Is John Wick On Disney Plus?

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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital streaming, the availability of popular films on various platforms is a significant concern for movie enthusiasts. One such film series that has garnered immense popularity is the “John Wick” franchise. Known for its intense action sequences, intricate plotlines, and the charismatic performance of Keanu Reeves, “John Wick” has become a household name. Fans of the series often find themselves asking: “Is John Wick on Disney Plus?” This article delves into the availability of the “John Wick” movies on Disney Plus, explores the broader context of streaming rights, and provides alternative options for viewers looking to watch this iconic franchise.

The John Wick Phenomenon

Before addressing the specific question of availability, it’s essential to understand the impact and appeal of the “John Wick” series. The first film, released in 2014, introduced audiences to John Wick, a retired hitman seeking vengeance for the death of his beloved dog, a final gift from his deceased wife. Directed by Chad Stahelski and written by Derek Kolstad, the film was praised for its stylish action choreography, Reeves’ dedicated performance, and its unique take on the revenge genre.


The success of the first film led to the creation of two sequels, “John Wick: Chapter 2” (2017) and “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” (2019), each expanding the universe and delving deeper into the lore of the shadowy organization known as the High Table. The franchise has also announced future installments, including “John Wick: Chapter 4” and a spin-off titled “Ballerina,” further cementing its place in popular culture.


Disney Plus and Its Content Strategy

Disney Plus, launched in November 2019, has quickly become one of the leading streaming services globally. Known for its extensive library of Disney classics, Pixar animations, Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Star Wars franchise, and National Geographic content, Disney Plus caters to a broad audience. The platform’s strategy revolves around leveraging its vast catalog of family-friendly and blockbuster content, making it a go-to service for viewers of all ages.


Disney Plus also differentiates itself by producing exclusive content, such as “The Mandalorian” and Marvel series like “WandaVision” and “Loki.” This approach not only attracts subscribers but also keeps them engaged with a steady stream of new releases and original programming.

Is John Wick on Disney Plus?

To answer the burning question: “Is John Wick on Disney Plus?” – the straightforward answer is no. As of the time of writing, the “John Wick” movies are not available on Disney Plus. This absence is primarily due to the nature of the franchise and the strategic content decisions made by Disney.

Understanding Streaming Rights and Distribution

The availability of films and TV shows on streaming platforms is governed by complex agreements involving streaming rights and distribution deals. These agreements determine where and when a piece of content can be shown. Several factors influence these decisions, including:

Ownership and Licensing: The “John Wick” series is produced by Lionsgate, an independent film studio. Disney Plus primarily features content owned by The Walt Disney Company and its subsidiaries. Since Lionsgate is not under the Disney umbrella, the “John Wick” movies would require a licensing agreement between Disney and Lionsgate, which, as of now, does not exist.

Content Fit: Disney Plus focuses on family-friendly and broadly appealing content. The “John Wick” films, known for their graphic violence and mature themes, do not align with the family-oriented brand image that Disney Plus upholds.

Exclusive Deals: Streaming services often enter exclusive distribution deals to attract subscribers. For instance, Lionsgate may have agreements with other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or Netflix, which preclude the availability of “John Wick” on Disney Plus.

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Alternative Platforms to Watch John Wick

While “John Wick” is not available on Disney Plus, there are several other platforms where fans can watch the franchise. Here are some popular options:

Amazon Prime Video: The “John Wick” movies are frequently available for rental or purchase on Amazon Prime Video. Prime members may also find the films included in their subscription at various times.

Netflix: Depending on regional licensing agreements, “John Wick” films may be available on Netflix in certain countries. Netflix’s extensive catalog and international reach make it a viable option for many viewers.

Hulu: Like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu often features the “John Wick” series for streaming. This availability can vary, so checking Hulu’s current library is recommended.

Peacock: NBCUniversal’s streaming service, Peacock, occasionally includes the “John Wick” movies as part of its offerings. Peacock’s content is diverse, including films, TV shows, and original programming.

Lionsgate’s Own Platforms: Lionsgate has its own streaming service, Lionsgate Play, available in select regions. This platform offers a direct way to access Lionsgate’s library, including the “John Wick” series.

Rental and Purchase: Digital platforms like iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu allow users to rent or buy the “John Wick” films. This option provides flexibility in terms of viewing time and device compatibility.

The Broader Implications of Streaming Rights

The absence of “John Wick” on Disney Plus highlights broader trends and challenges in the streaming industry. As more players enter the market, competition for exclusive content and subscriber retention intensifies. This environment leads to complex negotiations and strategic decisions by content creators and distributors.

Exclusive Content Wars: Streaming services vie for exclusive rights to popular content to differentiate themselves. For example, Disney Plus focuses heavily on its Marvel and Star Wars franchises, while Netflix invests in original content like “Stranger Things” and “The Witcher.”

Fragmentation of Content: The proliferation of streaming services can lead to content fragmentation, where viewers need multiple subscriptions to access their favorite shows and movies. This fragmentation can be frustrating for consumers who prefer a more consolidated viewing experience.

Content Portability: Regional licensing agreements mean that the availability of certain films and TV shows can vary by country. This variability impacts global audiences and highlights the need for services that offer broad accessibility.

Impact on Traditional Media: The rise of streaming has significantly impacted traditional media, including cable TV and physical media sales. As more consumers cut the cord and shift to streaming, traditional media companies must adapt to changing consumption habits.

Future Prospects for John Wick and Streaming Platforms

The future of the “John Wick” franchise and its availability on streaming platforms will continue to evolve. As Lionsgate develops new installments and spin-offs, the demand for the series will remain high. Here are some potential developments to watch for:

New Distribution Deals: Lionsgate may enter new distribution agreements that could bring “John Wick” to different streaming platforms, including potential temporary availability on Disney Plus through special deals.

Lionsgate’s Streaming Strategy: Lionsgate may strengthen its own streaming service, Lionsgate Play, making it a primary destination for its content, including “John Wick.” This strategy would align with the broader industry trend of content creators launching their own platforms.

Expanding Franchise Universe: The “John Wick” universe is expanding with spin-offs like “Ballerina” and a TV series titled “The Continental.” These new entries could bring renewed attention to the original films and influence their streaming availability.

Consumer Demand: Viewer demand plays a crucial role in content availability. If enough interest is expressed, platforms may pursue licensing agreements to include popular franchises like “John Wick” in their libraries.


In conclusion, while “John Wick” is not available on Disney Plus, fans of the franchise have several alternative streaming options. The intricate world of streaming rights and distribution explains why certain content appears on specific platforms. As the digital streaming landscape continues to evolve, viewers can expect shifts in content availability based on new deals and strategic decisions by content creators and streaming services. For now, platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and others provide ample opportunities for audiences to enjoy the action-packed adventures of John Wick.

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