Drake Bell Addresses Josh Peck’s Response to Abuse Allegations, Calls for Understanding

by Barbara

Drake Bell has recently shared updates with fans regarding his Nickelodeon co-star Josh Peck’s private outreach concerning the abuse allegations revealed in the documentary series “Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV.”

In the series, Bell made allegations of sexual assault against Brian Peck, a dialogue and acting coach at Nickelodeon (unrelated to Josh Peck), during the early 2000s when they worked together on the sitcom “Drake & Josh.”


Following the documentary’s debut on Max, Josh Peck faced pressure from fans to publicly address the allegations made by his co-star. Bell, in response, took to TikTok to address the situation and shed light on the private conversation he had with Peck.


Acknowledging the emotional toll of processing such allegations, Bell emphasized that not all details are shared publicly. He revealed that Josh Peck reached out to him in a sensitive manner to offer support and assistance in navigating the situation. Bell urged fans to be understanding and empathetic towards Peck during this challenging time.


Bell and Josh Peck portrayed stepbrothers in “Drake & Josh” from 2004 to 2008, appearing in four seasons of the Nickelodeon series and two movies. However, Josh Peck did not participate in “Quiet on the Set.”

The documentary also brought to light past allegations against Brian Peck, who faced multiple charges in 2003 related to sexual misconduct with minors. Bell’s disclosure in “Quiet on Set” marked the first time the victim was publicly identified.

Additionally, the series addressed allegations of emotional abuse and inappropriate behavior by Nickelodeon executive and “Drake & Josh” creator Dan Schneider. Schneider issued an apology in response to the revelations, expressing regret for past actions and committing to addressing the situation.


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