Exploring the Most Powerful Children of the Hulk

by Barbara

One of Marvel’s most iconic superheroes, the Hulk, has fathered many children throughout comic history. Some of his progeny fight alongside him with benevolence and goodwill, while others become antagonistic forces threatening entire universes. The Hulk’s internal struggles are often mirrored in his children, making their stories as compelling as his own. This article explores the most powerful children of the Hulk in Marvel history, examining their origins, powers, and impact on the Marvel Universe.

10. Bruce Willis Sylvester Chan: Hulk’s Future Son

Introduced in “Abominations #3,” Bruce Willis Sylvester Chan is a son of either a time-displaced Hulk from the main Marvel Universe or his future Maestro form. Betty-6, on the run from Abomination, traveled back in time to New York City’s tunnels while pregnant. The story concludes with Betty surviving to deliver Bruce, named after action movie heroes. Despite his potential, Bruce Chan’s story ends with his infancy, leaving his full powers unexplored, making him one of the weaker Hulk children.


9. Thaddeus and Rick: Maestro’s Future Sons

Thaddeus and Rick are the sons of Bruce and Betty Banner in the Earth-9200 timeline, introduced in “Maestro #1.” In this alternate reality, Hulk becomes a tyrant called Maestro, ruling over one of Earth’s last cities. Thaddeus and Rick, appearing briefly as an illusion, die alongside their mother in a nuclear apocalypse, leaving their powers largely unknown.


8. The Hulk Gang: Offspring of Bruce and She-Hulk

In the dystopian Earth-807128, introduced in “Wolverine #66,” Hulk fathers a gang of children with his cousin, She-Hulk. Known as the Hulk Gang, these raiders inherit some of Hulk’s gamma power but lack his intelligence. After killing Logan’s family, Old Man Logan massacres the Hulk Gang, highlighting their physical strength but intellectual shortcomings.


7. Billy-Bob Banner: The Lone Survivor of the Hulk Gang

Billy-Bob Banner stands out as the only surviving member of the Hulk Gang. Absent during Logan’s massacre due to a mundane errand, Billy-Bob later witnesses Logan’s dramatic resurrection. His survival and quick thinking make him more enduring than his siblings, ultimately contributing to Logan’s iconic appearance.

6. Scorpion: Hulk’s Daughter with Monica Rappaccini

Carmilla Black, also known as Scorpion, is suggested to be Bruce Banner’s daughter with Monica Rappaccini. Debuting in “Amazing Fantasy (Vol. 2) #7,” Scorpion possesses immunity to toxins, toxic absorption, and power-neutralizing abilities. Her skills as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent further enhance her formidable presence in the Marvel Universe.

5. Cambria Banner: A Strong Hulk Gang Member

Cambria Banner, from the “Old Man Logan” series, emerges as a formidable member of the Hulk Gang. Raising young Hulks transported to the main Marvel Universe, Cambria’s full Hulk abilities make her a significant threat. Her collaboration with Logan and Hawkeye to defeat Maestro showcases her superior strength and teamwork.

4. Lyra: The Future She-Hulk

Lyra, the daughter of Hulk and Thundra from an alternate future, presents a unique take on the Hulk character. Introduced in “Hulk: Raging Thunder #1,” Lyra becomes weaker as she gets angrier, a paradoxical twist on the traditional Hulk. Trained in martial arts and capable of meditation to enhance her strength, Lyra combines physical power with mental discipline.

3. Bruce Jr.: The Sole Survivor of the Hulk Gang

In the “Old Man Logan” series, Bruce Jr. is the only Hulk Gang member spared by Wolverine. Growing up as his reality’s only Hulk, Bruce Jr. joins the Avengers of the Wasteland and defeats Galactus. His combination of gamma power and intelligence makes him a formidable hero.

2. Skaar: The Son of Hulk and Caiera

Skaar, the son of Hulk and Caiera from Planet Sakaar, possesses superhuman strength and stamina. Introduced in “World War Hulk #5,” Skaar’s Old Power allows him to manipulate planets. Despite his struggles to connect with his estranged father, Skaar’s heroic nature and cosmic abilities make him one of Hulk’s most powerful children.

1. Hiro-Kala: The Most Powerful Son of Hulk

Hiro-Kala, introduced in “Skaar: Son of Hulk #2,” is the strongest of Hulk’s children. Combining the Old Power with the Power Cosmic, Hiro-Kala wields the New Power, capable of enslaving Galactus. His transformation into Hulk form, driven by love rather than rage, threatens the universe, solidifying his status as the most powerful offspring of the Hulk.

Through different timelines and universes, Hulk’s children exhibit a wide range of abilities and personalities. From the dystopian future of Old Man Logan to the cosmic realms of Planet Sakaar, these progeny continue to shape the Marvel Universe with their incredible powers and compelling stories.

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