Deadpool Calls Out an MCU Character as Marvel’s Most Despicable Villain

by Barbara

In the latest issue of Deadpool #3 by Cody Ziglar and Rogê Antônio, Wade Wilson, known as Deadpool, finds himself locked in a fierce battle with Crossbones, the notorious mercenary hired by a cult led by a new villain, Death Grip. Despite Deadpool’s formidable healing abilities, Crossbones poses a significant threat, pushing Deadpool to his limits in their ongoing Marvel Comics saga.

During the heated confrontation, Deadpool, known for his sharp instincts and moral complexity, labels Crossbones as “the worst of us.” This declaration underscores Deadpool’s unique ability to discern individuals devoid of redeemable qualities, a trait honed through his own tumultuous journey from villainy to anti-heroism.


The disdain Deadpool holds for Crossbones is palpable, contrasting their shared profession as mercenaries with Deadpool’s insistence that they are fundamentally different. Deadpool condemns Crossbones as a conscienceless killer, a characterization rooted in Crossbones’ role in pivotal events like “The Death of Captain America,” where he was implicated in the assassination attempt on Steve Rogers.


Deadpool’s reverence for Captain America amplifies his animosity towards Crossbones, whose actions directly challenged Deadpool’s loyalty and admiration for the patriotic hero. This deep-seated resentment fuels Deadpool’s unwavering determination to confront and neutralize Crossbones, echoing the complex dynamics of loyalty and betrayal within the Marvel Universe.


Looking forward, Deadpool’s entry into the MCU offers intriguing possibilities for his confrontation with Crossbones on the big screen. Despite Crossbones’ demise in previous MCU installments, Deadpool’s potential access to time-travel technology promises a fresh avenue to revisit past conflicts, adding a layer of unpredictability to their future interactions.

As Deadpool continues to navigate his current narrative arc with Crossbones as a central antagonist, readers are poised to witness whether Deadpool can reconcile his personal vendetta with his ever-evolving role in Marvel’s intricate web of heroes and villains.

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