5 Reasons Why Matthew Is Different In The Chosen

by Barbara

The Chosen is a groundbreaking television series that depicts the life of Jesus Christ and his disciples. Among the many characters, Matthew stands out as particularly unique. Portrayed by Paras Patel, Matthew is distinct in ways that bring depth and nuance to the series. In this article, we will explore five reasons why Matthew is different in The Chosen.

1. Matthew’s Portrayal of Autism

One of the most striking aspects of Matthew in The Chosen is his portrayal as a person with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This is a significant deviation from traditional depictions of biblical characters. The creators made a deliberate choice to present Matthew in this way, adding a layer of depth to his character.


A New Dimension to Biblical Storytelling

In most biblical adaptations, characters are portrayed in a conventional manner, often adhering to the cultural and social norms of the times. By depicting Matthew with ASD, The Chosen challenges viewers to reconsider their perceptions of biblical figures. This portrayal emphasizes that people with disabilities have always been a part of history, including significant religious narratives.


Realistic and Relatable

Matthew’s character is meticulously crafted to reflect common traits associated with autism, such as difficulty with social interactions, a preference for routine, and exceptional skills in specific areas. For instance, Matthew’s talent for meticulous record-keeping and his attention to detail make him an excellent tax collector. This aspect of his personality is both a strength and a source of alienation from his peers.


2. Matthew’s Role as a Tax Collector

Matthew’s profession as a tax collector is another element that sets him apart in The Chosen. In the context of the series, tax collectors are viewed with contempt by the Jewish community, as they are seen as collaborators with the Roman occupiers.

A Figure of Controversy

Tax collectors in the time of Jesus were often despised for their perceived betrayal of their own people. By choosing to depict Matthew as a tax collector, the series highlights the complex social dynamics and the transformative power of Jesus’s ministry. Matthew’s role adds a layer of tension and intrigue, as he transitions from a reviled figure to a devoted disciple.

Redemption and Transformation

Matthew’s journey from being a tax collector to becoming one of Jesus’s closest followers is a powerful narrative of redemption. His transformation is not instantaneous; it is portrayed with nuance, showing the gradual change in his character and the growing acceptance from other disciples. This transformation underscores the theme of forgiveness and the possibility of change, regardless of one’s past.


3. Matthew’s Relationship with Other Disciples

In The Chosen, Matthew’s interactions with other disciples are portrayed with a unique sensitivity. His differences make his integration into the group a complex process, highlighting themes of acceptance and understanding.

Initial Skepticism and Conflict

At first, many of the disciples are skeptical of Matthew. His former profession as a tax collector and his unconventional behavior make it difficult for them to trust him. This initial conflict is portrayed realistically, reflecting how communities often struggle to accept those who are different.

Gradual Acceptance and Bonding

As the series progresses, we see a gradual shift in the disciples’ attitudes towards Matthew. His unique talents and perspectives begin to be recognized and valued. This shift is a testament to the power of empathy and understanding. The evolving relationships illustrate how barriers can be broken down through patience and kindness.

4. Matthew’s Intellectual Abilities

Matthew’s intellectual prowess is another aspect that distinguishes him in The Chosen. His analytical mind and attention to detail are depicted as both a blessing and a challenge.

A Gift for Detail

Matthew’s ability to notice and remember details is portrayed as a key asset. His meticulous nature makes him an excellent scribe and record-keeper. This talent is especially valuable in the context of Jesus’s ministry, where accurate recording of events and teachings is crucial.

Social Challenges

However, Matthew’s intellectual abilities also contribute to his social challenges. His focus on logic and order can sometimes make it difficult for him to connect with others on an emotional level. This duality adds depth to his character, showing that strengths can also be sources of struggle.

5. Matthew’s Unique Faith Journey

Matthew’s faith journey in The Chosen is distinct from that of the other disciples. His path to belief is marked by intellectual inquiry and personal revelation.

From Skepticism to Belief

Initially, Matthew is portrayed as a skeptic. His analytical nature makes him question the miraculous events he witnesses. This skepticism is a relatable aspect for many viewers who struggle with faith in the face of logic. Matthew’s journey to belief is gradual and thoughtful, providing a nuanced portrayal of faith.

A Personal Revelation

Matthew’s ultimate conversion is depicted as a deeply personal experience. His interactions with Jesus and the miracles he witnesses gradually lead him to a place of faith. This portrayal emphasizes that faith can be a personal and unique journey, differing for each individual.


Matthew’s character in The Chosen stands out for several reasons. His portrayal as a person with autism, his controversial role as a tax collector, his complex relationships with other disciples, his intellectual abilities, and his unique faith journey all contribute to making him a distinctive and memorable character. These elements combine to create a rich, multi-dimensional portrayal that challenges traditional narratives and offers viewers a fresh perspective on a well-known biblical figure.

By exploring these aspects of Matthew’s character, The Chosen not only provides entertainment but also prompts viewers to think more deeply about acceptance, redemption, and the diverse ways in which people experience faith. This innovative approach to storytelling is what makes Matthew truly different in The Chosen.

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