5 Reasons Why Drago Is In Creed 3

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The “Creed” series has successfully revived the legendary “Rocky” franchise, bringing fresh faces and stories while honoring its rich history. One of the most intriguing aspects of “Creed 3” is the return of Viktor Drago, a character with deep ties to the series’ past. Here, we explore the five main reasons why Drago’s inclusion is significant and how it impacts the narrative.

1. Continuing the Legacy of the Rocky Franchise

Honoring the Original Films

The “Rocky” franchise is known for its memorable characters and dramatic rivalries. By including Viktor Drago in “Creed 3,” the filmmakers pay homage to this legacy. Drago’s father, Ivan Drago, played a pivotal role in “Rocky IV,” where he was the antagonist to Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa. This connection between the old and new generations adds depth to the storyline.


Building on Previous Storylines

In “Creed II,” Viktor Drago was introduced as Adonis Creed’s formidable opponent, continuing the rivalry between their fathers. This plotline was well-received by fans and critics, making it logical to explore Viktor’s character further in “Creed 3.” This continuation allows the series to delve deeper into the Drago family dynamics and their place in the boxing world.


2. Adding Complexity to Adonis Creed’s Journey

Personal Growth and Development

Adonis Creed’s journey is central to the “Creed” series. By bringing Viktor Drago back, the filmmakers create an opportunity to explore new facets of Adonis’ character. Facing Drago again forces Adonis to confront his past, his fears, and his motivations, leading to significant personal growth.


Exploring Themes of Redemption and Forgiveness

The rivalry between Creed and Drago is not just about boxing; it’s also about redemption and forgiveness. Viktor Drago’s presence in “Creed 3” allows the narrative to explore these themes deeply. Both characters have a lot to prove, not just to the world but to themselves. Their interactions can highlight the possibility of moving beyond past grievances.

3. Enhancing the Dramatic Tension and Stakes

High-Stakes Boxing Matches

The “Creed” series is known for its intense boxing matches that are as much about the emotional stakes as the physical ones. Viktor Drago’s return raises the stakes significantly. Their previous bout was personal and brutal, and a rematch promises even greater tension and excitement.

Rivalry and Revenge

A key element of sports drama is the rivalry between opponents. Viktor Drago and Adonis Creed have a history filled with personal vendettas and unresolved issues. Drago’s return brings an element of revenge and unfinished business, making the narrative more gripping and compelling.


4. Expanding Viktor Drago’s Character Arc

Understanding the Antagonist

In “Creed II,” Viktor Drago was portrayed primarily as a fierce competitor with a chip on his shoulder. “Creed 3” provides an opportunity to expand his character, showing more of his background, motivations, and struggles. By giving Viktor more depth, the film can create a more nuanced and relatable antagonist.

The Father-Son Dynamic

The relationship between Viktor and his father, Ivan Drago, is complex and strained. “Creed 3” can delve into this dynamic, exploring how their past has shaped Viktor’s present and future. This exploration can add emotional weight to the story, making Viktor more than just a rival but a character with his own compelling journey.

5. Strengthening the Overall Narrative

Connecting Past and Present

By including Viktor Drago, “Creed 3” effectively connects the past and present of the “Rocky” franchise. This connection enriches the storyline, providing continuity and depth. Fans of the original series can appreciate the nods to past events, while new viewers can engage with the ongoing drama.

Broadening the Franchise’s Appeal

The inclusion of Viktor Drago broadens the appeal of the “Creed” series. It attracts fans of the original “Rocky” films who are interested in seeing how the legacy characters continue to evolve. Additionally, it provides a fresh perspective for new fans who can enjoy the complex character dynamics and thrilling boxing sequences.


The return of Viktor Drago in “Creed 3” is a strategic decision that enhances the film’s narrative on multiple levels. By honoring the legacy of the “Rocky” franchise, adding complexity to Adonis Creed’s journey, and expanding Viktor Drago’s character arc, the film promises to deliver a compelling and emotionally charged story. The high-stakes boxing matches and themes of rivalry and redemption make “Creed 3” a must-watch for fans of the series and newcomers alike. As the film explores these elements, it strengthens the overall narrative, ensuring that the “Creed” series continues to captivate audiences and honor its storied legacy.

Creed 3 FAQ: Key Questions Answered

1.Does Drago come back in Creed 3?

Yes, Drago does come back in “Creed 3.” Viktor Drago, the son of Ivan Drago, returns to the storyline, continuing his rivalry with Adonis Creed. His inclusion adds depth and continuity to the narrative, connecting the new film to the rich history of the “Rocky” and “Creed” series.

2.Is it explained why Rocky is not in Creed 3?

Yes, “Creed 3” addresses the absence of Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone. While specific plot details may vary, the film explains Rocky’s absence as a narrative choice to focus more on Adonis Creed’s journey. This shift allows Adonis to step out of Rocky’s shadow and develop his own identity and storyline within the boxing world.

3.Did Adonis spar with Drago in Creed 3?

Yes, Adonis Creed does spar with Viktor Drago in “Creed 3.” Their interactions in the ring are intense and highlight the unresolved tension and rivalry between them. These sparring sessions are crucial for both characters, pushing them to confront their past and prepare for future challenges.

4.Will there be a Creed 4?

As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding “Creed 4.” However, given the success of the “Creed” series and its popularity among fans, there is potential for another installment. Future films would depend on various factors, including the storyline, availability of cast members, and audience demand.

5.Who is Drago’s son in Creed 3?

Drago’s son in “Creed 3” is Viktor Drago, portrayed by actor Florian Munteanu. Viktor is a formidable boxer with a complex background, shaped by his father’s legacy and the pressures of living up to that reputation. His character adds significant emotional and dramatic depth to the film.

Additional Questions and Insights

1.What motivates Viktor Drago in “Creed 3”?

Viktor Drago is driven by a desire to prove himself and escape the shadow of his father, Ivan Drago. His motivations are deeply personal, involving themes of redemption, pride, and the need to establish his own identity in the boxing world. This makes his character more relatable and complex, adding layers to the film’s narrative.

2.How does Adonis Creed’s character evolve in “Creed 3”?

In “Creed 3,” Adonis Creed undergoes significant personal growth. Facing Viktor Drago again forces him to confront his fears and insecurities. Adonis learns to balance his professional ambitions with his personal life, becoming a more mature and grounded individual. This evolution is central to the film’s story, highlighting Adonis’ journey to self-discovery and acceptance.

3.What role does family play in “Creed 3”?

Family is a central theme in “Creed 3.” The film explores the relationships between fathers and sons, highlighting the pressures and expectations that come with legacy. Adonis’ relationship with his wife and child is also a key focus, emphasizing the importance of family support and understanding in achieving one’s goals.

4.Does “Creed 3” introduce any new characters?

Yes, “Creed 3” introduces new characters who add fresh dynamics to the storyline. These characters bring different perspectives and challenges for Adonis Creed, enriching the narrative and expanding the universe of the “Creed” series. Their interactions with existing characters help to drive the plot forward and create new opportunities for drama and development.

5.How are the boxing scenes in “Creed 3”?

The boxing scenes in “Creed 3” are intense and expertly choreographed. They capture the physical and emotional stakes of the sport, making them thrilling to watch. The film continues the tradition of the “Rocky” and “Creed” series, delivering high-quality action sequences that are both realistic and dramatic.

6.What themes are explored in “Creed 3”?

“Creed 3” explores themes of legacy, identity, redemption, and family. The film delves into the personal struggles of its characters, highlighting their growth and resilience. It also addresses the broader implications of fame and success, questioning what it truly means to be a champion both in and out of the ring.

7.Is “Creed 3” connected to the previous films in the series?

Yes, “Creed 3” is closely connected to the previous films in the “Rocky” and “Creed” series. It builds on established storylines and character arcs, providing continuity and depth. Fans of the series will appreciate the nods to past events and characters, while new viewers can enjoy the film as a standalone story with its own unique narrative.

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