachings transform their lives.


Cultural and Historical Context

Season 3 of “The Chosen” also delves into the cultural and historical context of Jesus’ time. It portrays the complex social, religious, and political dynamics of the era. The series depicts the tension between the Roman authorities and the Jewish population, as well as the internal conflicts within the Jewish community itself.

Miracles and Teachings

Jesus’ miracles and teachings are central to Season 3. Some of the notable miracles depicted include:

Healing the blind and the lame: These miracles reinforce Jesus’ role as a compassionate healer.

Feeding the multitude: Demonstrates Jesus’ ability to provide and care for His followers.

Raising the dead: Highlights His divine authority over life and death.

His teachings in this season focus on love, forgiveness, and the Kingdom of God. The series portrays these messages in a way that resonates with modern audiences, making the ancient teachings relevant today.

Challenges and Opposition

Season 3 doesn’t shy away from the challenges and opposition Jesus and His followers face. The growing popularity of Jesus’ ministry attracts the attention of both religious leaders and Roman authorities. The Pharisees and Sadducees view Him as a threat to their power and traditions. The Romans are wary of any potential uprising. These conflicts add tension and drama to the narrative, setting the stage for future events.

Production and Reception

The production of Season 3, like the previous seasons, relied heavily on crowdfunding. This unique approach has allowed the creators to maintain creative control and produce the series without major studio intervention. The reception of Season 3 has been overwhelmingly positive. Viewers appreciate the authenticity and depth of the storytelling, as well as the high production values. The series has been praised for its respectful and nuanced portrayal of biblical events and characters.

Viewer Engagement

“The Chosen” has cultivated a dedicated fanbase. Season 3 continues to engage viewers through interactive elements, such as live streams and behind-the-scenes content. The creators actively involve the audience in the production process, fostering a sense of community and ownership among fans.


Season 3 of “The Chosen” offers a compelling continuation of the story of Jesus and His disciples. With its focus on character development, faith, and historical context, it provides a rich and immersive viewing experience. The series succeeds in making the ancient story of Jesus relevant to contemporary audiences, highlighting timeless themes of love, forgiveness, and redemption. As the series progresses, it continues to inspire and resonate with viewers around the world.

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