Reed Richards Shines as a Hero in Latest Fantastic Four Issue

by Barbara

Reed Richards, a polarizing figure in the Marvel universe, often teeters between savior and potential harbinger of doom. Despite his complex persona, the latest issue of Fantastic Four (2022) highlights his exemplary heroic traits, reminding readers why he is such a compelling character.

Issue #21 begins on a seemingly ordinary note, with Reed and Alicia Masters embarking on a day trip to New York City. Their plan includes retrieving items from the Baxter Building and visiting the Museum of Modern Art. However, their outing takes a dramatic turn when the Blood Hunt descends upon the city, enveloping the pair in a swarm of vampires.


Throughout the ensuing chaos, Reed and Alicia work together to protect civilians from the vampire threat. Reed’s heroism is on full display as he deftly uses his powers to repel the attackers, employs his brilliant intellect to devise strategies for safeguarding everyone in the museum, and consistently keeps Alicia, who is blind, informed about the unfolding situation.


This issue serves as a testament to Reed Richards’ ingenuity, bravery, and unwavering commitment to those around him, reinforcing his status as a cornerstone of the Fantastic Four and a hero in the Marvel universe.


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