What Was In The Box That Jesus Opened In The Chosen?

by Barbara

The Chosen, a television drama series that has captured the hearts of millions, presents a unique and compelling portrayal of Jesus Christ and his followers. One of the most intriguing moments in the series occurs when Jesus opens a mysterious box. This scene has sparked significant curiosity and discussion among viewers. In this article, we will delve into the significance of this box, exploring its contents, the context within the series, and the broader historical and theological implications.

The Context of the Scene

The Chosen offers a fresh perspective on the life of Jesus by focusing on the lives of those who encountered him. The series, created by Dallas Jenkins, has been praised for its humanizing portrayal of biblical characters and its attention to historical detail. The moment when Jesus opens the box is a pivotal scene that has left many viewers pondering its deeper meaning.


The scene takes place during a critical juncture in the series. Jesus, portrayed by Jonathan Roumie, is shown engaging with his disciples and followers in a deeply personal and transformative way. The box, which appears in this scene, serves as a symbolic and narrative device, prompting viewers to reflect on its contents and their significance.


What Was in the Box?

While the series does not explicitly state the contents of the box, careful analysis and contextual clues allow us to infer what might have been inside. To understand this, we need to consider the historical and cultural context of the time, the narrative arc of the series, and the theological symbolism often employed in biblical storytelling.


1.Historical Artifacts and Religious Symbols

Given the historical setting of The Chosen, it is plausible that the box contained items of religious or cultural significance. In first-century Judea, boxes or chests were often used to store valuable items, including religious texts, sacred objects, and personal belongings. The box could have contained scrolls of scripture, such as passages from the Torah, which Jesus might have used to teach his followers. Additionally, it might have held items used in Jewish rituals, such as prayer shawls (tallit), phylacteries (tefillin), or ceremonial objects like a menorah.

2.Gifts for Jesus

Another possibility is that the box contained gifts for Jesus. Throughout the Gospels, Jesus is depicted as receiving gifts from those who believed in him or sought his help. For example, the Magi brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the infant Jesus. In The Chosen, the box could symbolically represent the continuation of this tradition, containing offerings from his followers to honor and support his ministry. These gifts could have been practical items, such as food or clothing, or symbolic tokens of faith and devotion.

3.Symbolic Items of Personal Significance

The box might also have contained items of personal significance to Jesus or his disciples. In biblical narratives, personal objects often carry deep symbolic meaning. For example, the staff of Moses, the anointing oil of Samuel, or the cloak of Elijah each played crucial roles in their respective stories. In The Chosen, the box could have held a personal memento or a symbolic item that represented Jesus’ mission and message. This could include a carpenter’s tool, reflecting his earthly trade, or a piece of cloth, symbolizing his humble origins and the humanity he shared with those around him.

The Symbolic and Theological Implications

To fully appreciate the significance of the box and its contents, it is essential to explore the symbolic and theological implications within the narrative of The Chosen and the broader context of Christian theology.

1.Jesus as the Fulfillment of Prophecy

One of the central themes of The Chosen is the portrayal of Jesus as the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies. The contents of the box could serve as a tangible representation of this theme. For instance, if the box contained scrolls of scripture, it would underscore Jesus’ role as the Word made flesh (John 1:14), bringing the ancient prophecies to life. This idea aligns with the series’ emphasis on Jesus’ deep understanding of and engagement with Jewish tradition and scripture.

2.The Kingdom of God

Another key theme in The Chosen is the concept of the Kingdom of God. Throughout the series, Jesus speaks about this kingdom, not as a distant or abstract idea, but as a present and transformative reality. The box and its contents could symbolize the tangible aspects of this kingdom – acts of kindness, objects used in service to others, or symbols of hope and redemption. This interpretation highlights the practical and immediate nature of Jesus’ mission, as depicted in the series.

3.The Humanity of Jesus

The Chosen is notable for its portrayal of Jesus’ humanity. By focusing on his interactions with ordinary people and his responses to everyday situations, the series emphasizes that Jesus shared in the human experience. The box, therefore, could contain items that reflect this humanity – personal belongings or simple gifts from his followers. This approach aligns with the series’ broader goal of making the story of Jesus accessible and relatable to modern audiences.

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Viewer Interpretations and Reactions

The scene in which Jesus opens the box has generated a wide range of interpretations and reactions among viewers. Online forums, social media discussions, and fan theories offer a glimpse into the diverse ways in which audiences have engaged with this moment.

1.A Symbol of Faith and Devotion

Many viewers see the box as a symbol of faith and devotion. For them, the contents are less important than what the box represents – the collective hope, love, and belief of Jesus’ followers. This interpretation resonates with the series’ portrayal of community and the transformative power of faith.

2.A Narrative Device

Others view the box as a clever narrative device, used to create intrigue and deepen the storyline. By not revealing the contents explicitly, the creators of The Chosen invite viewers to use their imagination and personal reflections to fill in the gaps. This open-ended approach encourages active engagement with the series and fosters a deeper connection to its themes.

3.A Reflection of Jesus’ Mission

Some fans interpret the box as a reflection of Jesus’ mission and message. They suggest that the contents symbolize the tools and teachings Jesus used to spread his message of love, forgiveness, and redemption. This view aligns with the series’ emphasis on Jesus’ role as a teacher and healer, who brings hope and transformation to those he encounters.


The mystery of what was in the box that Jesus opened in The Chosen serves as a powerful narrative and symbolic element within the series. While the exact contents of the box are left to the viewer’s imagination, the scene invites us to reflect on the broader themes of faith, devotion, and the transformative power of Jesus’ message. By exploring the historical context, theological implications, and viewer interpretations, we gain a deeper appreciation for this moment and its significance within the rich tapestry of The Chosen.

In the end, the box is more than just a container; it is a symbol of the hope, love, and faith that Jesus inspired in his followers – a testament to the enduring power of his message and the profound impact it continues to have on our lives today. Whether filled with historical artifacts, personal mementos, or symbolic items, the box represents a tangible connection to the past and a beacon of hope for the future, reminding us of the timeless and transformative power of faith.

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