Will Taggart Be In Beverly Hills Cop 4?

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The “Beverly Hills Cop” series, starring Eddie Murphy as the quick-witted detective Axel Foley, is a beloved franchise that began in the 1980s. With its blend of action, comedy, and memorable characters, the series has become a cultural icon. One of these memorable characters is Sergeant Taggart, played by John Ashton. Fans of the series have eagerly awaited news about the upcoming “Beverly Hills Cop 4” and whether Taggart will make an appearance. This article explores the potential return of Taggart, the history of the character, and what his inclusion would mean for the new installment.

Taggart’s Role in the Series

Introduction of Taggart

Sergeant John Taggart is introduced in the first “Beverly Hills Cop” movie as a no-nonsense police officer. Initially skeptical of Axel Foley’s unconventional methods, Taggart eventually becomes one of Foley’s allies. His character is known for his strict adherence to rules and his comedic banter with his partner, Detective Billy Rosewood, played by Judge Reinhold.


Development Over the Series

Throughout the first two films, Taggart’s character evolves. He transitions from a rigid law enforcer to a more flexible and understanding officer. This development is significant as it highlights his growing respect for Foley and their mutual camaraderie. Taggart’s character provides a balance to Foley’s unorthodox approach, making their dynamic an essential part of the series’ charm.


Taggart’s Absence in the Third Film

Reasons for Absence

John Ashton did not reprise his role as Taggart in “Beverly Hills Cop III,” released in 1994. Various reasons have been cited for his absence, including scheduling conflicts and creative differences. The third film faced mixed reviews, and many fans attributed part of their disappointment to the absence of key characters like Taggart.


Impact on the Film

The third installment attempted to capture the magic of its predecessors but fell short. Taggart’s absence left a noticeable void, and while Detective Rosewood’s character continued to be a part of the film, the dynamic duo was sorely missed. The lack of Taggart’s grounding presence and comedic interplay with Rosewood and Foley was evident, impacting the overall reception of the movie.

The Buzz Around Beverly Hills Cop 4

Announcement and Development

News of “Beverly Hills Cop 4” has been circulating for several years. In 2019, it was confirmed that the film was in development, with Eddie Murphy set to reprise his role as Axel Foley. The announcement sparked excitement among fans and speculation about which original characters might return.

Potential for Taggart’s Return

Among the speculated returns, John Ashton’s character, Taggart, has been a topic of particular interest. Given the character’s popularity and his significant role in the first two films, fans are hopeful for his return. While there has been no official confirmation, hints and comments from those involved in the production have fueled these hopes.

John Ashton’s Interest

In interviews, John Ashton has expressed interest in reprising his role as Taggart. He has fondly recalled his time working on the first two films and has shown enthusiasm about the possibility of returning to the franchise. This positive outlook from Ashton gives fans a reason to remain optimistic about Taggart’s potential return.


Significance of Taggart’s Return

Character Dynamics

Taggart’s return would restore the dynamic trio of Foley, Rosewood, and Taggart. This trio’s chemistry was a significant factor in the success of the first two films. Taggart’s presence adds a layer of authenticity and nostalgia, connecting the new installment with the original movies.

Fan Expectations

Long-time fans of the “Beverly Hills Cop” series have high expectations for the fourth film. They look forward to the return of familiar faces and the continuation of the storylines they love. Taggart’s inclusion would likely be a major draw for these fans, contributing to the film’s success.

Potential Plot Contributions

Taggart’s Role in the New Film

If Taggart returns in “Beverly Hills Cop 4,” his role could be pivotal. As a seasoned officer, he could provide guidance and support to Foley in tackling a new case. His experience and straightforward approach could contrast well with Foley’s unpredictable methods, creating engaging and humorous scenarios.

Reunion with Foley and Rosewood

A reunion of Taggart, Foley, and Rosewood could be a central plot point. The film could explore how these characters have evolved over the years and how their bond has remained strong. This reunion could also address past storylines and provide a satisfying continuation for fans.

Audience Reception

Nostalgia Factor

The “Beverly Hills Cop” franchise holds a special place in the hearts of many fans. The return of beloved characters like Taggart would tap into this nostalgia, attracting both long-time followers and new audiences. The nostalgia factor is a powerful tool in filmmaking, often leading to higher audience engagement and satisfaction.

Modernizing the Franchise

While nostalgia is important, the new film must also appeal to contemporary audiences. Taggart’s return could be a bridge between the classic elements of the original films and modern storytelling techniques. Balancing these aspects could help “Beverly Hills Cop 4” succeed in today’s competitive film market.

Challenges and Considerations

Balancing Old and New

One of the challenges in reviving a classic franchise is balancing old characters with new ones. The film must introduce fresh elements to keep the story interesting while honoring the legacy of the original characters. Taggart’s return needs to be meaningful and integrated seamlessly into the new narrative.

Maintaining Character Integrity

It is crucial that Taggart’s character remains true to his original portrayal. Fans expect consistency in character development and behavior. Any significant changes to Taggart’s personality or role could risk alienating the audience.


The potential return of Sergeant Taggart in “Beverly Hills Cop 4” is a topic of great interest among fans. His character’s presence in the first two films contributed significantly to their success, and his absence was felt in the third installment. While there has been no official confirmation, John Ashton’s interest in reprising his role and the positive buzz around the film suggest that Taggart’s return is a strong possibility. Bringing back Taggart would not only satisfy long-time fans but also add depth and nostalgia to the new film. As production progresses, audiences eagerly await more news about the beloved characters that made “Beverly Hills Cop” a cultural phenomenon.

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