Best 5 Places To Find The Chosen Season 3

by Barbara

As streaming platforms continue to dominate the entertainment landscape, viewers are increasingly spoiled for choice when it comes to finding compelling content. One such series that has captured the attention of audiences worldwide is “The Chosen.” Created by Dallas Jenkins, “The Chosen” is a groundbreaking portrayal of the life of Jesus Christ and his disciples, offering a fresh perspective and a deeply human portrayal of familiar biblical characters.

With the release of Season 3 of “The Chosen,” anticipation is high among fans eager to continue following the journey of Jesus and his followers. However, finding where to watch Season 3 can sometimes be challenging due to the series’ unique distribution model. Here, we explore the five best places where viewers can find “The Chosen” Season 3, ensuring they don’t miss a moment of this compelling series.


1. The Chosen App

The most direct and immersive way to experience “The Chosen” Season 3 is through The Chosen App itself. Launched by VidAngel Studios, the app allows users to stream all episodes of the series, including Season 3, directly to their mobile devices or smart TVs. This platform was specifically designed to enhance viewer engagement, offering exclusive content, behind-the-scenes footage, and the ability to connect with other fans through special features like live chats during episodes.


The Chosen App operates on a pay-it-forward model, where viewers have the option to pay what they can to support the production of future episodes. This unique approach has resonated with audiences, allowing them to feel directly involved in the continuation of the series while enjoying a seamless viewing experience.


2. Streaming Platforms

For those who prefer to watch “The Chosen” on mainstream streaming platforms, Season 3 is also available on several major services. Platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Google Play Movies & TV offer the option to purchase or rent individual episodes or the entire season. This flexibility allows viewers to choose how they want to experience the series, whether through digital rentals or permanent downloads for offline viewing.

Streaming “The Chosen” on these platforms provides a convenient option for viewers who may already have subscriptions or credits on these services, making it easier to integrate the series into their existing viewing habits.

3. DVD and Blu-ray

For fans who prefer physical media or want to own a copy of “The Chosen” Season 3 for their collection, DVDs and Blu-rays are available for purchase. These discs not only contain all episodes of the season but also include bonus features such as interviews with the cast and crew, deleted scenes, and exclusive commentary from Dallas Jenkins.

DVD and Blu-ray releases offer the highest quality viewing experience with crisp HD visuals and immersive sound, making them ideal for fans who want to enjoy “The Chosen” without relying on internet connectivity or streaming services. They also make great gifts for friends or family members who share a passion for the series.

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4. International Distribution Partners

“The Chosen” has garnered a global fan base, and international viewers can also enjoy Season 3 through various distribution partners. These partners ensure that the series is accessible in multiple countries and languages, allowing a diverse audience to experience the powerful storytelling and universal themes depicted in the show.

By partnering with local broadcasters, streaming platforms, or distribution networks, “The Chosen” continues to reach new audiences worldwide, expanding its impact and relevance across different cultures and communities.

5. Events and Screenings

In addition to digital platforms and physical media, fans of “The Chosen” can experience Season 3 through special events and screenings organized by the creators and local communities. These events often include exclusive screenings of new episodes, behind-the-scenes insights from the cast and crew, and opportunities to connect with fellow fans in a shared viewing environment.

Events can range from small, intimate gatherings hosted by churches or community groups to larger-scale screenings organized by The Chosen team themselves. These events not only enhance the viewing experience but also foster a sense of community and camaraderie among fans who share a passion for the series’ message and impact.


In conclusion, “The Chosen” Season 3 offers viewers a captivating continuation of the series’ compelling narrative and character development. By exploring the aforementioned platforms and options, fans can ensure they have access to this transformative series wherever and however they prefer to watch. Whether through the innovative Chosen App, mainstream streaming services, physical media, international distribution partners, or community events, viewers can immerse themselves in the timeless story of Jesus and his disciples, experiencing firsthand the power of faith, redemption, and the enduring message of hope.

By embracing these diverse viewing options, audiences worldwide can join together in celebrating and sharing the profound impact of “The Chosen” Season 3.

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