Joe Jonas Embraces Love and Unity During Jonas Brothers’ L.A. Concert

by Barbara

Joe Jonas, amidst a whirlwind week, took a heartfelt moment on stage during the Jonas Brothers’ concert in Los Angeles to emphasize love and unity, rather than addressing his divorce from Sophie Turner.

Despite the couple’s recent joint statement on social media confirming their divorce, the Jonas Brothers musician had remained tight-lipped about the specifics of his separation from the former Game of Thrones star. However, during their performance at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium, Joe Jonas chose to share a message of love with the crowd, including EW reporters.


Just before launching into “Hesitate,” a song inspired by his deep affection for Turner, Jonas expressed, “It’s been a whirlwind week.”


He went on, saying, “I want to convey this: if you don’t hear it directly from me, please don’t believe it. Thank you all for your incredible love and support. My family and I cherish you.”


These remarks followed Jonas’ recent filing for divorce from Turner, citing that “the marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken.” The couple, who were married for four years and have two daughters, had purchased a home in Miami in 2022, which they sold earlier this year.

In their official joint statement on social media, Turner and Jonas announced, “After four remarkable years of marriage, we have collectively chosen to gracefully conclude our union.”

In response to various speculations, they added, “While there are numerous conjectures regarding the reasons, this is genuinely a mutual decision, and we sincerely request that everyone respects our plea for privacy for ourselves and our children.”

Following his message of love and unity, Jonas performed the emotionally charged ballad “Hesitate,” a song he had penned for Turner in the lead-up to their 2019 wedding.

He shared its significance in the 2020 Jonas Brothers documentary, “Chasing Happiness,” stating, “It’s like my vows before I wrote my vows. It’s my promise to Sophie.”

Jonas concluded, “For me, it transports me to an entirely different realm. I see her walking down the aisle again every time I close my eyes.”

As the Jonas Brothers continue their global tour, Joe Jonas took this moment to emphasize the importance of love and unity, rather than delving into the intricacies of his personal life.


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