What Episode Of The Chosen Is Jesus Born?

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“The Chosen,” a groundbreaking television series, has captivated audiences worldwide with its fresh and profound take on the life of Jesus Christ. This series, created by Dallas Jenkins, stands out for its detailed character development, historical accuracy, and the emotional depth it brings to the biblical narratives. For many viewers, a pivotal moment of great anticipation is the birth of Jesus Christ. Understanding when this event occurs within the series is crucial for fans and newcomers alike who wish to fully appreciate the show’s depiction of this momentous event.

The Significance of “The Chosen”

“The Chosen” is unique in its approach to the story of Jesus. Unlike many other portrayals, this series delves deeply into the lives of those who encountered Jesus, providing a multi-faceted view of the era and the people within it. The show’s creators aim to present these biblical figures as real, relatable individuals, each with their own struggles and triumphs.


The series has been praised for its attention to detail and commitment to staying true to the historical and cultural context of the time. This authenticity helps viewers connect with the characters and the story on a deeper level. The show’s success can be attributed to its crowdfunding model, which has allowed for creative freedom and a direct connection with its audience.


When is Jesus Born in “The Chosen”?

The birth of Jesus is a critical moment in Christian theology, marking the incarnation of God as a human being. In “The Chosen,” this event is depicted with care and reverence, emphasizing its spiritual and historical significance.


The birth of Jesus is portrayed in a special episode titled “The Shepherd.” This episode was initially released as a pilot for the series, setting the tone for the storytelling approach that would follow. “The Shepherd” offers a unique perspective on the nativity story, focusing on the shepherds who were among the first to receive the news of Jesus’ birth.

“The Shepherd” – A Pilot Episode

“The Shepherd” is not part of the main seasons of “The Chosen.” Instead, it was created as a short film to give potential viewers and supporters a taste of the series’ vision. The episode introduces viewers to the world of first-century Judea, highlighting the harsh realities and the profound hope brought by Jesus’ arrival.

In “The Shepherd,” the story of Jesus’ birth is told through the eyes of the shepherds, who are often overlooked in traditional nativity scenes. This perspective allows for a fresh and moving depiction of the event, emphasizing the humble circumstances of Jesus’ birth and the profound impact it had on those who witnessed it.

Key Moments in “The Shepherd”

“The Shepherd” begins by introducing viewers to the shepherds, who are living a difficult and marginalized existence. These men, often seen as lowly and unimportant in society, are chosen by God to receive the angelic announcement of Jesus’ birth. This choice underscores a recurring theme in “The Chosen” – the elevation of the humble and the outcast.

The episode captures the awe and wonder experienced by the shepherds as they encounter the angels and hear the news of the Savior’s birth. The portrayal of the angelic visit is both majestic and intimate, conveying the divine significance of the event while also highlighting the personal transformation it brings to the shepherds.

As the shepherds make their way to Bethlehem, viewers are given a glimpse of the simple yet profound scene of Jesus’ birth. The humble surroundings, the presence of Mary and Joseph, and the newborn Jesus in the manger are depicted with reverence and authenticity. This portrayal aligns with the series’ overall commitment to historical accuracy and emotional depth.


The Impact of the Nativity Story in “The Chosen”

The depiction of Jesus’ birth in “The Shepherd” serves as a powerful introduction to the themes and storytelling style of “The Chosen.” By focusing on the shepherds and their transformative encounter with the divine, the episode sets the stage for the series’ exploration of how ordinary people are touched by the extraordinary presence of Jesus.

Emotional Resonance

One of the standout features of “The Chosen” is its ability to evoke strong emotional responses from its audience. “The Shepherd” is no exception. The episode’s portrayal of the nativity story is both moving and relatable, allowing viewers to connect with the characters on a personal level.

The shepherds’ journey from despair to hope mirrors the spiritual journey that many viewers experience. The birth of Jesus is not just a historical event; it is a moment of profound spiritual significance that continues to resonate with people today. By presenting this story through the eyes of relatable characters, “The Chosen” helps viewers to see themselves in the narrative and to feel the impact of Jesus’ arrival in their own lives.

Historical and Cultural Context

“The Chosen” is renowned for its attention to historical and cultural detail. This commitment is evident in “The Shepherd,” where the setting, costumes, and customs are meticulously researched and presented. The episode provides a window into the world of first-century Judea, offering insights into the daily lives of its inhabitants and the societal dynamics at play.

This historical authenticity enhances the viewing experience, making the nativity story feel more real and immediate. By grounding the miraculous event in a tangible reality, “The Chosen” helps viewers to appreciate the significance of Jesus’ birth in a new and profound way.

Theological Implications

The birth of Jesus is a cornerstone of Christian theology, representing the moment when God became incarnate as a human being. “The Shepherd” captures the theological depth of this event, emphasizing both its divine and human aspects.

The episode highlights the humility of Jesus’ birth, born in a manger to a young, humble couple. This setting underscores the message that Jesus came to serve and to elevate the lowly. The shepherds, who are among the first to witness the birth, symbolize the inclusivity of Jesus’ ministry – a ministry that reaches out to the marginalized and the forgotten.

By presenting the nativity story in this way, “The Chosen” invites viewers to reflect on the broader implications of Jesus’ birth. It challenges them to consider how the message of Jesus continues to impact the world today and how they themselves are called to respond to it.

The Broader Narrative of “The Chosen”

While “The Shepherd” provides a poignant depiction of Jesus’ birth, it is just the beginning of the journey that “The Chosen” takes its viewers on. The series continues to explore the life and ministry of Jesus, offering new perspectives on familiar stories and introducing viewers to a wide array of characters who are transformed by their encounters with Jesus.

Character Development

One of the strengths of “The Chosen” is its focus on character development. The series takes time to flesh out the backgrounds and personalities of its characters, making them feel like real, multi-dimensional people. This approach allows viewers to form deep connections with the characters and to understand their motivations and struggles.

In the case of the shepherds in “The Shepherd,” this focus on character development brings new depth to the nativity story. By showing the shepherds’ lives before and after their encounter with Jesus, the episode highlights the transformative power of Jesus’ birth. This theme of transformation is carried forward throughout the series, as other characters experience their own journeys of faith and redemption.

Ongoing Themes

“The Chosen” is known for its exploration of themes such as faith, doubt, love, and sacrifice. These themes are woven throughout the series, providing a rich tapestry of spiritual and moral reflection. “The Shepherd” introduces many of these themes, setting the stage for their further development in subsequent episodes.

The theme of faith is particularly prominent in “The Shepherd.” The shepherds’ willingness to believe the angelic message and to seek out the newborn Jesus is a powerful testament to the strength of their faith. This theme is echoed in the lives of other characters in the series, who face their own tests of faith and find strength in their encounters with Jesus.

Viewer Engagement

“The Chosen” has garnered a dedicated and passionate fanbase, many of whom are deeply engaged with the series’ content and its message. The release of “The Shepherd” as a pilot episode played a crucial role in building this community. The episode’s emotional impact and unique perspective on the nativity story resonated with viewers, encouraging them to support the series and to share it with others.

The show’s creators have also fostered this engagement through various means, including social media interactions, behind-the-scenes content, and special events. This active engagement has helped to create a sense of community among viewers, who feel a personal connection to the series and its message.


The birth of Jesus, as depicted in “The Shepherd,” is a cornerstone of “The Chosen.” This special episode sets the tone for the series, introducing viewers to its unique storytelling approach, its commitment to historical authenticity, and its profound emotional and spiritual depth. By focusing on the shepherds’ perspective, “The Shepherd” offers a fresh and moving portrayal of the nativity story, highlighting the transformative power of Jesus’ birth.

As “The Chosen” continues to unfold, it builds on the themes and characters introduced in “The Shepherd,” offering viewers a rich and nuanced exploration of the life and ministry of Jesus. For fans and newcomers alike, understanding the significance of “The Shepherd” is key to fully appreciating the series and the profound impact it seeks to convey.

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