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by Barbara

“The Good Doctor” has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide with its compelling portrayal of medical practice through the lens of unique and diverse characters. Set in the fictitious San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital, the show offers a nuanced exploration of the personal and professional lives of its characters. Among these, several doctors stand out for their exceptional skills, compassionate care, and compelling story arcs. Here, we delve into the top ten doctors in “The Good Doctor,” examining their backgrounds, personalities, and significant contributions to the series.

1. Dr. Shaun Murphy

Dr. Shaun Murphy, played by Freddie Highmore, is the heart of “The Good Doctor.” Shaun is a young surgical resident with autism and savant syndrome. His extraordinary medical talents and photographic memory often help diagnose and solve complex medical cases. Despite facing significant social challenges, Shaun’s journey is one of perseverance and growth. His unique perspective often brings fresh insights to the team, making him an invaluable asset. Shaun’s character highlights the importance of diversity and inclusion in the medical field. His development over the seasons showcases his increasing confidence and proficiency as a surgeon.


2. Dr. Aaron Glassman

Dr. Aaron Glassman, portrayed by Richard Schiff, is a father figure to Shaun and a prominent character in the series. As the former President of San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital, Dr. Glassman is a seasoned neurosurgeon with decades of experience. His deep care for Shaun stems from their long history, having mentored Shaun since he was a teenager. Glassman’s journey is marked by personal and professional trials, including a battle with cancer. His resilience and dedication to medicine, even in the face of his illness, inspire those around him. His wisdom and guidance are pivotal in shaping the hospital’s culture and supporting Shaun’s career.


3. Dr. Neil Melendez

Dr. Neil Melendez, played by Nicholas Gonzalez, is a skilled cardiothoracic surgeon and a key member of the surgical team. Known for his precision and leadership, Melendez often tackles the most challenging surgeries. His strict, no-nonsense demeanor initially causes friction with Shaun, but over time, he becomes a mentor and advocate for Shaun. Melendez’s story is one of professional excellence balanced with personal struggles, including his relationship with Dr. Audrey Lim and his ethical dilemmas in patient care. His tragic death in Season 3 was a significant emotional moment for the series, leaving a lasting impact on the characters and viewers alike.


4. Dr. Claire Browne

Dr. Claire Browne, portrayed by Antonia Thomas, is a compassionate and talented surgical resident. Claire’s empathetic nature and strong communication skills make her a favorite among patients and colleagues. She often acts as a bridge between Shaun and others, helping to navigate social complexities. Claire’s journey is marked by personal hardships, including the loss of her mother and struggles with mental health. Despite these challenges, she remains dedicated to her patients and her growth as a surgeon. Claire’s departure from the show in Season 4 was bittersweet, as she left to continue her medical career in Guatemala, underscoring her commitment to helping underserved communities.

5. Dr. Audrey Lim

Dr. Audrey Lim, played by Christina Chang, is a highly skilled trauma surgeon and later becomes the Chief of Surgery. Lim’s expertise in handling high-pressure situations and her ability to make quick decisions make her a critical part of the hospital’s surgical team. Her leadership style is compassionate yet firm, earning her respect from her colleagues. Lim’s storyline explores themes of resilience, especially after surviving a motorcycle accident and dealing with PTSD. Her relationship with Dr. Neil Melendez and her subsequent grief after his death add depth to her character, showcasing her vulnerability and strength.


6. Dr. Marcus Andrews

Dr. Marcus Andrews, portrayed by Hill Harper, is a plastic surgeon and later the President of San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Andrews is ambitious and driven, often finding himself at the intersection of medical practice and hospital politics. His initial skepticism about Shaun’s abilities gradually transforms into support and mentorship. Andrews’ character arc includes personal challenges, such as his marital issues and his quest for professional excellence. His dynamic with other characters, particularly his rivalry and eventual friendship with Dr. Aaron Glassman, adds a layer of complexity to the show.

7. Dr. Alex Park

Dr. Alex Park, played by Will Yun Lee, is a former police officer turned surgical resident. Park’s unique background gives him a different perspective on patient care and problem-solving. His investigative skills often come in handy in diagnosing difficult cases. Park’s character is defined by his pragmatic approach to medicine and his struggles with balancing work and family life. His relationship with his son and his efforts to rebuild their bond add emotional depth to his storyline. Park’s transition from law enforcement to medicine highlights themes of redemption and the search for purpose.

8. Dr. Morgan Reznick

Dr. Morgan Reznick, portrayed by Fiona Gubelmann, is a competitive and ambitious surgical resident. Morgan’s journey in the series is marked by her fierce determination to succeed and her willingness to challenge the status quo. Her rivalry with Claire Browne and her struggle with rheumatoid arthritis are central to her character development. Morgan’s complex personality, oscillating between arrogance and vulnerability, makes her a compelling character. Her decision to switch from surgery to internal medicine after her diagnosis showcases her adaptability and resilience.

9. Dr. Jared Kalu

Dr. Jared Kalu, played by Chuku Modu, is a surgical resident with a strong moral compass and a dedication to his patients. Jared’s journey includes a wrongful termination lawsuit against the hospital, which he wins, highlighting issues of discrimination and justice. His relationship with Claire Browne and his eventual departure to Denver for a prestigious fellowship are significant aspects of his storyline. Jared’s character represents the challenges faced by young doctors in navigating their careers and personal lives.

10. Dr. Carly Lever

Dr. Carly Lever, portrayed by Jasika Nicole, is a pathologist and Shaun’s love interest for part of the series. Carly’s role in the show highlights the importance of pathology in diagnosing and treating patients. Her relationship with Shaun explores themes of intimacy, trust, and the challenges of dating someone with autism. Carly’s compassionate and patient nature makes her a beloved character. Although their relationship eventually ends, Carly’s influence on Shaun’s emotional growth is significant.


“The Good Doctor” offers a rich tapestry of characters, each bringing their unique strengths and challenges to the narrative. The doctors at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital are not only skilled professionals but also individuals with complex personal lives and growth journeys. Their stories resonate with viewers, highlighting the triumphs and tribulations of the medical profession. From Dr. Shaun Murphy’s inspiring journey to Dr. Neil Melendez’s tragic end, these characters leave a lasting impression, making “The Good Doctor” a standout medical drama.

Exploring the top ten doctors in “The Good Doctor” provides a deeper understanding of the show’s appeal and its nuanced portrayal of medicine and humanity. Each character’s evolution reflects broader themes of resilience, compassion, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Through their eyes, we see the profound impact of medicine not only on patients but also on those who dedicate their lives to this noble profession.

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