Do The Actors In The Chosen Believe In God?

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The Chosen, the multi-season television series about the life of Jesus Christ, has captivated audiences worldwide with its authentic portrayal of biblical events and characters. As viewers immerse themselves in the narrative, a natural curiosity arises about the personal beliefs of the actors who bring these sacred stories to life. Do the actors in The Chosen believe in God? This article delves into the spiritual journeys and convictions of the principal cast members, examining how their faith, or lack thereof, informs their performances and resonates with the show’s mission.

Jonathan Roumie: Jesus

Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus in The Chosen, has been vocal about his Christian faith. Raised in a devout Catholic household, Roumie’s faith has been a cornerstone of his life and career. He has frequently spoken about the profound impact that portraying Jesus has had on his spirituality. In interviews, Roumie has shared that he feels a deep sense of responsibility and reverence in playing such a pivotal figure in Christianity. He often draws upon his personal relationship with God to infuse authenticity into his performance.


Roumie’s involvement in the series has also deepened his faith. He participates actively in prayer and reflection, both on and off the set, and he attributes much of his professional and personal growth to his faith journey. His portrayal of Jesus is not just an acting role but a form of ministry, through which he hopes to inspire and strengthen the faith of viewers.


Shahar Isaac: Simon Peter

Shahar Isaac, who portrays Simon Peter, has been more reserved about his personal beliefs, which is not uncommon in the entertainment industry. While there is limited public information about his specific religious convictions, Isaac’s performance demonstrates a profound understanding of the complexities of faith and doubt. His ability to convey Peter’s transformation from a simple fisherman to a devoted disciple of Jesus suggests a deep empathy for the spiritual struggles and triumphs inherent in the character.


Isaac’s nuanced portrayal is indicative of an actor who has either a personal connection to the themes of redemption and faith or a profound respect for these concepts. Regardless of his private beliefs, his dedication to authentically representing Peter’s journey speaks volumes about his commitment to the role and its spiritual significance.

Elizabeth Tabish: Mary Magdalene

Elizabeth Tabish, who brings Mary Magdalene to life, has openly discussed her own journey with faith and spirituality. Raised in a Christian environment, Tabish experienced periods of doubt and questioning in her young adult life. Her involvement in The Chosen has rekindled her exploration of faith. Tabish has expressed that playing Mary Magdalene, a figure who undergoes profound transformation and redemption, has been a deeply personal and spiritual experience.

Tabish’s portrayal of Mary Magdalene is informed by her understanding of the character’s struggles and her own encounters with faith. She aims to embody the themes of forgiveness and grace, drawing from her experiences to connect with the audience on a deeper level. Through her role, Tabish hopes to offer a message of hope and renewal, mirroring her own spiritual rediscovery.

Paras Patel: Matthew

Paras Patel, who portrays Matthew the tax collector, brings a unique perspective to his role. Patel has spoken about his upbringing in a Hindu household and how his exposure to different religious traditions has shaped his worldview. While he does not identify as Christian, Patel respects the teachings of Jesus and finds value in the universal themes of love, compassion, and redemption that The Chosen explores.

Patel’s approach to Matthew is marked by a genuine curiosity and respect for the historical and spiritual context of the character. His portrayal is informed by a desire to understand the transformative power of Jesus’ message and its impact on Matthew. Patel’s performance is a testament to the inclusivity of The Chosen, highlighting the series’ appeal to a diverse audience, regardless of their religious backgrounds.

Noah James: Andrew

Noah James, who plays Andrew, has shared that his role in The Chosen has been an enriching experience both professionally and personally. While James has not extensively publicized his own religious beliefs, he has expressed admiration for the positive messages conveyed through the series. James approaches his role with a sense of reverence for the historical significance of the character and the spiritual themes portrayed in the show.

James’ depiction of Andrew as a devoted follower of Jesus reflects an understanding of the character’s faith journey. His performance captures the essence of discipleship and the challenges and rewards it brings. James’ commitment to authenticity in his portrayal suggests a respect for the religious and cultural context of the story, even if his personal beliefs remain private.

Lara Silva: Eden

Lara Silva, who plays Eden, the wife of Simon Peter, has talked about her Christian faith and how it influences her life and career. Silva’s faith is a central part of her identity, and she has expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work on a series that aligns with her spiritual values. She views her role in The Chosen as a blessing and a platform to share the message of love and faith.

Silva’s performance is imbued with her personal convictions, adding depth and authenticity to her character. She aims to portray Eden as a strong and supportive partner, reflecting the virtues of faith and resilience. Silva’s dedication to her role and her openness about her faith journey resonate with viewers who share similar beliefs.

Jordan Walker Ross: Little James

Jordan Walker Ross, who plays Little James, has been candid about his Christian faith and how it intersects with his career. Ross has shared that his involvement in The Chosen has been a transformative experience, deepening his understanding and appreciation of the biblical stories. He views his role as an opportunity to spread the message of Jesus and inspire others through his work.

Ross’s portrayal of Little James is informed by his personal faith, bringing a sense of sincerity and devotion to the character. He strives to convey the struggles and joys of discipleship, drawing parallels between his own spiritual journey and that of the character he plays. Ross’s commitment to his faith and his role in The Chosen highlights the profound impact the series has on both its cast and its audience.

Yasmine Al-Bustami: Ramah

Yasmine Al-Bustami, who portrays Ramah, brings a diverse cultural and spiritual background to her role. Al-Bustami was raised in a multicultural environment with exposure to various religious traditions, including Islam. While she does not explicitly identify with a particular faith, Al-Bustami values the spiritual themes explored in The Chosen and appreciates the opportunity to be part of a project that promotes messages of love and unity.

Al-Bustami’s approach to her character is marked by an openness to the spiritual dimensions of the story. Her performance reflects a respect for the faith journey of her character and the broader themes of the series. Al-Bustami’s participation in The Chosen underscores the universality of its message, appealing to audiences from diverse backgrounds.

The Intersection of Faith and Art in The Chosen

The cast of The Chosen represents a tapestry of faiths and spiritual journeys, each contributing to the rich and nuanced portrayal of the biblical narrative. Whether deeply religious, spiritually curious, or culturally diverse, each actor brings a unique perspective to their role, enhancing the authenticity and depth of the series. The collaborative effort of believers and non-believers alike in The Chosen illustrates the power of storytelling to bridge gaps and foster understanding across different faiths and cultures.

The authenticity and emotional resonance of The Chosen can be attributed, in part, to the genuine passion and conviction of its cast. The actors’ personal beliefs, or their respect for the beliefs portrayed, infuse their performances with a sincerity that resonates with audiences. The series not only entertains but also invites viewers to explore their own spiritual journeys, inspired by the profound and transformative stories depicted on screen.

The Broader Impact of The Chosen

The Chosen has achieved significant acclaim not just for its storytelling but also for its ability to engage audiences on a spiritual level. The series has sparked conversations about faith, redemption, and the human experience, reaching a diverse and global audience. The portrayal of Jesus and his disciples by actors of varied backgrounds demonstrates the universal appeal of the message of love, forgiveness, and hope.

The success of The Chosen underscores the importance of representation and authenticity in religious storytelling. By featuring actors who bring their own unique perspectives to the narrative, the series fosters a more inclusive and relatable depiction of the biblical story. This inclusivity has helped The Chosen resonate with viewers from different walks of life, encouraging a broader exploration of spirituality and faith.


The actors in The Chosen embody a spectrum of beliefs and spiritual journeys, each contributing to the profound impact of the series. From devout Christians to those with a respect for religious themes, the cast’s diverse backgrounds enhance the authenticity and emotional depth of their performances. The Chosen stands as a testament to the power of storytelling to transcend religious and cultural boundaries, offering a message of hope and unity to a global audience.

As viewers continue to engage with The Chosen, they are invited to reflect on their own beliefs and experiences, inspired by the heartfelt performances of the cast. The series not only brings the stories of Jesus and his disciples to life but also celebrates the diverse tapestry of faith that exists within its ensemble, making it a truly remarkable and inclusive portrayal of one of history’s most significant narratives.

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