Controversy Surrounds “Barbie” AK-9 Pistol at NRA Convention

by Barbara

The “Barbie” franchise, celebrated for its summer blockbuster success and lucrative merchandise sales, has unexpectedly found itself embroiled in controversy at the recent National Rifle Association convention. Reports emerged that a firearm known as the “Barbie AK-9” pistol, manufactured by the Russian company Kalashnikov with operations in Florida, was prominently displayed at the event held on May 17th in Dallas.

Available for purchase on for $1,299, the “Kalashnikov Barbie 9” is designed in the style of an AK-47, tailored with a whimsical nod to the iconic doll. The firearm’s marketing suggests it as a solution for scenarios where “Barbie loses patience with Ken, or can’t the attention of the other Barbie’s!”


Despite the firearm’s tongue-in-cheek branding, concerns have arisen regarding the use of the “Barbie” name and imagery. Gun control advocates, such as, have expressed outrage, questioning why Mattel, the creator of Barbie, has not taken action to prevent Kalashnikov from leveraging their intellectual property.


“We challenge Mattel to take a public stand against this and hope everyone associated with the wonderful movie, Barbie, will do so too,” stated a representative from


As the debate intensifies, the issue raises broader questions about the intersection of popular culture and firearm marketing. Meanwhile, there has been no official response from Mattel or Warner Bros. regarding potential legal action or measures to address the situation.

For concerned parties, a video demonstration on how to operate the AK-9 has also circulated, adding to the ongoing scrutiny surrounding the “Barbie” AK-9 pistol controversy.

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