How Many Awards Did Everything Everywhere All At Once Win?

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Everything Everywhere All At Once,” a cinematic tour de force, has garnered significant attention within the film industry for its outstanding contributions. Let’s delve into the prestigious awards and nominations received by this remarkable film.

Number of Awards Won

To date, “Everything Everywhere All At Once” has secured an impressive total of 15 awards, spanning various categories and ceremonies, both major and minor.


Among the accolades, “Everything Everywhere All At Once” has triumphed in categories including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Cinematography.


Best Picture:


“Everything Everywhere All At Once” has been honored with the prestigious Best Picture award, recognizing its overall excellence in storytelling, filmmaking craftsmanship, and impact on audiences.

Best Director:

The film’s visionary director has been acclaimed with the Best Director award, celebrating their exceptional talent in guiding the creative vision of the film and bringing it to life on screen.

Best Actress:

The lead actress of “Everything Everywhere All At Once” has garnered accolades with the Best Actress award, acknowledging her remarkable performance and portrayal of the film’s central character(s).

Best Original Screenplay:

The screenplay of “Everything Everywhere All At Once” has been honored with the Best Original Screenplay award, recognizing its inventive storytelling, compelling dialogue, and originality in narrative structure.

Best Cinematography:

The visually stunning cinematography of “Everything Everywhere All At Once” has been celebrated with the Best Cinematography award, acknowledging its breathtaking visuals, masterful composition, and innovative use of camera techniques.

Awarding Bodies

The esteemed awards presented to “Everything Everywhere All At Once” hail from renowned organizations and institutions such as the Academy Awards (Oscars), Golden Globes, Sundance Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, and numerous Critics’ Associations.

The awards bestowed upon “Everything Everywhere All At Once” hold immense significance within the film industry, underscoring the exceptional talent of the cast and crew, as well as the film’s profound impact on audiences and critics alike.

In addition to its wins, “Everything Everywhere All At Once” garnered several nominations across various categories, further cementing its place among the most celebrated films of its time.

Critics and audiences alike have showered “Everything Everywhere All At Once” with praise, lauding its innovative storytelling, captivating performances, and visionary direction. The film’s critical acclaim serves as a testament to its artistic merit and narrative brilliance.

Impact on the Film Industry:

The accolades earned by “Everything Everywhere All At Once” have reverberated throughout the film industry, inspiring future generations of filmmakers and setting a new standard for cinematic excellence. The film’s success has not only elevated the careers of its creators but also influenced the trajectory of storytelling in contemporary cinema.

Comparison to Other Films:

When compared to other notable films released in the same year or within the same genre, “Everything Everywhere All At Once” stands out as a beacon of cinematic achievement. Its award wins serve as a benchmark for excellence, setting it apart as a defining masterpiece of its era.


In conclusion, the accolades and recognition bestowed upon “Everything Everywhere All At Once” underscore its unparalleled brilliance and enduring impact within the film industry. With its remarkable achievements and widespread acclaim, the film has solidified its place as a cinematic masterpiece, leaving an indelible mark on audiences and the cultural landscape alike.

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