Ryan Stegman Discusses Upcoming X-Men Run and Redefining Cyclops

by Barbara

Renowned artist Ryan Stegman recently opened up about his forthcoming work on the X-Men series, sharing insights into his creative process and his take on the iconic character Cyclops.

In an interview with AIPT Comics, Stegman addressed his approach to Cyclops, particularly the character’s distinctive yellow-on-black costume and notably “chunky” visor. “You just try to keep the iconic aspects of him intact while putting your own spin on them,” Stegman explained. “The chunky visor thing — I just thought we had this era of kind of downplaying the visor.”


Elaborating further, Stegman mentioned, “To me, the idea behind it is it’s a little more like there’s an onboard computer in that visor that he can use for various purposes to see like 360 or something. Just cool stuff like that because that technology exists now.” He also revealed his intention behind Cyclops’ new color scheme, emphasizing his desire to give each member of the new lineup a unique signature color to avoid the monotony of a unified uniform.


The upcoming X-Men series marks a significant shift for Marvel’s mutants. Over the past year, readers have been following the anti-mutant organization Orchis, which waged war not only against its targets but the entire Marvel Universe. Orchis nearly cemented their place as the ultimate villains by bringing about the rise of the Dominion, Enigma, formerly known as Nathaniel Essex. However, the concerted efforts of the surviving mutants, alongside the Phoenix Force, ultimately led to Enigma’s downfall.


Following these events, the new Krakoan Era began, as seen in the recently released X-Men #35. This issue reintroduced Krakoa as the official living island nation for mutants and kicked off Apocalypse’s latest campaign to dominate his people. Fortunately, Krakoa’s heroes thwarted these efforts, setting the stage for a bright new age.

The new era will be explored across various titles, including X-Men, Exceptional X-Men by writer Eve L. Ewing and artist Carmen Carnero, and Uncanny X-Men by writer Gail Simone and artist Davide Marquez.

X-Men #1, featuring writing by Jed MacKay, art by Ryan Stegman, inks by J.P. Mayer, and colors by Marte Gracia, is set to be released on July 10. The main cover art is a collaboration between Stegman, Mayer, and Gracia, with variant covers by artists such as J. Scott Campbell, John Tyler Christopher, Peach Momoko, and more.

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