Is The Chosen A Good Series?

by Barbara

“The Chosen” is a television series that has garnered significant attention since its debut. Created by Dallas Jenkins, the show aims to present a fresh perspective on the life of Jesus Christ. It has been praised for its unique approach, character development, and production quality. This article explores the reasons behind the show’s popularity and evaluates whether “The Chosen” is indeed a good series.

Innovative Approach to Storytelling

A New Perspective on Familiar Stories

One of the standout features of “The Chosen” is its innovative storytelling. Unlike traditional portrayals of Jesus’ life, the series provides a more humanized depiction of biblical characters. This fresh perspective allows viewers to connect with the characters on a personal level.


Focus on Character Development

“The Chosen” delves deeply into the backgrounds and motivations of its characters. This focus on character development adds depth to the narrative, making the stories more relatable and engaging. For instance, the series provides a detailed look at the lives of Mary Magdalene, Simon Peter, and Matthew the tax collector.


Crowdfunding Success

The production of “The Chosen” was made possible through crowdfunding, setting it apart from other TV series. The show’s creator, Dallas Jenkins, launched a crowdfunding campaign that raised over $10 million from more than 16,000 investors. This success reflects the strong support and interest from the audience even before the series was produced.


High Production Quality

Cinematic Excellence

The production quality of “The Chosen” is on par with major Hollywood productions. The series boasts high-quality cinematography, sound design, and special effects. These elements contribute to an immersive viewing experience that captivates the audience.

Attention to Historical Accuracy

“The Chosen” takes great care in ensuring historical accuracy. The sets, costumes, and dialogues are meticulously crafted to reflect the time period accurately. This attention to detail enhances the authenticity of the series and helps viewers feel transported back in time.

Strong Performances

Talented Cast

The performances in “The Chosen” are widely praised. Jonathan Roumie, who portrays Jesus, delivers a compelling and nuanced performance. His portrayal is both relatable and inspiring, making a lasting impression on viewers.

Supporting Cast

The supporting cast also shines in their respective roles. Actors like Shahar Isaac (Simon Peter), Paras Patel (Matthew), and Elizabeth Tabish (Mary Magdalene) bring depth and complexity to their characters. Their performances add to the overall impact of the series.

Positive Audience Reception

Critical Acclaim

“The Chosen” has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. It holds high ratings on platforms like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. Critics have praised the series for its fresh approach, strong performances, and production quality.

Global Reach

The series has reached a global audience, being translated into multiple languages. This widespread appeal highlights the universal themes and relatable characters in “The Chosen.” The show’s ability to resonate with diverse audiences is a testament to its quality and impact.


Faithful Adaptation

Respectful Representation of Biblical Stories

“The Chosen” is lauded for its respectful representation of biblical stories. While it takes creative liberties, it remains faithful to the essence of the biblical narratives. This balance between creativity and faithfulness appeals to both religious and secular audiences.

Spiritual Impact

Many viewers have reported a significant spiritual impact from watching “The Chosen.” The series has been credited with deepening viewers’ faith and understanding of biblical stories. This positive influence on the audience’s spiritual lives is a noteworthy aspect of the series.

Community and Engagement

Interactive Viewing Experience

“The Chosen” offers an interactive viewing experience through its companion app. The app allows viewers to watch the series for free, access behind-the-scenes content, and engage with other fans. This level of engagement fosters a strong sense of community among viewers.

Live Events and Screenings

The series creators have organized live events and screenings, further enhancing the community aspect. These events provide opportunities for fans to connect, share their experiences, and discuss the series. This active engagement with the audience sets “The Chosen” apart from other TV shows.

Educational Value

Insight into Historical Context

“The Chosen” provides valuable insights into the historical context of the biblical stories. Viewers gain a better understanding of the cultural and social dynamics of the time period. This educational aspect adds another layer of value to the series.

Discussion Guides and Resources

The series offers discussion guides and educational resources for viewers. These materials are useful for small groups, churches, and educational settings. They facilitate deeper discussions and reflections on the themes presented in the series.

Challenges and Criticisms

Creative Liberties

While “The Chosen” is praised for its fresh approach, some viewers and critics have raised concerns about the creative liberties taken. The series adds fictional elements to the biblical narratives, which can be a point of contention for purists. However, the creators have been transparent about their creative choices and emphasize that the series is not a replacement for the Bible.

Distribution Model

“The Chosen” relies on a unique distribution model, primarily through its app and website. While this model allows for greater creative freedom, it also presents challenges in reaching a broader audience. Some potential viewers may be unaware of the series or hesitant to use the app-based platform.

Future Prospects

Continued Success

Given the positive reception and growing fanbase, the future looks promising for “The Chosen.” The series has already been renewed for multiple seasons, with plans to cover the entire ministry of Jesus. This continued success is a testament to the series’ quality and impact.

Expansion of Content

The creators of “The Chosen” have expressed interest in expanding the content beyond the TV series. Potential projects include spin-offs, additional educational resources, and merchandise. These expansions could further enhance the series’ reach and influence.


In conclusion, “The Chosen” is a groundbreaking series that offers a fresh and engaging portrayal of the life of Jesus Christ. Its innovative approach, high production quality, strong performances, and positive audience reception make it a standout series. While it faces some challenges and criticisms, the overall impact and success of “The Chosen” cannot be denied. For those seeking a new perspective on familiar biblical stories, “The Chosen” is certainly worth watching.

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