How did Rick survive 2 months in the hospital?

by Barbara

The Beginning of the Apocalypse

The pilot episode of “The Walking Dead” opens with Rick Grimes being wounded in a shootout and subsequently slipping into a coma. When he awakens, he finds himself alone in a hospital overrun by zombies, with no memory of how the world descended into chaos. As he ventures out into the apocalyptic landscape, he discovers that society has collapsed, and the dead now walk the earth.

Rick’s survival in the hospital for two months while in a coma raises numerous questions about the circumstances surrounding his condition and the factors that allowed him to endure in a world overrun by the undead. While the series does not provide a definitive explanation, there are several theories and speculations that fans have proposed to account for Rick’s miraculous survival.


Medical Care and Resources

One possible explanation for Rick’s survival in the hospital is that he received ongoing medical care and attention during his coma. Despite the chaos and breakdown of society outside, it’s conceivable that there were still medical professionals and resources available to tend to patients in the hospital, at least for a period of time.


In the early days of the outbreak, before the full extent of the crisis became apparent, hospitals and emergency services may have continued to operate as usual, albeit under increasingly strained conditions. If Rick was fortunate enough to be under the care of dedicated healthcare workers who continued to provide treatment and monitoring during his coma, it could explain how he managed to survive for two months without succumbing to his injuries or other complications.


Additionally, it’s possible that Rick’s coma acted as a form of protective hibernation, allowing his body to conserve energy and resources while he remained unconscious. Comatose patients often require less food, water, and oxygen than conscious individuals, which could have contributed to Rick’s ability to endure for an extended period without access to external resources.

Divine Intervention or Fate

Another theory proposed by fans is that Rick’s survival in the hospital was the result of divine intervention or fate. Throughout the series, there are numerous instances of characters narrowly escaping death or experiencing improbable strokes of luck, leading some viewers to speculate that there may be a higher power at work in the world of “The Walking Dead.”

In this interpretation, Rick’s survival is seen as a testament to his resilience and determination to survive, even in the face of overwhelming odds. His coma becomes a metaphorical limbo, a transitional state between life and death, where he is given a second chance at survival and redemption.

Furthermore, Rick’s awakening from his coma coincides with the onset of the apocalypse, suggesting that he may have a greater purpose or destiny to fulfill in the new world. As he emerges from the hospital and begins his journey to reunite with his family and find safety, Rick becomes a symbol of hope and resilience in a world consumed by darkness and despair.

The Power of Narrative and Suspension of Disbelief

Ultimately, the mystery surrounding Rick’s survival in the hospital serves as a narrative device to propel the story forward and establish the tone and atmosphere of “The Walking Dead.” By leaving certain details ambiguous or unexplained, the series invites viewers to suspend their disbelief and immerse themselves in the unfolding drama and suspense.

In the world of “The Walking Dead,” where the dead walk and the rules of society have been upended, the inexplicable and the miraculous are commonplace. By embracing ambiguity and uncertainty, the series captures the uncertainty and unpredictability of life in a post-apocalyptic world, where survival is never guaranteed, and every day is a struggle to endure.


In conclusion, the mystery of how Rick Grimes survived two months in the hospital in “The Walking Dead” remains one of the series’ most enduring enigmas. While various theories and speculations have been proposed to account for his miraculous survival, the true explanation may never be fully revealed.

Ultimately, Rick’s coma serves as a catalyst for the events that unfold in the series, setting the stage for his journey of survival, redemption, and self-discovery in a world consumed by chaos and despair. As viewers continue to follow Rick’s adventures and confrontations with the undead, they are reminded of the fragility of life and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable adversity.


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