The Chosen Season 4: Why Herodias Ordered John The Baptist’s Death

by Barbara

With the release of The Chosen Season 4 now available for streaming, viewers are left pondering the motivations behind Herodias’s call for the death of a major character.

Season 4 faced challenges following its theatrical release due to a legal dispute with Angel Studios. However, the issue has been resolved, and fans can now enjoy the entire season on the app.


The season premiere stunned audiences with the unexpected death of John the Baptist, played by David Amito, who was executed by Herod Antipas. Despite John’s significant role, his abrupt demise left many questioning the circumstances leading to this event.


In the opening episode, Herodias, wife of Herod, is seen training her daughter, Salome, to dance. While the activity appeared innocent, it concealed a darker intention. Herodias planned to use Salome’s performance to manipulate Herod.


Herodias knew that a flawless dance would captivate Herod, who, in his intoxicated state, would promise Salome anything she desired. At this juncture, both in the show and historically, Herodias harbored deep resentment towards John the Baptist for his vocal condemnation of her marriage to Herod.

Herodias had previously been married to Herod’s brother, Philip. After divorcing Philip, she married Herod, a union John publicly denounced as unlawful under Mosaic law. Herodias wanted John dead, but Herod, fearing repercussions from killing a revered religious figure, resisted her demands.

The narrative in both the Bible and The Chosen depicts Salome’s dance enchanting Herod, leading him to offer her any wish. Prompted by her mother, Salome requested John the Baptist’s head. Herod, despite his reluctance, consented. John was subsequently beheaded, and his severed head was presented to Herodias on a platter.

In a poignant moment before his execution, John is shown expressing gratitude to God, anticipating his place at the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. This scene adds emotional depth to his character’s departure.

The episode concludes with Jesus being informed of John the Baptist’s death, a moment that profoundly affects him, given their close familial bond as first cousins.

The Chosen Season 4 masterfully intertwines biblical events with dramatic storytelling, offering a compelling portrayal of John the Baptist’s tragic end.

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