Do Any Animals Get Hurt In John Wick 4?

by Barbara

The John Wick franchise, starring Keanu Reeves, is renowned for its intense action sequences, intricate world-building, and, notably, its deep bond with animals, particularly dogs. From the very first film, where the death of a puppy sets off a relentless revenge saga, animals have held a special place in the narrative. With the release of John Wick 4, fans are naturally concerned about the fate of animals in the latest installment. This article explores whether any animals get hurt in John Wick 4, examines the film’s treatment of animals, and delves into the broader implications of their portrayal.

The Legacy of Animals in John Wick

The John Wick series is deeply intertwined with the theme of animals, especially dogs. The first film opens with John Wick mourning the loss of his wife, Helen. She leaves him a final gift, a puppy named Daisy, to help him cope with his grief. The brutal killing of Daisy by a group of criminals reignites John’s fury and sets the stage for the entire series. This event establishes a strong emotional connection between John Wick and the audience, highlighting the significance of animals in his life.


In the subsequent films, dogs continue to play a crucial role. In John Wick: Chapter 2, John adopts a new dog, who remains unnamed but becomes his loyal companion. This dog accompanies John throughout his violent journey, symbolizing a beacon of hope and a reminder of his humanity amidst the chaos. The presence of these dogs reinforces the notion that John’s actions are driven not just by revenge, but also by love and a desire to protect the innocent.


Animal Welfare in John Wick 4

As the franchise progresses, the treatment of animals remains a key concern for both filmmakers and audiences. John Wick 4 maintains this tradition, ensuring that animals are portrayed with care and respect. Director Chad Stahelski and his team are known for their meticulous attention to detail, and this extends to the depiction of animals on screen.


In John Wick 4, no animals are harmed. The film continues to uphold the principle that while the human characters engage in brutal combat, animals are spared from violence. This approach not only aligns with the ethical standards of modern filmmaking but also resonates with the audience’s attachment to John’s canine companions.


Behind the Scenes: Ensuring Animal Safety

The production of John Wick 4 involved extensive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of the animals featured in the film. Professional animal trainers and handlers were present on set to supervise the animals’ activities and ensure they were treated with the utmost care. The use of CGI (computer-generated imagery) and practical effects also helped to create realistic scenes without putting any animals in harm’s way.

For instance, in action sequences where dogs are involved, trained stunt dogs performed the required actions under controlled conditions. These dogs are specially trained for film work and are accustomed to the demands of a movie set. Their trainers work closely with the filmmakers to choreograph scenes that appear intense and dynamic while ensuring the dogs’ safety.

Additionally, the filmmakers consulted with animal welfare organizations to adhere to industry standards and guidelines. This collaboration ensured that all scenes involving animals were conducted ethically and responsibly.

The Role of Dogs in John Wick 4

In John Wick 4, dogs continue to play a significant role, both thematically and narratively. John’s bond with his dog symbolizes his connection to his past and his enduring humanity. The dog serves as a reminder of the love and loss that drive his actions, grounding him amidst the relentless violence.

The film also introduces new canine characters, adding depth to the story. These dogs are not mere side characters; they are integral to the plot and contribute to the development of key themes. The filmmakers have crafted these characters with care, ensuring they are portrayed as intelligent and capable beings rather than mere accessories.

Symbolism and Emotional Impact

The inclusion of animals, particularly dogs, in the John Wick series goes beyond mere plot devices. They serve as powerful symbols of loyalty, love, and resilience. John’s relationship with his dogs mirrors his own struggle for redemption and his quest to find meaning in a world filled with violence.

In John Wick 4, the presence of dogs continues to evoke strong emotional responses from the audience. The filmmakers understand the profound impact that animals can have on viewers and use this to deepen the narrative. The dogs are not just companions; they are symbols of hope and reminders of what John is fighting to protect.

Ethical Considerations in Filmmaking

The ethical treatment of animals in film has become an increasingly important issue in the entertainment industry. Audiences today are more aware and concerned about animal welfare, and filmmakers must respond to these concerns. The John Wick series has set a positive example by prioritizing the safety and well-being of animals on set.

In addition to adhering to industry standards, the filmmakers have taken extra steps to ensure that the portrayal of animals is both realistic and respectful. This includes using visual effects to enhance scenes without compromising the animals’ welfare. By doing so, the John Wick series has gained the trust and admiration of viewers who value the ethical treatment of animals.

The Impact of John Wick on Animal Advocacy

The John Wick franchise has had a notable impact on animal advocacy. The films have raised awareness about the emotional bond between humans and animals and have highlighted the importance of protecting animals from harm. This has inspired discussions about animal rights and welfare, encouraging viewers to consider the ethical treatment of animals in their own lives.

Moreover, the positive portrayal of dogs in the John Wick series has led to increased interest in dog adoption and rescue. Fans of the franchise have been motivated to adopt dogs from shelters, recognizing the value of providing loving homes for animals in need. The films have thus contributed to a broader cultural shift towards greater compassion and empathy for animals.


John Wick 4 continues the franchise’s tradition of portraying animals with care and respect. No animals are harmed in the film, and the filmmakers have taken extensive measures to ensure their safety. This commitment to animal welfare is evident both on and off the screen, reinforcing the series’ ethical standards.

The inclusion of dogs in John Wick 4 not only enhances the narrative but also serves as a powerful reminder of the themes of loyalty, love, and resilience. The emotional connection between John and his dogs resonates deeply with audiences, highlighting the importance of animals in our lives.

As the John Wick series progresses, it remains a shining example of how action films can combine thrilling storytelling with ethical filmmaking practices. By prioritizing the well-being of animals, the franchise has earned the admiration and respect of viewers worldwide. In doing so, it has also contributed to a broader cultural appreciation for the bond between humans and animals, inspiring positive change in the real world.

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