Why The 100’s Divisive Ending Shouldn’t Have Killed Its Franchise Potential

by Barbara

The post-apocalyptic drama series, “The 100,” captured the hearts of viewers with its unique blend of sci-fi, survival, and complex character dynamics. However, as the series progressed, it faced its fair share of controversies, culminating in a divisive ending that left many fans conflicted. Despite the challenges faced in its later seasons, “The 100” possessed untapped potential for spinoffs and prequels that could have continued to explore its rich lore and engaging characters. In this article, we’ll delve into why the divisive ending should not have spelled the end for the franchise and what opportunities were missed.

The Early Seasons’ Brilliance

To understand why “The 100” had the potential for a thriving franchise, one must look back at its earlier seasons. The show’s premise, centered around a group of juvenile delinquents sent down to a post-apocalyptic Earth from a space station, was a fresh take on the dystopian genre. The early seasons masterfully crafted a complex world filled with moral dilemmas, political intrigue, and the struggle for survival. These seasons garnered critical acclaim for their compelling storytelling, making it clear that “The 100” had something special to offer.


The Promising Setup of the Final Season

Even as the later seasons of “The 100” faced criticism for deviating from the original premise and becoming convoluted, the setup for the final season showed promise. The introduction of the anomaly and the exploration of different time periods injected new life into the series. Critics lauded this bold narrative choice, recognizing the potential it had to reignite the show’s storytelling prowess. This innovative approach indicated that “The 100” still had the ability to surprise and captivate its audience.


Unfair Cancellation of Spinoffs and Prequels

The decision to cancel the prequel and potential spinoff series was met with disappointment from fans and industry observers alike. While “The 100” may have concluded its main storyline, it left behind a treasure trove of unexplored subplots, histories, and character arcs. The rich lore of the Grounders, the Second Dawn cult, and the early days of the Ark were fertile ground for spinoffs that could have continued to dive into the complex world-building that had been a hallmark of the series.


Compelling Subplots and Unanswered Questions

“The 100” was rife with compelling subplots and unanswered questions that could have been the foundation for spinoff series. The intricacies of Grounder society, their unique language, and their tribal conflicts were just a few elements begging for further exploration. The mysteries surrounding the Second Dawn cult and their connection to the apocalypse remained tantalizingly unresolved. And what about the untold stories of characters like Luna, Roan, or Lexa, who left an indelible mark on the series but had much more to offer in terms of backstory and development?

A Missed Opportunity for Diverse Storytelling

“The 100” was celebrated for its diverse cast and its willingness to tackle relevant social and ethical themes. It explored issues such as leadership, morality, and the consequences of human actions in a thought-provoking manner. Continuing the franchise through spinoffs and prequels could have provided a platform to delve deeper into these themes and introduce new, diverse characters and perspectives, enriching the narrative tapestry even further.

The Potential for Redemption

While the divisive ending of “The 100” left some fans disillusioned, it’s worth noting that many long-running series have faced similar challenges. The franchise could have used spinoffs and prequels as an opportunity to redeem itself in the eyes of fans. By refocusing on its strengths—compelling characters, intricate world-building, and thought-provoking themes—new iterations of “The 100” could have won back fans and attracted a new audience.

Conclusion: A Lost Opportunity

In conclusion, the divisive ending of “The 100” should not have spelled the end for its franchise potential. The early seasons showcased its brilliance, and the promising setup of the final season indicated that it still had stories to tell. The cancellation of spinoffs and prequels deprived fans of the opportunity to explore the rich lore, compelling subplots, and diverse storytelling that the series had to offer. While “The 100” may have concluded its main storyline, it left behind a world filled with untapped potential, making its cancellation a missed opportunity in the world of television.


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