5 Reasons Why Everything Everywhere all At Once Was So Weird

by Barbara

Everything Everywhere All At Once is a film that defies conventional storytelling and embraces a unique, multifaceted narrative. Directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, known collectively as “the Daniels,” the film explores complex themes through an innovative and often bizarre lens. Its unconventional style has intrigued and baffled audiences, leading many to describe it as “weird.” This article delves into five reasons why Everything Everywhere All At Once was so weird, supported by data and analysis.

1. Multiverse Concept

Complex Narrative Structure

One of the primary reasons Everything Everywhere All At Once feels so weird is its complex narrative structure, centered around the concept of the multiverse.


Multiple Realities: The film explores the idea of multiple parallel universes, each with different versions of the characters and their lives. This concept is inherently complex and can be challenging to follow.


Non-linear Storytelling: The narrative jumps between different universes and timelines, creating a non-linear storytelling experience. This can be disorienting for viewers who are used to more straightforward plots.


Scientific Basis and Fictional Elements

While the multiverse theory has roots in scientific discussions, its portrayal in the film blends scientific concepts with fictional elements.

Quantum Physics: The film draws on ideas from quantum physics, particularly the many-worlds interpretation, which posits that every possible outcome of a quantum event exists in its own separate universe.

Creative Liberties: The filmmakers take creative liberties with these concepts, resulting in fantastical and surreal depictions of alternate realities.

Audience Reception

The multiverse concept has elicited mixed reactions from audiences.

Positive Reviews: Some viewers appreciate the film’s ambition and creativity. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds a high approval rating of 95%, indicating strong positive reception.

Negative Feedback: Others find the complexity overwhelming and confusing, detracting from their enjoyment of the story. This split in reception highlights the film’s polarizing nature.

2. Unique Visual Style

Experimental Cinematography

The visual style of Everything Everywhere All At Once is another reason for its perceived weirdness.

Innovative Techniques: The film employs a variety of innovative cinematographic techniques, including rapid cuts, unusual camera angles, and vibrant color palettes. These techniques create a visually stimulating but often chaotic experience.

Special Effects: Extensive use of special effects enhances the film’s surreal atmosphere. From mind-bending visual distortions to intricate CGI sequences, the effects contribute to the film’s otherworldly feel.

Influence of Different Genres

The visual style is influenced by a blend of genres, further contributing to its uniqueness.

Martial Arts Films: The film incorporates elements of martial arts cinema, with choreographed fight scenes and stylized action sequences.

Science Fiction and Fantasy: Elements of science fiction and fantasy are prominent, with imaginative depictions of alternate realities and futuristic technology.

Impact on Viewers

The unique visual style has a significant impact on viewers’ perception of the film.

Immersive Experience: For some, the visual style enhances the immersive experience, drawing them deeper into the film’s world.

Overwhelming Sensory Input: For others, the constant visual stimuli can be overwhelming and distracting, making it difficult to focus on the story.


3. Blending of Genres

Multi-Genre Approach

Everything Everywhere All At Once blends multiple genres, creating a unique and sometimes jarring viewing experience.

Action and Comedy: The film combines action-packed sequences with comedic elements, resulting in a tone that shifts rapidly between intense and lighthearted.

Drama and Sci-Fi: It also merges dramatic, emotional storytelling with science fiction themes, adding depth to its characters while exploring futuristic concepts.

Genre Subversion

The film often subverts genre conventions, leading to unexpected and unconventional moments.

Unpredictable Plot: The plot’s unpredictability keeps viewers on their toes, as traditional narrative arcs are often disrupted or inverted.

Character Arcs: Character development takes unexpected turns, with protagonists displaying traits and behaviors that defy typical genre norms.

Reception and Criticism

The blending of genres has been both praised and criticized.

Critical Acclaim: Critics have praised the film for its originality and boldness. Metacritic gives the film a score of 81 out of 100, indicating generally favorable reviews.

Audience Confusion: Some audience members, however, find the genre-blending disorienting and difficult to categorize, contributing to its weirdness.

4. Philosophical Themes

Exploration of Existential Questions

The film delves into deep philosophical themes, adding layers of complexity to its narrative.

Meaning of Life: It explores existential questions about the meaning of life, the nature of reality, and the self. These themes are woven into the story in a way that challenges viewers to think deeply.

Identity and Choice: The film examines issues of identity and the consequences of choices, suggesting that every decision creates a new reality.

Abstract Concepts

Abstract philosophical concepts are presented in ways that can be difficult to grasp.

Metaphysical Ideas: Ideas about the nature of existence and reality are presented through metaphysical concepts, which may be unfamiliar to some viewers.

Symbolism and Metaphors: The use of symbolism and metaphors to convey philosophical ideas adds to the film’s complexity and weirdness.

Viewer Interpretation

The philosophical themes invite varied interpretations, leading to different viewing experiences.

Intellectual Engagement: Some viewers appreciate the intellectual engagement and enjoy pondering the deeper meanings.

Confusion and Disinterest: Others may find the abstract concepts confusing or uninteresting, impacting their overall enjoyment of the film.

5. Unconventional Humor

Surreal and Absurd Comedy

The film’s use of surreal and absurd comedy contributes to its weirdness.

Unexpected Humor: Humor arises in unexpected places and in unexpected ways, often catching viewers off guard.

Absurd Situations: The film features absurd situations and bizarre scenarios, such as characters turning into inanimate objects or experiencing outlandish events.

Cultural References

The humor is often based on cultural references and inside jokes.

Pop Culture: References to pop culture, including movies, TV shows, and internet memes, are sprinkled throughout the film.

Niche Audiences: Some jokes and references may only resonate with niche audiences familiar with specific cultural touchstones.

Reception of Humor

The film’s humor has been polarizing among viewers.

Appreciation for Creativity: Many viewers appreciate the film’s creative and unconventional approach to comedy. Positive reviews on IMDb highlight the humor as one of the film’s strengths.

Alienation of Some Viewers: Others find the humor alienating or difficult to understand, contributing to the film’s weirdness. Negative reviews often cite the humor as a point of confusion.


Everything Everywhere All At Once is a film that embraces its weirdness through a complex narrative, unique visual style, genre blending, philosophical themes, and unconventional humor. These elements combine to create a viewing experience that is both intriguing and challenging. While the film’s weirdness has earned it critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base, it has also led to mixed reactions from audiences. Understanding the reasons behind its weirdness provides insight into the film’s innovative approach and the diverse responses it has elicited. As cinema continues to evolve, Everything Everywhere All At Once stands as a testament to the power of originality and the willingness to push boundaries.

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