Dua Lipa Slips Into The Summer’s Hottest Ops

by Barbara

Pop sensation Dua Lipa, currently touring Europe, took some leisure time on the picturesque Amalfi Coast this week, accompanied by friends. Known for her distinctive style, the “Houdini” singer’s fashion choices continue to captivate attention. Following her recent headline-grabbing appearance in a cyan-blue ensemble from Jacquemus’s La Casa collection at Casa Malaparte, Lipa opted for a more relaxed look during her downtime, sporting denim shorts paired with a striking halter top from Australian label With Jéan.

The standout feature of the halter top was its bold red pom pom closure, immediately drawing eyes. Fashion enthusiasts may recall similar styles worn by Emily Ratajkowski and Selena Gomez in recent months, adding to its celebrity allure. With Jéan has garnered increasing celebrity endorsements, counting Rosalìa, Kylie Jenner, Elsa Hosk, and Bella Hadid among its fans. With Lipa adding her endorsement to the mix, the brand’s popularity is poised to skyrocket, with their sought-after pieces likely to sell out quickly.


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