Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore Battles ‘Debilitating’ Health Condition, Cancels U.S. Book Tour

by Barbara

Thurston Moore, the singer-guitarist and co-founder of the iconic band Sonic Youth, has disclosed his ongoing struggle with a “debilitating” health condition, leading to the cancellation of his U.S. book tour. The revelation comes as Moore’s new memoir, “Sonic Life,” is set to release this month.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, the musician, now in his mid-60s, shared the news with his followers. Moore expressed his deep regret at having to cancel the book tour due to this undisclosed health issue. He explained, “For years, I have been dealing with a long-standing health condition, though it has never seriously stopped me from touring and recording.”


The health problem, previously an underlying concern, has recently become more severe and persistent, making it impossible for Moore to embark on any travel. Moore described the cancellation as “utterly distressing,” particularly since his memoir, “Sonic Life,” holds great significance for him, and he had eagerly anticipated discussing it at numerous events scheduled in the coming weeks.


Moore expressed his disappointment at not being able to share “Sonic Youth storytelling and arcana” with fans who had purchased tickets for these events. He assured ticket holders that refunds would be issued and conveyed his hope to reschedule when he’s cleared for travel again.


Concluding his message, Moore expressed gratitude for the support he has received during this challenging time and sent out good energy, peace, and love to his fans.

Thurston Moore, known for co-founding Sonic Youth with his ex-wife Kim Gordon and Lee Ranaldo in 1981, announced his memoir, “Sonic Life,” back in May. In the memoir, he takes readers on a journey through his formative years and his deep love for music, ultimately leading to the creation of Sonic Youth, a band that transformed the music scene throughout the 1980s, ’90s, and beyond.

“Sonic Life” is scheduled for release on October 24, offering fans and music enthusiasts a chance to delve into the life and experiences of this influential artist and musician.


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