The Best Actress Who Plays Mary Magdalene In The Chosen

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Elizabeth Tabish has captivated audiences with her portrayal of Mary Magdalene in The Chosen, the groundbreaking television series about the life of Jesus Christ. This role has not only brought her significant recognition but has also deeply influenced her personal and spiritual journey. In this article, we will explore Tabish’s background, her interpretation of Mary Magdalene, and the impact of this role on her life and career.

Elizabeth Tabish: A Brief Biography

Elizabeth Tabish is an accomplished actress and filmmaker, known for her nuanced performances and deep emotional resonance. Before joining The Chosen, Tabish had contemplated leaving the acting profession due to personal struggles and a feeling of disconnection from her work. However, her role as Mary Magdalene has revitalized her passion for acting and has been transformative both professionally and personally.


The Role of Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene is a complex and pivotal character in The Chosen. The series portrays her journey from being possessed by demons to becoming a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. This transformation is depicted with great sensitivity and depth, showcasing Mary Magdalene’s struggles and ultimate redemption.


Tabish’s portrayal is both human and relatable. She brings a raw honesty to the role, depicting Mary Magdalene not as a saintly figure removed from reality, but as a deeply flawed and redeemed woman who experiences real emotions and growth. This interpretation has resonated with many viewers who see their own struggles and redemption mirrored in her story.


Personal and Spiritual Impact

Playing Mary Magdalene has had a profound impact on Tabish’s personal faith and outlook on life. Initially skeptical of religion, Tabish found that delving into the character’s life and experiences opened her heart to the messages of the Gospels. She has spoken openly about how the role made her revisit the Gospels, finding new depths of meaning in the parables and teachings of Jesus​ (Catholic News Agency)​​ (Christian Post)​.

Tabish’s journey with The Chosen has also been marked by a sense of community and belonging. She describes working on the series as an experience that felt right and purposeful, attributing this to the supportive environment created by the cast and crew, particularly director Dallas Jenkins​ (WORLD)​.

Challenges and Growth

Portraying Mary Magdalene has not been without its challenges. Tabish has had to navigate the pressures of accurately representing such an important biblical figure while also bringing her own interpretation to the role. She aims to balance the character’s historical significance with her personal struggles and humanity, ensuring that Mary Magdalene is depicted as both a relatable and inspiring figure​ (Aleteia)​.

One of the most impactful scenes for Tabish was in Season 2, where Mary Magdalene, having reverted to old vices out of fear, returns to Jesus for forgiveness. This moment highlights the grace and mercy central to her character arc and offers a powerful message about human imperfection and divine forgiveness​ (Aleteia)​.

Influence on Career and Future Projects

The success of The Chosen and Tabish’s acclaimed performance as Mary Magdalene have set a new standard for her career. She now seeks roles that offer the same depth and integrity, feeling a strong connection to characters that embody resilience and transformation. This role has redefined her criteria for future projects, emphasizing the importance of meaningful storytelling and emotional authenticity​ (WORLD)​.


Elizabeth Tabish’s portrayal of Mary Magdalene in The Chosen has not only brought her critical acclaim but has also been a journey of personal and spiritual growth. Her interpretation of Mary Magdalene as a deeply human and relatable figure has resonated with audiences worldwide, making her a standout character in the series. Through this role, Tabish has found renewed purpose and passion in her career, inspiring both herself and viewers to explore the profound messages of love, forgiveness, and redemption found in the Gospels.

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