Marvel Superheroes’ Favorite Movies and Spider-Man’s Dislike for Star Wars

by Barbara

In the latest installment of “Drawing Crazy Patterns,” we explore five instances where Marvel superheroes have revealed their favorite films, along with a surprising revelation about a major Marvel hero who seemingly hates Star Wars.

Understanding someone’s favorite movie can offer deep insights into their personality and preferences. Although fictional characters’ tastes can be inconsistent due to multiple writers, some Marvel heroes have had their favorite films established over time. Here are five Marvel superheroes’ favorite movies, plus the surprising hero who apparently dislikes Star Wars.


Captain America’s Favorite Movies

In Robert Kirkman’s run on the Marvel Knights Captain America series, it was revealed that Captain America frequently watches “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” This classic film, released before World War II, fits well with Cap’s character and historical context.


In Deadpool #2 (2018), Captain America also expresses his love for the romantic comedy “You’ve Got Mail.” As a New Yorker, Steve Rogers likely appreciates Nora Ephron’s love letter to New York City, and he can relate to the secretive relationship dynamics in the film, akin to his own with Sharon Carter.


Loki’s Unique Favorite

The short-lived Loki series (2019) by Daniel Kibblesmith introduced a quirky favorite film for the God of Mischief: “The Wizard of Speed and Time,” a cult classic by Mike Jittlov. Loki’s old friend, Verity Wells, introduced him to the film, adding a personal touch to this unusual choice.

She-Hulk’s Favorite

In She-Hulk #6, it’s revealed that Jennifer Walters loves the 1986 film “Pretty in Pink.” While there’s no deep narrative significance, this choice adds a layer of relatability to her character, who has experienced her share of complex relationships.

“West Side Story”: A Shared Favorite

Two Marvel heroes share a love for “West Side Story.” In X-Factor #72, Havok mentions it as his favorite film while reconnecting with Polaris. Similarly, in Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1, Johnny Storm recognizes that Lyja is impersonating his sister Sue because the real Sue loves “West Side Story.”

Spider-Man’s Disdain for Star Wars

In White Tiger #3, Spider-Man shockingly declares that he always hated Star Wars. This revelation seems significant, considering the impact of the Star Wars franchise. Years later, in Amazing Spider-Man #1, Spidey reacts negatively to a Star Wars joke by the Human Torch, reinforcing the notion that he might indeed dislike the iconic series.

Final Thoughts

These insights into Marvel superheroes’ favorite films, while shaped by different writers over the years, add depth and personality to these beloved characters. The surprising revelation of Spider-Man’s aversion to Star Wars, however, remains a curious anomaly within the Marvel universe.

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