17 Actors Who Could Perfectly Portray Final Fantasy 7’s Iconic Characters in a Live-Action Movie

by Barbara

As the realm of video game adaptations continues to expand in the world of cinema, the prospect of a live-action “Final Fantasy 7” movie tantalizes fans worldwide. The beloved game, originally released in 1997, has left an indelible mark on the gaming industry, thanks in no small part to its memorable characters. Bringing these iconic figures to life on the big screen presents a thrilling challenge, one that fans have enthusiastically embraced through fan-casting. In this article, we explore the dream casting choices for the central characters of “Final Fantasy 7” and how these actors could capture the essence of this beloved gaming masterpiece.

1. Cody Christian As Cloud Strife


One of the central and most complex characters in “Final Fantasy 7” is Cloud Strife. With his turbulent past and evolving identity, casting the right actor is crucial. Cody Christian, known for his roles in “Teen Wolf” and “All American,” possesses the acting chops and charisma to convincingly portray Cloud’s emotional depth and evolution throughout the story.


2. Briana White As Aerith Gainsborough


Aerith Gainsborough, the gentle flower seller with a hidden strength, is another pivotal character in the game. Briana White, who voiced Aerith in the “Final Fantasy 7 Remake,” has already demonstrated her ability to capture the character’s charm and vulnerability. Her live-action portrayal would likely resonate with fans and newcomers alike.

3. Natasha Liu Bordizzo As Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart, a fiercely loyal and powerful member of AVALANCHE, requires an actress who can embody her physical prowess and unwavering determination. Natasha Liu Bordizzo, known for her roles in “The Society” and “The Greatest Showman,” possesses the necessary physicality and acting talent to breathe life into Tifa’s character.

4. Cody Fern As Sephiroth

The enigmatic and formidable Sephiroth is a character who demands an actor of considerable presence and intensity. Cody Fern, known for his roles in “American Horror Story” and “House of Cards,” could bring the right blend of charisma and talent to portray this iconic antagonist.

5. Winston Duke As Barret Wallace

Barret Wallace, the passionate leader of AVALANCHE, is known for his distinctive personality and imposing physique. Winston Duke, celebrated for his roles in “Black Panther” and “Us,” could masterfully embody Barret’s larger-than-life presence and unwavering commitment to the cause.

6. Max Mittelman As The Voice Of Red XIII

Red XIII, the intelligent and agile quadruped, requires a unique combination of voice acting talent to convey his character. Max Mittelman, a seasoned voice actor known for roles in anime and video games, could lend his vocal talents to breathe life into Red XIII.

7. LaKeith Stanfield As Vincent Valentine

Vincent Valentine, the mysterious and brooding former Turk, demands an actor who can convey depth and complexity. LaKeith Stanfield, renowned for his performances in “Get Out” and “Atlanta,” possesses the range to capture Vincent’s enigmatic persona.

8. Colman Domingo As Cid Highwind

Cid Highwind, the grizzled pilot with a penchant for swearing, requires an actor who can balance humor and gravitas. Colman Domingo, known for his versatile roles in film and television, could bring Cid’s distinctive personality to life.

9. David Tennant As The Voice Of Cait Sith

Cait Sith, the enigmatic robotic cat with a Scottish brogue, relies on voice acting to convey his character. David Tennant, celebrated for his vocal talents in various animated projects, could infuse Cait Sith with the necessary charisma and charm.

10. Karen Fukuhara As Yuffie Kisaragi

Yuffie Kisaragi, the spirited ninja with a penchant for mischief, needs an actress who can capture her youthful energy and mischievous nature. Karen Fukuhara, known for her roles in “Suicide Squad” and “The Boys,” possesses the vitality and acting prowess to portray Yuffie.

11. Will Sharpe As Reno

Reno, one of the witty and playful members of the Turks, requires an actor who can deliver his sharp and humorous lines with flair. Will Sharpe, known for his comedic roles, could masterfully bring Reno’s distinctive personality to life.

12. Ricky Whittle As Rude

Rude, the stoic and physically imposing member of the Turks, demands an actor who can convey strength and unwavering loyalty. Ricky Whittle, celebrated for his role in “American Gods,” could effortlessly embody Rude’s formidable presence.

13. Rinko Kikuchi As Elena

Elena, the enthusiastic and dedicated Turk, requires an actress who can balance her tenacity with moments of vulnerability. Rinko Kikuchi, known for her roles in “Pacific Rim” and “Babel,” possesses the acting range to portray Elena’s character nuances.

14. Masanobu Ando As Tseng

Tseng, the cool and composed leader of the Turks, requires an actor who can convey authority and intelligence. Masanobu Ando, known for his work in Japanese cinema, could bring Tseng’s character to life with his commanding presence.

15. Mark Hamill As President Shinra

The formidable President Shinra, the corporate antagonist of the game, demands an actor who can exude power and cunning. Mark Hamill, renowned for his iconic role as the Joker in animated projects, could infuse President Shinra with the necessary gravitas.

16. Hayden Christensen As Rufus Shinra

Rufus Shinra, the charismatic and ruthless heir to the Shinra Corporation, requires an actor who can embody his complex character. Hayden Christensen, known for his role as Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars,” could bring the right blend of charisma and depth to Rufus Shinra.

17. Keanu Reeves As Professor Hojo

Professor Hojo, the morally ambiguous scientist with a penchant for experimentation, demands an actor who can convey his unsettling nature. Keanu Reeves, celebrated for his versatility and memorable performances, could capture the enigmatic essence of Professor Hojo.

In conclusion, fan-casting a live-action “Final Fantasy 7” movie is a delightful exercise that showcases the enduring appeal of these iconic characters. While the dream of a live-action adaptation remains in the realm of fantasy for now, the enthusiasm of fans and the potential of these actors to bring these beloved characters to life is a testament to the lasting impact of “Final Fantasy 7” on both gaming and cinematic culture.


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