Totally Killer: A Parents’ Guide to the ’80s Horror-Comedy

by Barbara

“Totally Killer” is a unique blend of dark comedy and horror, set against the backdrop of the ’80s and filled with nods to the Halloween franchise. While it offers a mix of humor and horror, parents might wonder if it’s suitable for their children. In this guide, we’ll break down what you need to know about “Totally Killer” to help you decide whether it’s a movie you should watch with your family.

A Dark Comedy Horror with ’80s Vibes

“Totally Killer” takes audiences on a nostalgia trip to the ’80s, immersing them in a world of neon lights, retro fashion, and a soundtrack that pays homage to the era. It masterfully combines elements of dark comedy with the horror genre, creating a viewing experience that is as entertaining as it is unique. The horror aspects of the film are present, including jump scares and gore, but they are handled with a sense of fun and playfulness rather than trying to terrify the audience. The film leans heavily into humor and ’80s references, making it a quirky and enjoyable watch for those who appreciate both comedy and horror in a nostalgic package.


The ’80s atmosphere in “Totally Killer” is not just a backdrop; it’s an integral part of the film’s identity. From the fashion choices to the music selection, every detail is carefully crafted to transport viewers to that iconic decade. This nostalgia factor can be a major draw for both adults who lived through the ’80s and younger audiences who are curious about the era’s cultural nuances. While the horror elements are present, they are interwoven with the humor and ’80s aesthetics, creating an experience that is more reminiscent of classics like “The Monster Squad” than a truly terrifying horror film.


An R-Rating and Its Implications

Despite featuring teenage characters at its center, “Totally Killer” bears an R-rating, indicating that it is not intended for children or younger teenagers. This rating is attributed to several factors that parents should be aware of. The film includes scenes of violence, some of which can be graphic, as well as strong language throughout. Additionally, there are instances of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and themes of racism and sexism that may be disturbing or confusing for younger viewers. Parents should consider these elements when deciding whether the film is appropriate for their teenagers and whether they are comfortable with the content.


The R-rating carries important implications for parental guidance. It signifies that “Totally Killer” is intended for mature audiences who can navigate its themes and content responsibly. Parents should be aware that the film’s content may not align with what is typically expected from teen-centric movies. Rather than portraying an idealized version of adolescence, “Totally Killer” explores darker and more mature themes that might not be suitable for all teenagers. As such, parents should exercise discretion and consider their teenager’s maturity level and sensitivity to the content when deciding whether to watch the film together.

Themes That May Require Further Context

“Totally Killer” is not just about ’80s nostalgia and horror-comedy; it also delves into complex themes, including racism and sexism. These themes are not presented in a gratuitous or exploitative manner but are woven into the fabric of the story. However, they may require additional context and discussion, especially for younger viewers who may not have a full understanding of these issues. Parents should be prepared to engage in conversations about these topics with their teenagers if they choose to watch the film together. It can be an opportunity to discuss the historical context of the ’80s and how these themes are portrayed in the film, fostering critical thinking and awareness.

“Totally Killer” uses its ’80s setting to explore deeper issues related to societal norms and cultural attitudes of that time. The film serves as a reminder of how far we have come in addressing these issues while also highlighting that there is still work to be done. Parents who choose to watch the film with their teenagers can use it as a starting point for discussions about history, progress, and the importance of recognizing and challenging harmful attitudes and behaviors.

Recommended Age: 15 and Older

Common Sense Media recommends “Totally Killer” for viewers aged 15 and older, aligning with the film’s R-rating and content. This recommendation underscores the film’s mature themes and the presence of sexual content and violence. While teenagers in this age group may be more equipped to navigate and understand the film’s content, parents should still use their discretion and consider their teenager’s individual sensitivities and maturity level when deciding whether to watch the film together.

The recommendation from Common Sense Media is a useful guideline for parents looking to determine whether “Totally Killer” is appropriate for their teenagers. It acknowledges that the film contains elements that may not be suitable for younger viewers and emphasizes the importance of age-appropriate content. Ultimately, the decision to watch the film should be based on a combination of the film’s rating, the recommended age, and the parent’s judgment of their teenager’s readiness to engage with the content.


“Totally Killer” offers a unique blend of ’80s nostalgia, dark comedy, and horror elements. While it may not be excessively terrifying, it does contain jump scares and gore. Parents should take into consideration the film’s R-rating, which is a result of violence, language, sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and exploration of themes like racism and sexism. Ultimately, whether or not “Totally Killer” is suitable for your teenager depends on their maturity level and your comfort with the content. It’s a film that can provide an entertaining trip down memory lane for adults but may require thoughtful consideration before viewing with younger audiences.


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