Which Actors In The Chosen Are Christian?

by Barbara

“The Chosen” has become a popular TV series that depicts the life of Jesus Christ and his followers. The series has drawn attention not only for its storytelling but also for the personal faith of its cast members. Many viewers are curious about which actors in “The Chosen” are Christians in real life. This article will delve into the faith backgrounds of the main actors, providing insights into how their beliefs may influence their performances.

1.Jonathan Roumie as Jesus

Jonathan Roumie plays the central role of Jesus in “The Chosen.” Roumie is a devout Christian, which significantly impacts his portrayal of Christ. He has shared in various interviews how his faith journey aligns with his role. Raised in a Catholic family, Roumie has maintained a strong spiritual life. He often speaks about how playing Jesus has deepened his faith and brought him closer to God. Roumie participates in church activities and frequently discusses his Christian beliefs on social media.


2.Shahar Isaac as Simon Peter

Shahar Isaac portrays Simon Peter, one of Jesus’ closest disciples. Although Isaac keeps much of his personal life private, he has expressed that his faith is important to him. Raised in a Jewish family, Isaac’s understanding of faith is multifaceted. While he does not publicly label himself strictly as a Christian, his deep respect for the story of Jesus and his disciples is evident in his performance. Isaac’s portrayal of Simon Peter reflects a profound understanding of the character’s spiritual journey.


3.Elizabeth Tabish as Mary Magdalene

Elizabeth Tabish plays Mary Magdalene, a pivotal character in the series. Tabish has spoken openly about her spiritual journey and how it has influenced her role. While she does not explicitly identify with a particular denomination, Tabish has expressed a deep appreciation for the Christian faith and the teachings of Jesus. Her portrayal of Mary Magdalene is infused with a sense of redemption and grace, reflecting her understanding of the character’s transformation.


4.Paras Patel as Matthew

Paras Patel, who portrays Matthew, comes from a diverse religious background. Patel has shared that he was raised in a Hindu family but has explored various faiths throughout his life. His journey led him to Christianity, and he now identifies as a Christian. Patel’s portrayal of Matthew is nuanced and heartfelt, showing a deep connection to the character’s spiritual journey. His personal faith experiences have undoubtedly influenced his approach to the role.

5.Noah James as Andrew

Noah James plays Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother and another of Jesus’ disciples. James has shared that he was raised in a Christian household and continues to practice his faith. His upbringing in a faith-filled environment has given him a solid foundation for his portrayal of Andrew. James often speaks about how his Christian beliefs guide his life and work, and this is evident in his sincere and dedicated performance in “The Chosen.”

6.Lara Silva as Eden

Lara Silva portrays Eden, the wife of Simon Peter. Silva’s background includes a strong Christian faith, which she has openly discussed in interviews. Raised in a Christian family, Silva continues to be actively involved in her church community. Her faith plays a crucial role in her life and work, influencing her portrayal of Eden with authenticity and depth. Silva’s personal experiences and beliefs enrich her character’s storyline in “The Chosen.”

7.George Harrison Xanthis as John

George Harrison Xanthis, who plays John, has also spoken about his Christian faith. Xanthis was raised in a Greek Orthodox family and continues to practice his faith actively. His background provides him with a unique perspective on the stories depicted in “The Chosen.” Xanthis brings a sense of reverence and understanding to his role, drawing from his personal experiences and beliefs.


8.Giavani Cairo as Thaddeus

Giavani Cairo portrays Thaddeus in “The Chosen.” Cairo has shared that his Christian faith is an integral part of his life. Raised in a Christian family, Cairo continues to practice his faith and draws inspiration from it for his work. His portrayal of Thaddeus is grounded in a deep respect for the teachings of Jesus, reflecting his personal commitment to his faith.

9.Jordan Walker Ross as Little James

Jordan Walker Ross plays Little James, a disciple with physical challenges. Ross has openly discussed how his faith influences his life and work. Raised in a Christian family, Ross continues to be active in his church community. His personal experiences with faith and overcoming challenges bring a unique perspective to his portrayal of Little James. Ross’s commitment to his faith is evident in his heartfelt and authentic performance.

10.Erick Avari as Nicodemus

Erick Avari, who portrays Nicodemus, brings a wealth of experience to his role. While Avari has not explicitly stated his religious beliefs, he has expressed a deep respect for the story of Jesus and the teachings of Christianity. Raised in a diverse religious environment, Avari approaches his role with a profound understanding of faith and spirituality. His portrayal of Nicodemus is nuanced and respectful, reflecting his appreciation for the character’s spiritual journey.

Elizabeth Tabish’s Perspective

Elizabeth Tabish, who plays Mary Magdalene, provides a unique perspective on the series and her role. She has shared how playing Mary Magdalene has deepened her understanding of redemption and grace. Tabish often reflects on the transformative power of faith and how it has influenced her portrayal. Her insights offer a deeper look into how personal faith journeys can impact an actor’s approach to a character.

The Impact of Faith on Performances

The personal faith of the actors in “The Chosen” undoubtedly influences their performances. For many, their roles are more than just acting; they are an extension of their beliefs and spiritual journeys. This connection brings an added layer of authenticity and depth to the series, resonating with viewers on a profound level.

The Role of Faith in Production

Faith is not only significant for the actors but also for the production team of “The Chosen.” The show’s creator, Dallas Jenkins, is a devout Christian. Jenkins has often spoken about how his faith guides his vision for the series. He aims to present the story of Jesus and his disciples in a way that is both respectful and inspiring. This shared commitment to faith among the cast and crew creates a unique and powerful dynamic on set.

Viewer Reactions

Viewers of “The Chosen” have responded positively to the authentic portrayals of the characters. Many have shared how the series has strengthened their faith and provided a deeper understanding of the life of Jesus and his disciples. The fact that many of the actors share the faith of their characters adds to the series’ credibility and impact.


“The Chosen” stands out not only for its storytelling but also for the personal faith journeys of its cast members. Many of the actors are Christians, and their beliefs profoundly influence their performances. This connection between personal faith and professional work adds a layer of authenticity and depth to the series, making it a powerful and inspiring portrayal of the life of Jesus and his disciples. Whether through explicit declarations of faith or a deep respect for the story they are telling, the actors of “The Chosen” bring their unique perspectives and experiences to their roles, enriching the series and resonating with viewers around the world.

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