Madonna’s Daughter Pays Haunting Tribute with “Spelling” Video, Recreates Iconic “Frozen” Scene

by Barbara

Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon, is making waves in the music world while paying a haunting tribute to her iconic mother. Under her stage name, Lolahol, Leon has released a new track, “Spelling,” accompanied by a visually stunning music video that recreates the eerie magic of Madonna’s “Frozen.”

The “Spelling” music video features Leon channeling her inner witch, seamlessly reimagining several shot-for-shot references to Madonna’s iconic “Frozen” video. The visual journey begins with Leon levitating above the ground, mirroring her mother’s captivating performance from 1998.


As the song unfolds, Leon continues to pay homage to “Frozen.” She undergoes a transformation where her body evaporates into a flock of crows before a close-up introduces a large doberman into the frame, mirroring another memorable shot from Madonna’s original video.


Both videos conclude with the performers contorting their bodies, but Leon’s version features a new ensemble of backup dancers, providing a fresh take on the mesmerizing dance sequence. In contrast, Madonna’s original video showcased various versions of herself.


The references to “Frozen” in the “Spelling” video hold a deeper meaning. The song “Frozen” was part of Madonna’s album “Ray of Light,” which was heavily influenced by her shifting worldview after giving birth to Lourdes in 1996.

Lourdes Leon has previously collaborated with her mother on multiple occasions, including their 2012 song, “Superstar,” from Madonna’s “MDNA” album, and video interludes that were part of Madonna’s Madame X tour in 2019.

Madonna’s recent health scare due to a bacterial infection led to the postponement of her upcoming Celebration world tour, during which she expressed her gratitude for her children’s unwavering support on Instagram. She shared, “As a mother, you can really get caught up in the needs of your children and the seemingly endless giving. But when the chips were down, my children really showed up for me. I saw a side to them I had never seen before. It made all the difference.”

In 2022, Lourdes Leon made her debut in the music world with the Lolahol single “Lock&Key,” featuring reference-heavy lyrics, including a nod to a famous Lady Gaga meme from 2011. With her unique style and artistic flair, Lourdes Leon is quickly emerging as a notable artist in her own right, while also paying homage to her legendary mother’s legacy.


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