Insomniac to Introduce Eight New Suits in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Update

by Barbara

Insomniac Games is set to release eight new suits for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as part of its forthcoming update on June 18. This update will also include several stability improvements.

According to PlayStation, Insomniac collaborated with notable guest designers for four of the new suits. These collaborators include Colm Dillane, also known as KidSuper, professional soccer player Vini Jr, racing driver Lando Norris, and singer Rina Sawayama. The eight suits are equally distributed between Spider-Man characters Peter Parker and Miles Morales.


For Miles Morales, KidSuper created the Metro suit, which features additional variant styles: red on black, classic Spidey, and teal on purple. KidSuper, in collaboration with Vini Jr, also designed the Ginga suit, drawing inspiration from the sport of soccer. For Peter Parker, KidSuper and Norris teamed up to design the Fluro Suit, inspired by motorsport and featuring a helmet and overalls. Sawayama and KidSuper contributed the Motorchic suit, which boasts an all-leather motorbike aesthetic.


In addition to the new suits, the update will introduce four legacy suits inspired by various Spider-Man media. Miles Morales will receive the Uptown Pride suit from Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, now with added colorways including silver trim, black on red, and blue on pink. Another fan-favorite, the Animated Suit, will also be included in Miles’ wardrobe. For Peter Parker, the Last Stand suit features a red leather jacket, available in classic, full black, and Arachno-Man-inspired yellow and green variants. Completing the set is the Into the Spider-Verse suit, inspired by Peter B. Parker’s design.


The update, designated as version 1.003.000, will address several player feedback points, such as the ability to interchange parry and traversal abilities between the Symbiote and Spider Arms.

Previous Update with Non-Profit Collaboration

Previously, Insomniac Games released an update for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in collaboration with the non-profit organization Fly N’ Fresh. This update, tagged as version 1.002, introduced New Game+ mode, enabling players to replay the game with all previously unlocked suits and abilities. It also added new cosmetic options, including the Fly N’ Fresh Suit Pack, which provided one suit each for Miles and Peter, two Photo Mode frames, and ten Photo Mode stickers.

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