Ivanka Trump Enjoys Surfing in Miami, Shares Beach Moments on Instagram

by Barbara

Ivanka Trump, former White House advisor, showcased her surfing skills and love for the beach in a recent Instagram post. The video captures Ivanka surfing, clad in a vest, a black bathing suit, and a black hat, maintaining her balance on a board attached to a boat. She blows a kiss to the camera, visibly enjoying the moment and laughing with delight.

The Instagram post features a series of videos and a photo, highlighting the serene beauty of the sunset and the beach, likely in Florida. The stunning sunset photo accompanies the videos, enhancing the overall beach vibe. Ivanka captioned her post with a quote from Japanese writer Ryunosuke Satoro: “Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean.”


Family Trip to Las Vegas and Adele Concert Experience


In late May, Ivanka shared glimpses of a family trip to Las Vegas on social media, with the highlight being a visit to an Adele concert. One video captures Ivanka’s daughter, Arabella, handing a rose to Adele during her performance of “When We Were Young,” to which Adele responded with a smile. Ivanka expressed her excitement in the caption, “Best night seeing the amazing @Adele perform in Las Vegas.”


Additional photos from the trip feature Ivanka’s sons, Joseph and Theodore, smiling beneath the iconic Las Vegas sign, capturing the joy and memorable moments of their family outing.

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