What Religion Is The Actor Who Plays Matthew In The Chosen?

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The television series The Chosen has captivated audiences worldwide with its fresh and intimate portrayal of the life of Jesus Christ and His disciples. Among the central characters is Matthew, the tax collector, whose transformation from a despised publican to a devoted follower of Jesus is compellingly depicted. The actor behind this intricate role, Paras Patel, has drawn significant attention not only for his remarkable performance but also for his personal background and beliefs. This article explores Paras Patel’s religion, providing insight into his life, career, and how his faith (or lack thereof) influences his portrayal of Matthew.

Paras Patel: A Rising Star

Paras Patel is an American actor who has garnered acclaim for his portrayal of Matthew in The Chosen. Born and raised in America, Patel has carved out a niche for himself in the entertainment industry through a series of diverse roles in television and film. His breakthrough came with The Chosen, where his sensitive and nuanced performance of a complex biblical character has earned him widespread recognition.


Early Life and Career

Paras Patel’s journey to becoming an actor was not straightforward. His early life, family background, and the cultural influences that shaped him play a significant role in understanding his personal and professional trajectory. While specific details about his upbringing are not widely publicized, it is known that Patel has roots in a traditional Indian family. This cultural background is crucial in appreciating the diversity he brings to his roles.


Patel’s entry into acting was marked by a series of minor roles and appearances in various TV shows and films. His dedication and talent eventually led him to the role of Matthew in The Chosen, a project that would become a defining moment in his career.


Portraying Matthew in The Chosen

Matthew, as depicted in the Gospels, is a complex figure. As a tax collector, he was an outcast among his own people, yet Jesus chose him as one of His disciples. Patel’s portrayal captures this dichotomy beautifully, presenting Matthew as meticulous, socially awkward, and profoundly transformed by his encounters with Jesus.

Patel’s approach to the character is methodical and deeply immersive. He has spoken in interviews about the extensive research and preparation he undertook to bring authenticity to the role. This preparation involved not only understanding the historical and cultural context of Matthew’s life but also delving into the emotional and psychological aspects of his transformation.


Religion and Personal Beliefs of Paras Patel

One of the most frequently asked questions about Paras Patel is regarding his personal religion. This curiosity stems from the intense religious themes of The Chosen and how actors’ personal beliefs might influence their performances. However, Patel’s religious affiliation is not widely known or publicized. Unlike some actors who openly share their faith journeys, Patel has maintained a level of privacy regarding his spiritual beliefs.

Speculations and Public Perception

Given his Indian heritage, some might speculate that Patel could be Hindu, Sikh, Jain, or even Buddhist, as these are the major religions practiced in India. Others might consider the possibility of him being Christian, given his role in a prominently Christian series. However, without concrete statements from Patel himself, these remain speculations.

In various interviews, Patel has emphasized the importance of respect and authenticity in his portrayal of Matthew. He has expressed admiration for the story of Jesus and the disciples, highlighting the universal themes of love, redemption, and transformation that resonate with audiences regardless of their religious backgrounds.

Impact of Personal Beliefs on Acting

Actors often draw from their personal experiences and beliefs to enrich their performances. For Patel, whether or not he shares the Christian faith of his character, his dedication to portraying Matthew with sensitivity and respect is evident. His ability to convey Matthew’s journey from a marginalized tax collector to a follower of Jesus suggests a deep empathy and understanding of the character’s spiritual evolution.

The Chosen: A Multi-Faith Production

The Chosen is notable not only for its storytelling but also for its diverse cast and crew. The series brings together individuals from various religious and cultural backgrounds, fostering a collaborative environment that enriches the portrayal of biblical stories. This diversity is reflective of the universal appeal of the series and its message of inclusivity.

Audience Reception and Impact

Patel’s performance as Matthew has been met with acclaim from both critics and audiences. Viewers appreciate the authenticity and humanity he brings to the role, making Matthew’s story relatable and inspiring. The positive reception highlights how a well-crafted portrayal can transcend religious boundaries, resonating with a broad spectrum of viewers.


While Paras Patel’s personal religion remains private, his portrayal of Matthew in The Chosen speaks volumes about his dedication to the craft of acting. His ability to embody the character’s complexities and transformation has left a lasting impact on audiences. The series itself, with its inclusive and diverse production, underscores the universal themes of love, redemption, and faith that resonate across different cultures and beliefs. Patel’s work in The Chosen is a testament to the power of storytelling to bridge divides and bring people together, regardless of their religious affiliations.

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