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“The Chosen,” a groundbreaking television series that dramatizes the life of Jesus Christ and the people who knew him, has captivated audiences with its compelling storytelling and authentic portrayal of the ancient world. One of the series’ most impressive aspects is its stunning and historically evocative settings. The choice of filming locations has played a crucial role in bringing the biblical era to life, enhancing the narrative’s authenticity and emotional impact. This article delves into the various locations where “The Chosen” was filmed, exploring how each site contributes to the show’s realism and aesthetic appeal.

The Primary Filming Locations: Texas and Utah

The Capernaum Village Set in Weatherford, Texas

A significant portion of “The Chosen” was filmed in a purpose-built set located on a 750-acre site at the Salvation Army’s Camp Hoblitzelle in Weatherford, Texas. This location serves as the primary setting for Capernaum, the village where Jesus performs many of his miracles and calls several of his disciples.


The decision to construct a permanent set in Weatherford was driven by the need for a consistent and controlled environment that could authentically replicate a 1st-century Jewish village. The production team meticulously designed the Capernaum village to include stone houses, a synagogue, and market areas, all crafted to reflect historical accuracy. The architecture and layout were based on archaeological findings and historical texts, ensuring that every detail, from the building materials to the street patterns, felt true to the time period.


Filming in Weatherford offers practical advantages as well. The climate is relatively mild, allowing for year-round shooting. Additionally, the controlled environment reduces logistical challenges and filming disruptions, which can be common when shooting on location in more populated or unpredictable settings.


Goshen, Utah: The Jerusalem Set

Another pivotal filming location for “The Chosen” is the LDS Motion Picture Studio’s South Campus in Goshen, Utah. This location features an extensive and historically detailed set that replicates ancient Jerusalem. The set was originally built by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for their own religious films but has since been used by various productions, including “The Chosen.”

The Goshen set spans several acres and includes detailed reconstructions of Jerusalem’s iconic structures, such as the temple complex, city gates, and narrow, bustling streets. The high desert landscape surrounding the set closely resembles the terrain of the ancient Holy Land, adding to the visual authenticity of the series.

Filming in Goshen not only provides a realistic backdrop but also allows for large-scale scenes that depict the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem. The expansive set enables the production to film intricate sequences involving numerous extras and complex camera movements, enhancing the narrative’s dynamism.

Supplementary Locations: Crafting the Biblical World

While the primary sets in Texas and Utah form the backbone of “The Chosen’s” visual identity, supplementary locations also play a vital role in adding diversity and richness to the series’ portrayal of the ancient world.

Zion National Park, Utah

Some scenes in “The Chosen” were filmed in Zion National Park, located in southwestern Utah. Known for its dramatic sandstone cliffs and rugged, picturesque landscapes, Zion National Park provides a breathtaking backdrop that stands in for various wilderness areas and remote locations in the series.

The park’s unique geological features, such as its towering rock formations and narrow canyons, create a visually striking environment that evokes the untamed beauty of the ancient Judean wilderness. This setting is particularly effective in scenes where Jesus and his disciples travel through desolate landscapes, emphasizing themes of solitude, reflection, and spiritual journey.

Enoch, Utah

The small town of Enoch, Utah, also served as a filming location for “The Chosen.” Enoch’s rural and undeveloped areas were used to depict various outdoor settings, including farmlands and pastoral scenes. The wide-open spaces and natural beauty of Enoch provide a tranquil and timeless quality that complements the series’ storytelling.

Filming in Enoch allows the production to capture the simplicity and rustic charm of rural life in the ancient world. The unspoiled landscapes help ground the series in a tangible reality, making the historical setting more relatable and immersive for modern viewers.

The Importance of Authenticity and Realism

One of the defining characteristics of “The Chosen” is its commitment to authenticity and realism. This dedication extends beyond the meticulously designed sets and carefully chosen filming locations. The production team goes to great lengths to ensure that every aspect of the series, from costumes and props to language and cultural practices, accurately reflects the historical context of the biblical narrative.

Historical and Cultural Consultants

To achieve this level of authenticity, the creators of “The Chosen” work closely with a team of historical and cultural consultants. These experts provide invaluable insights into the daily life, customs, and material culture of 1st-century Judea. Their guidance helps ensure that the series remains faithful to historical realities while also engaging and educating the audience.

Attention to Detail in Set Design

The attention to detail in set design is particularly evident in the Capernaum village and Jerusalem sets. The production team uses a variety of techniques to create a sense of historical verisimilitude, such as:

1.Authentic Building Materials: The use of materials like stone, wood, and mudbrick, which were common in ancient construction, helps create a believable and immersive environment.

2.Period-Accurate Architecture: Architectural features, such as flat roofs, courtyards, and narrow streets, are designed based on archaeological evidence and historical descriptions.

3.Props and Furnishings: Everyday items, such as pottery, textiles, and tools, are crafted to reflect the designs and craftsmanship of the period.

Challenges and Triumphs in Filming “The Chosen”

Bringing “The Chosen” to life has not been without its challenges. Filming a period drama set in ancient times requires careful planning, creative problem-solving, and a significant investment in resources. However, the production team has successfully overcome these obstacles, resulting in a series that is both visually stunning and emotionally resonant.

Logistical Challenges

One of the primary logistical challenges is coordinating filming schedules and locations. The need to transport cast, crew, and equipment between Texas, Utah, and other supplementary locations requires meticulous planning and efficient execution. Additionally, the construction and maintenance of large, historically accurate sets involve significant time and effort.

Weather and Environmental Conditions

Weather and environmental conditions also pose challenges. Filming in outdoor locations like Zion National Park and rural Utah means dealing with unpredictable weather, from intense heat to sudden storms. These conditions can affect both the filming schedule and the safety of the cast and crew.

Despite these challenges, the production team has consistently delivered high-quality episodes that capture the essence of the biblical narrative. Their perseverance and dedication to the project have resulted in a series that resonates deeply with audiences around the world.

The Impact of Filming Locations on the Series’ Success

The choice of filming locations has had a profound impact on the success of “The Chosen.” By selecting sites that closely resemble the historical and geographical context of the biblical stories, the series creates a powerful sense of time and place that draws viewers into the narrative.

Enhanced Viewer Engagement

The authenticity of the settings enhances viewer engagement by making the ancient world feel real and tangible. This immersive quality allows audiences to connect more deeply with the characters and their experiences, fostering a greater emotional investment in the story.

Educational Value

In addition to its entertainment value, “The Chosen” serves as an educational tool, providing viewers with a visual representation of the historical and cultural backdrop of the New Testament. The accurate depiction of settings, customs, and daily life offers a richer understanding of the biblical context and helps viewers appreciate the historical significance of the events portrayed.

Critical and Commercial Acclaim

The series’ commitment to authenticity and high production values has garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. “The Chosen” has been praised for its fresh and humanizing portrayal of biblical figures, its high-quality production, and its ability to convey spiritual themes in a relatable and compelling manner. The carefully chosen filming locations are a key component of this success, contributing to the series’ overall impact and resonance.


“The Chosen” stands out as a remarkable achievement in television, combining historical accuracy, compelling storytelling, and stunning visuals to bring the life of Jesus and his disciples to the screen. The series’ success is in no small part due to the carefully selected filming locations, which provide a realistic and immersive backdrop for the biblical narrative.

From the meticulously constructed Capernaum village in Weatherford, Texas, to the expansive and historically detailed Jerusalem set in Goshen, Utah, each location plays a crucial role in creating the series’ authentic and evocative atmosphere. Supplementary sites like Zion National Park and Enoch, Utah, further enrich the visual tapestry of the show, adding depth and variety to the portrayal of the ancient world.

Through its dedication to authenticity and realism, “The Chosen” not only entertains but also educates and inspires, offering viewers a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural context of the New Testament. The series’ success is a testament to the power of thoughtful and intentional filmmaking, and its impact will undoubtedly continue to resonate with audiences for years to come.

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