Is The Chosen Funded By The Mormon Church?

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“The Chosen” is a television drama series that has captured the hearts and minds of millions worldwide by offering a fresh and engaging portrayal of the life of Jesus Christ. Created by Dallas Jenkins, the series has been praised for its compelling storytelling, character development, and high production quality. However, amidst its growing popularity, questions about its funding sources have surfaced, with particular curiosity surrounding any potential involvement by the Mormon Church. This article delves into the financial underpinnings of “The Chosen,” explores the extent of the Mormon Church’s involvement, if any, and provides clarity on how the series sustains its operations.

The Genesis of “The Chosen”

Before delving into the funding aspects, it’s essential to understand the origins of “The Chosen.” The series was conceived by Dallas Jenkins, an evangelical Christian filmmaker with a vision to present the story of Jesus Christ in a more relatable and humanized manner. Jenkins aimed to produce a multi-season series that would allow for in-depth character development and nuanced storytelling, distinguishing “The Chosen” from other biblical adaptations.


The pilot episode, “The Shepherd,” was initially created as a short film for a Christmas Eve service at Jenkins’ church. The overwhelmingly positive reception encouraged Jenkins to pursue a more ambitious project—a full-length series. However, producing a high-quality television series, especially one with historical settings and elaborate costumes, required substantial funding.


Crowdfunding: A Revolutionary Approach

To finance the project, Dallas Jenkins and his team turned to crowdfunding, a method that allows individuals to contribute financially to projects they believe in. This approach was both innovative and risky, given the scope of the project and the traditionally niche market for religious content. Nevertheless, the response was unprecedented.


“The Chosen” became the largest crowdfunded media project in history, raising over $10 million from more than 19,000 investors for its first season. This success was driven by a strong grassroots movement of supporters who resonated with the series’ mission and vision. The use of social media and digital platforms played a crucial role in mobilizing this support, allowing the project to reach a global audience.

The first season’s success laid the groundwork for subsequent seasons, with crowdfunding continuing to be a significant source of funding. For Season 2, “The Chosen” raised over $6 million, again showcasing the robust support from its dedicated fan base. This crowdfunding model not only provided the necessary financial resources but also fostered a sense of community and ownership among the show’s supporters.

Angel Studios: A Key Partner

In addition to crowdfunding, “The Chosen” found a strategic partner in Angel Studios, a media company that specializes in producing and distributing faith-based content. Angel Studios played a pivotal role in the marketing, distribution, and financial management of the series. The company’s involvement brought professional expertise and industry connections, further enhancing the show’s reach and impact.

Angel Studios operates on a unique business model that combines elements of crowdfunding and traditional media production. By leveraging their platform, Angel Studios enables creators to pitch their projects directly to potential investors and audiences, democratizing the funding process. This partnership has been instrumental in sustaining “The Chosen” and ensuring its financial viability.

Examining the Mormon Church’s Involvement

Given the substantial funding requirements and the scale of “The Chosen,” it’s not surprising that rumors about the involvement of various religious organizations, including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), have emerged. These speculations primarily stem from the fact that the LDS Church has significant resources and a history of producing religious content.

However, Dallas Jenkins and the team behind “The Chosen” have been transparent about their funding sources and affiliations. Jenkins, an evangelical Christian, has explicitly stated that the series is not funded by the Mormon Church. Instead, “The Chosen” is supported by a diverse coalition of Christian believers and organizations from various denominations who share a common interest in bringing the story of Jesus to a wider audience.

Furthermore, the crowdfunding model employed by “The Chosen” ensures that the financial backing comes directly from individual supporters rather than any single institution. This approach aligns with the series’ inclusive vision, aiming to unite viewers from different Christian backgrounds rather than aligning with a specific denominational agenda.

Dallas Jenkins’ Relationship with the LDS Church

While the LDS Church does not fund “The Chosen,” it is worth noting that Dallas Jenkins has engaged with members of the LDS community in a spirit of mutual respect and collaboration. Jenkins has participated in interviews and discussions with LDS media outlets and leaders, fostering dialogue about the series and its impact.

Jenkins’ interactions with the LDS community highlight a broader trend of interdenominational cooperation in the production and promotion of “The Chosen.” This collaboration is reflective of the series’ overarching goal to present a universally appealing portrayal of Jesus Christ that transcends doctrinal differences. By engaging with diverse Christian communities, Jenkins and his team have succeeded in creating a series that resonates with a wide audience.

Theological Nuances and Artistic Liberties

One of the factors contributing to the curiosity about the Mormon Church’s involvement is the series’ portrayal of certain biblical events and characters, which sometimes differ from traditional evangelical interpretations. Critics and viewers alike have pointed out that “The Chosen” takes artistic liberties in its storytelling, incorporating imaginative backstories and character developments not explicitly found in the Bible.

These creative choices have sparked discussions about the theological perspectives underpinning the series. While some viewers appreciate the fresh and humanized portrayal of biblical figures, others are cautious about potential deviations from orthodox interpretations. However, Jenkins has consistently emphasized that the series is not meant to replace or alter scripture but to provide a narrative that encourages viewers to engage with the Bible more deeply.

Addressing Concerns and Misconceptions

To address concerns and misconceptions about the series’ funding and theological stance, Dallas Jenkins and his team have maintained open lines of communication with their audience. Through social media, interviews, and behind-the-scenes content, they regularly update supporters on the production process, funding status, and creative decisions.

Jenkins’ transparency and willingness to engage with critics have been crucial in building trust and credibility. By openly discussing the series’ goals and the rationale behind certain artistic choices, he has fostered a sense of inclusivity and respect for different viewpoints. This approach has helped mitigate concerns about potential biases or hidden agendas.

The Impact and Reception of “The Chosen”

“The Chosen” has garnered widespread acclaim not only for its storytelling and production quality but also for its ability to bring together a diverse audience. The series has been praised for its relatable and humanized portrayal of Jesus and his disciples, making biblical narratives more accessible and engaging for modern viewers.

The reception of “The Chosen” transcends denominational boundaries, with positive reviews coming from evangelical Christians, Catholics, and members of the LDS Church, among others. This broad appeal is a testament to the series’ success in presenting a universally relatable depiction of faith and spirituality.

Moreover, the series has had a significant impact on its viewers, inspiring renewed interest in the Bible and fostering deeper personal connections with the stories of Jesus and his followers. Testimonials from viewers often highlight how “The Chosen” has enhanced their understanding of biblical events and characters, encouraging them to explore scripture more thoroughly.

The Future of “The Chosen”

Looking ahead, “The Chosen” aims to continue its mission of producing high-quality, faith-based content that resonates with a global audience. With multiple seasons planned, the series is set to explore further the lives and journeys of Jesus and his disciples, providing viewers with a comprehensive and immersive experience.

The continued support from crowdfunding and partnerships with companies like Angel Studios will be crucial in sustaining the series’ production and distribution. Additionally, the team behind “The Chosen” remains committed to engaging with their audience, addressing concerns, and maintaining transparency about their creative and financial decisions.


In conclusion, “The Chosen” is not funded by the Mormon Church. The series relies primarily on crowdfunding from a diverse and dedicated base of supporters, along with strategic partnerships with companies like Angel Studios. Dallas Jenkins and his team have successfully created a series that transcends denominational boundaries, offering a fresh and engaging portrayal of the life of Jesus Christ.

Through open communication and transparency, the creators of “The Chosen” have built a trusted relationship with their audience, ensuring the series’ ongoing success and impact. As “The Chosen” continues to captivate viewers worldwide, it stands as a testament to the power of collaborative, faith-based storytelling and the potential of modern media to bring ancient narratives to life.

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