Best 5 Places To Watch John Wick 4 In Australia

by Barbara

As anticipation builds for the release of John Wick 4, fans around the globe are gearing up to witness the next chapter in the high-octane saga of the legendary hitman portrayed by Keanu Reeves. For Australian audiences, the experience is amplified by the diverse and cutting-edge cinemas across the country. This article highlights the top five venues where you can immerse yourself in the action-packed world of John Wick 4, ensuring a memorable and exhilarating viewing experience.

1. Event Cinemas, George Street, Sydney

Event Cinemas on George Street is a premier destination for moviegoers in Sydney. Renowned for its state-of-the-art technology and luxurious seating, this cinema provides an unparalleled viewing experience.


Location and Accessibility

Located in the heart of Sydney, Event Cinemas on George Street is easily accessible by public transport, including trains and buses. The central location also means that there are plenty of dining and entertainment options nearby, making it an ideal spot for a full day out.


Features and Amenities

Event Cinemas George Street boasts several impressive features:


Vmax Theatres: With giant screens, surround sound, and luxurious seating, Vmax theaters offer an immersive experience perfect for the high-stakes action of John Wick 4.

Gold Class: For a more opulent experience, Gold Class provides recliner seating, personal wait service, and an exclusive lounge where you can enjoy gourmet food and beverages before the movie.

4DX: If you want to feel every punch and explosion, the 4DX experience includes motion seats, environmental effects like wind and scents, and synchronized lighting to make you feel like you’re part of the action.

Why Choose Event Cinemas, George Street?

The combination of cutting-edge technology, luxury options, and a central location makes Event Cinemas on George Street a top choice for watching John Wick 4. Whether you prefer the grandiosity of Vmax, the exclusivity of Gold Class, or the immersive thrill of 4DX, this cinema caters to every preference.

2. Hoyts Cinema, Chadstone, Melbourne

Hoyts Chadstone offers a premium cinematic experience in Melbourne, housed within one of the largest shopping centers in the Southern Hemisphere.

Location and Accessibility

Located in the Chadstone Shopping Centre, Hoyts Chadstone is easily accessible via public transport, including trains and buses, with ample parking available for those driving. The cinema’s location within the shopping center means you can combine your movie outing with shopping and dining.

Features and Amenities

Hoyts Chadstone is equipped with several standout features:

Xtremescreen: This auditorium features an expansive screen, powerful sound system, and high-resolution projection, making it ideal for the visually stunning and action-packed John Wick 4.

Lux: For those seeking an elevated experience, Hoyts Lux offers plush reclining seats, a gourmet menu, and in-seat service, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience.

Dolby Atmos: The advanced sound system in Dolby Atmos theaters provides a multi-dimensional audio experience that perfectly complements the intense action sequences in John Wick 4.

Why Choose Hoyts Cinema, Chadstone?

Hoyts Chadstone is a prime choice for its combination of advanced technology, luxurious amenities, and convenient location. Whether you’re there for the shopping, dining, or the exceptional cinematic experience, Hoyts Chadstone promises to deliver an unforgettable viewing of John Wick 4.

3. Palace Electric Cinema, Canberra

Palace Electric Cinema in Canberra offers a sophisticated and intimate movie-going experience, perfect for fans looking to enjoy John Wick 4 in style.

Location and Accessibility

Situated in the cultural precinct of New Acton, Palace Electric Cinema is easily reachable by public transport and offers ample parking facilities. The cinema is surrounded by a variety of cafes, restaurants, and bars, making it a great spot for a night out.

Features and Amenities

Palace Electric Cinema is known for its elegant atmosphere and high-quality service:

Boutique Setting: The cinema’s smaller, more intimate screening rooms provide a cozy and exclusive feel.

Licensed Bar: Enjoy a drink from the well-stocked bar before or after the movie. The selection of fine wines, craft beers, and cocktails adds a touch of class to your evening.

Gourmet Snacks: In addition to traditional movie snacks, Palace Electric offers a range of gourmet options, including cheese platters and antipasto.

Why Choose Palace Electric Cinema, Canberra?

For a more refined and intimate cinema experience, Palace Electric Cinema is an excellent choice. The combination of a boutique atmosphere, quality refreshments, and a convenient location ensures a memorable viewing of John Wick 4.

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4. Moonlight Cinema, Sydney

For a unique and unforgettable movie experience, Moonlight Cinema in Sydney provides the opportunity to watch John Wick 4 under the stars.

Location and Accessibility

Located in Centennial Park, Moonlight Cinema is easily accessible by public transport and offers plenty of parking options. The park setting adds a touch of natural beauty to your cinematic experience.

Features and Amenities

Moonlight Cinema offers a range of amenities to enhance your outdoor movie experience:

BYO Picnic: Bring your own picnic and enjoy a meal under the stars. The relaxed atmosphere is perfect for a casual and enjoyable night out.

Food and Drink Stalls: If you prefer to purchase food on-site, a variety of food stalls offer everything from classic movie snacks to gourmet options.

Comfortable Seating: Hire a bean bed or bring your own blanket for a comfortable and laid-back viewing experience.

Why Choose Moonlight Cinema, Sydney?

Moonlight Cinema offers a truly unique movie-going experience, combining the thrill of John Wick 4 with the charm of an outdoor setting. It’s perfect for those looking to enjoy the action in a more relaxed and scenic environment.

5. Village Cinemas, Crown, Melbourne

Village Cinemas at Crown Melbourne is another top-tier choice for watching John Wick 4, offering a luxurious and technologically advanced viewing experience.

Location and Accessibility

Located within the Crown Entertainment Complex, Village Cinemas Crown is easily accessible by public transport and offers plenty of parking. The location also provides numerous dining and entertainment options, making it an excellent choice for a full night out.

Features and Amenities

Village Cinemas Crown boasts several high-end features:

Vpremium: Offering a more exclusive experience, Vpremium includes luxurious seating, a refined menu, and personal wait service.

Vmax: With massive screens, powerful sound systems, and spacious seating, Vmax theaters provide an immersive experience ideal for action-packed films like John Wick 4.

Gold Class: For the ultimate in luxury, Gold Class provides recliner seating, gourmet food, and beverages delivered to your seat, and an exclusive lounge area.

Why Choose Village Cinemas, Crown?

Village Cinemas Crown combines luxury, advanced technology, and a prime location to offer one of the best movie-going experiences in Melbourne. Whether you opt for the grandeur of Vmax or the exclusivity of Gold Class, you’re guaranteed a top-tier viewing of John Wick 4.


Watching John Wick 4 is an event that deserves the best cinematic experience possible. From the cutting-edge technology and luxury of Event Cinemas George Street and Village Cinemas Crown to the unique charm of Moonlight Cinema, these top five theaters in Australia offer diverse and exceptional ways to enjoy this highly anticipated film. Whether you prefer the grandiosity of high-tech screens, the comfort of luxurious seating, or the novelty of outdoor viewing, each of these cinemas promises to enhance your John Wick 4 experience, making it truly unforgettable. So, gather your friends, book your tickets, and get ready for an action-packed cinematic adventure.

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